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Let’s Take a Look at Who Could Be the Next Play by Play for the Washington Football Team

Since this is a blog I can discuss much more than if this was an established media outlet. Well, I had an unconfirmed source say that the Washington football team was looking at a few different candidates for the play-by-play announcing team and no folks, this writer was not mentioned by my unconfirmed source. This […]

Report: Redskins to Announce They Are Set to Retire Nickname

While it’s been an ongoing issue for some time, it now sounds like it’s going to be official – that being the name change of the Washington Redskins. Sports Business Journal reported Sunday evening that the Redskins will have a press conference on Monday to announce that they are no longer going to be known […]

Stats Don’t Lie: AP Can Still Be Considered “Elite,” Sweat’s Speed Should Open Some Eyes

Hey Washington Football fans, a few of you have been following this writer recently and might have come to the conclusion that he feels the name is racist but what about actually writing on football. Well, once again, this writer feels he is scooping the Post and all other outlets on fairly well-known league wide […]

The Redskins Have a Great Opportunity to Do the Right Thing Now – Change the Name

On race. This only needs to be read by one soul: fellow Montgomery County resident, MCPS student (I think? Author note: do Wikipedia search on him), Jewish white male: Daniel Marc Snyder! I just found out Dan shares the same name almost as me. So, Marc (what? Some people go by their middle name!) or, […]

Yes Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins Struggled in 2019, But Let’s Give the Kid a Chance

Folks, we found something to be very very excited about earlier this week if you are a Redskin fans. A gift to the public if one was watching like a keen-eyed coach? Coincidentally during the previous week NFL rankings (done by the stat geek bureau of the NFL) were disclosed having Dwayne Haskins near the […]

OT Trent Williams and Coach Ron Rivera Have Started a Dialogue

There’s been plenty of speculation already as to what is going to happen in terms of a reconciliation between the Redskins and offensive tackle Trent Williams, and if one can take place to bring him back next season. Tuesday it sounded like that process started, as reports that new Redskins coach Ron Rivera has […]

Video: Redskins Fight Hard But Fall to the Packers 20-15 to Fall to 3-10

The Redskins put up a fight in Green Bay, but came up short in a 20-15 Loss to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to fall to 3-10. Here’s the highlights:

Trent Williams Slams Bruce Allen and the Redskins – “The Bridge Has Been Burned”

Trent Williams has made it abundantly clear he thinks his relationship with the Redskins is beyond reconciliation, saying in separate interviews this fall that he’ll “never be a Redskin again” and that “the bridge has definitely been burned” with the team that drafted him fourth overall back in 2010, Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports reports. […]

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