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Is it WFT or WTF!

Is it WFT or WTF? This writer was taking a victory lap about two weeks ago when Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder’s clan et al. announced the racist team name was being retired.  Redskin–a term like Injun–which was used while a genocide against the Native American was being had in this country, was asked to […]

A Letter From Fans – It’s Time for Daniel Snyder to Be Shown the Door

Time for Daniel Marc Snyder to go. You are hijacking our team. 3 strikes: 1. Vinny Cerrato era 2. Bruce Allen era 3. Michael’s resignation You have not stand by your words of culture change. The stadium is over run with Cowboys. There are foolish electric car outlet and no viable traditions. Hailing an Uber […]

It Is a Big Deal People – Changing This Name and Logo; We Have Camps

It is a big deal people. Changing this name and logo. We have camps: The Red tails camp to keep the Red and honor Tuskegee airmen. I have met a Tuskegee who was just a little too young to actually see action. There are the warriors close to the old name keep traditions alive and […]

The Redskins Have a Great Opportunity to Do the Right Thing Now – Change the Name

On race. This only needs to be read by one soul: fellow Montgomery County resident, MCPS student (I think? Author note: do Wikipedia search on him), Jewish white male: Daniel Marc Snyder! I just found out Dan shares the same name almost as me. So, Marc (what? Some people go by their middle name!) or, […]

Will Daniel Snyder Be the Final Decision Maker on Who Plays QB for the Redskins?

The Redskins organization may have a disagreement on their hands as to who the starting quarterback will be for 2019 and owner Daniel Snyder may have the final say in the matter according to Dianna Russini of ESPN. This is not the Redskins first disagreement on the team’s direction this offseason. Russini had previously reportedly […]

Dan Snyder Sends Letter To Redskins Fans On Logo Issue

March 24, 2014To Everyone in our Washington Redskins Nation: Several months ago I wrote you about my personal reflections on our team name and on our shared Washington Redskins heritage. I wrote then – and believe even more firmly now – that our team name captures the best of who we are and who we […]

Jay Gruden hired as Redskins head coach, per reports.

Per numerous reports this morning, the Washing Redskins are set to hire Jay Gruden, most recently the offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals and brother of Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden, as the next head coach of the team. Gruden ran the Bengals offense from 2011 through 2013, where he improved the offense’s output from […]

Dan Snyder Rolled the Dice and Finally Won

By Lucas McMillan Dan Snyder is one of the most vilified owners in the NFL, and deservedly so. He spends money like the world is ending tomorrow, and often on players who don’t deserve it. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of his most egregious contracts: > Antwaan Randle El, seven years, $31 million. Played […]

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