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Report: Snyder Close to Deciding on New Name for Washington Franchise

The team formerly known as the “Redskins” are going to eventually be known as something else. That something else could be decided on sooner rather than later.

A report from TMZ says that Washington owner Daniel Snyder is close to choosing a new nickname for the franchise, and they both sound rather boring to be honest.

Here’s the report of the two possible selections.

We have 2 leaders in the clubhouse when it comes to the new permanent name for the Washington Football Team … and one of ’em is inspired by that other brand of football.

Team sources tell us owner Daniel Snyder is strongly considering sticking with the Washington Football Team — for good reasons that we’ll get into in a moment — but we’re also told the Washington Football Club is also in the running.

Washington Football Team or Washington Football Club? WFT or WFC?


Not sure about other fans, but to me both those names frankly stink. The team should follow through and go with a real name, not just be known as the “team” or “club.”

Let’s hope that a nickname with some sort of true meaning pops up and that Snyder changes his mind.

QB Alex Smith has Calf Strain, Not Ruled Out for Sunday’s Game Vs Seattle

Washington walked out of Glendale, AZ Sunday with a win, but left without their quarterback in starter Alex Smith.

Smith left Sunday’s win with a calf strain, but the good news is it doesn’t sound like it’s a long term injury as he has yet to be ruled out for Sunday’s game.

It was a tough go for Smith prior to him leaving the game against the Niners, as he struggled go 8-for-19 for 57 yards and one interception in the first half.

Dwayne Haskins came in the game and went 7-for-12 for 51 yards in the eventual win.

Washington will be in action Sunday at home against the Seahawks.

Respect? Moseley’s Kick Puts Redskins in Playoffs, 15-14


6-7 WFT 3.5 pt underdogs to 9-4 SEA.

Nationally, people are taking note.

WFT: 6-0-1 in last 7 against spread.

WFT has had a few runs since 1992.

Norv Turner, Joe Gibbs II , Mke Shanahan, Jay Gruden–all have had WFT seasons that have seen their teams(1998, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2016, etc.)  finish strong and on a roll to the playoffs. None have been Goliaths like the 1991-1992 WFT team.  Do we have a David on our hands, only in the stars are the fate of this team being revealed.

Still in college in 1992, that was the last time I saw WFT take over Washington with a joyful team.  These other teams, other seasons have had beautiful runs and some impressive wins.  But I know losing more than winning as an adult with WFT, so, here is hoping that Snyder, Rivera, the Washongton Press Corp et al. can teach this blogger and us fans about winning this season or some season soon.

It always nice to win but keep in mind it is still a game for the kids.

Down at the school yard, next’s year Johnny Rah-Rah is already beginning to be formed.  Let’s teach him humor and humbleness out on the field.  The Defenses celebrating: that was funny!

Heck, if basketball is a non-contact sport, what can they say for football.
WFT 5-0-1 against Vegas betting line last 6 games.  Currently, +3.5 WAS vs SF.

The Odds Are Favoring the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Caption: Kirk Cousins at Fedex during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in part started by Snyder’s wife, Tanya.

Sentiment must be on WFT beating the spread. Beginning of the week, saw odds as high as  + 10.5 WFT.  Mid-week, +8.5 WFT.  Currently, +7 WFT.

Being a touchdown underdog how will WFT perform is anyone’s bet!

Remember, the late WMAL radio star Ken Beatrice mantra: “if i bet on these games, I would be a millionaire.”

“You cannot beat the house” is this blogger advice.

Coincidentally, in 2015, the last time WFT won the NFC East, Bruce Allen (WFT President), Scott McCloughan (WFT GM) were running the personnel department.  The famous Kirk Cousin’s “you can’t beat us” run, 2015 week 13 was a WFT loss to drop them to 5-7 and in a 3 way tie with the Eagles and Giants.

WFT would win its next 4 games, while the Eagles would go 2-2 and the Giants would go 1-3.

A loss today would put us a game behind the Giants at 4-8 (but virtually 2 games behind given NYG’s tiebreaker advantage). Dallas which plays Tuesday with a win could be tied with us at 4-8 (but we hold the tiebreaker against DAL).

Philadelphia at 3-8-1 could potentially be in last place in the division.

December should be fun win or lose tonight. Go WFT!

WFT:What to watch for.

Listen, for those who follow pro sports…for this blogger, mlb, nba, nfl, nhl…over the past few decades, poor starts should not concern a fan base that much. It is not where you start but where you finish in pro sports.

That being said, WFT is right in the thick of things with ‘the real season’ just beginnng.’  The NFL starts getting fun when the month hits December…TOy drives, festive spirits, DC should think of unveil a nice GO-GO song to go with any TDs as we hopefully stay warm in our homes this COVID holiday.

For those who can go back to Gibbs I, most seasons his team would be floundering somewhat as the calendar turned towards December.  Gibbs had a near perfect December record–he like most of these great coaches knew that September football is much different than January football.

Coach Rivera has a near perfect December record–probably one of the reasons he is highly regarded amongst NFL circles yet Rivera actually has no Lombardi’s.  This blogger believes year 2–not rebuild and stuff–are normally the year to judge a head coach on his systems…Year 2 for Rivera will not be a hot seat year for him (most likely)…but maybe year 1, we will be wowed.

So far, Rivera has given us about what we expected out of our squad year 1.  None forsees the 1991-1992 WFT squad but it looks like WFT has some meaningful games this season—which in year 1, exceeds expectations.

I mean, once again the gall of ESPN pre season predicitng the outcome of every game. Each season so many factors from player on field improvements and growth to weather to COVID…even today, predicting this month is practically insane for this division.  If I had to pick, I would pick the NYG since they have the tie breaker against WFT so technically are in 1st.  This blogger almost always consider the front runner as the favorites.

Any of these coaches can guide their teams to take the division: With Pedersen in Philadelphia with a ring, McCarthy in DAL (with a ring at GB), the rookie head coach of the NYG Joe Judge of the Belichick tree, Rivera knows that chances are, the season will come down to the last 2 weeks of the season.

So, don’t fret, root, root, root!

WFT is on a run in terms of going 4-0-1 against the spread their last 5 games.  Currently, +8.5 WFT vs Steelers.

Another intrigue is how much will be talked by the MNF broadcast team of the WFTs old identity and logo…will the name change get top billing?  This blogger still believes that is the biggest picture regarding MNF broadcast…as this is WFTs 1st primetime appearance since Floyd, the election and the summer of COVID.  Of course, COVID concerns should lead the broadcast period with Steelers last game being pushed all the way to Wednesday afternoon.

This blogger like the whole nation of football fans over the age of 30 are so sick of that “are you ready for some football?” song.  Actually, the NFL has been having humor with it for years as well knowing it is a tradition worth keeping… But since it is a new decade maybe we can start coming up with new slogans.

People, don’t forget: ultimately, sports–it is for the children. SO, let us laugh and being in good humor.  I mean, who here has Troy Apeke making a game saving Ken Houston type of tackle this month? Or, Jeremy Reaves starring as Superman!



+ 10.5 WFT vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The underdog and that is where our fanbase is

For old timers, WFT is always the underdog and that is where our fanbase is Dan! The Washington Trail in honor of Harriet Tubman, that would be a great name! What to Watch For Week 11: Washington Football Team is favored by -1 against the Cincinnati Bengals, according to the CBS Sports betting lines as of Saturday evening. Will WFT beat the spread? Traditionally, WFT is terrible as favorites but this season WFT has a draw in the 1 game they were favored. This season, WFT is 4-4-1 against the Vegas spread. November 8th, 2020, Week 9: The rebuilding WFT has only been a Vegas favorite for a game this season against NYG week 9 and the game was a draw. Interestingly, NYG is now on a roll since the draw. The trend: WFT’s last 4 games, no losses in terms of the Vegas betting line. 3 Vegas upsets and the draw. Conclusion: An interesting way to teach a child about sports, just pick all the PRO games with the point spreads. Instead of all this fantasy stuff and player ratings/ rankings, a much better father/ son activity is teaching predictability. Heck, when the health of the PROFESSIONAL SPORTS and the NFL in particular is optimum, a father can easily teach a kid a pen-ultimatum survival skill: you cannot beat the house Week 10: W, +3.5, WFT. Det 30, WFT 27. Washington beats the spread, at + 3.5. Week 9: Draw. -3, NYG 23, WFT 20. Week 8: Bye. Election that Tuesday. Week 7: W +3, WFT. WFT 25, DAL 3. Washington beats spread as underdogs. Week 6: W, WFT. +3. NYG 20, Was 19. Once again, the underdogs do it! Week 5: L, +8.5, Rams. LAR 30, WFT 10. LAR beat eh spreads. Week 4: L, +13. BAL. BAL 31, WFT 17. WFT barely loses the spread. If Haskins could have got ‘em in! Week 3: L, +7. CLE. CLE 34, WFT 20. CLE beats the spread. Week 2: L, +7. ARI. ARI 30, WFT 15. Ari beats the spread. Week 1: W, +5.5. WFT. WFT 27, PHI 17. A big upset to start the new era. Way to go, underdogs!