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Next Gen Stats: Time To Throw, A. Smith vs T. Brady, 2020

Next Gen Stats: Time To Throw, A. Smith vs T. Brady, 2020


Next Gen Stats: Time To Throw, A. Smith vs T. Brady, 2020

Next Gen Stats: Time To Throw, A. Smith vs T. Brady, 2020


For any NFL football fan, NFL blogger, NFL insider, Next Gen Stats are a great resource to educate oneself on the level of play on the field in the league. Always considered a copycat league, teams are looking to innovate and gain an edge.


For example, from the NEXT GEN Website here are 3 of a litany of stats which the NFL Next Gen Stats are keeping track of as of this season (released on the website and to the public).  These are passing statistics.


Average Completed Air Yards (CAY) and Average Intended Air Yards (IAY)

Air Yards is the vertical yards on a pass attempt at the moment the ball is caught in relation to the line of scrimmage. CAY shows the average Air Yards a passer throws on completions, and IAY shows the average Air Yards a passer throws on all attempts. This metric shows how far the ball is being thrown ‘downfield’. Air Yards is recorded as a negative value when the pass is behind the Line of Scrimmage. Additionally Air Yards is calculated into the back of the end zone to better evaluate the true depth of the pass.


Average Air Yards Differential (AYD)

Air Yards Differential is calculated by subtracting the passer’s average Intended Air Yards from his average Completed Air Yards. This stat indicates if he is on average attempting deep passes than he on average completes.


Longest Completed Air Distance (LCAD)

Air Distance is the amount of yards the ball has traveled on a pass, from the point of release to the point of reception (as the crow flies). Unlike Air Yards, Air Distance measures the actual distance the passer throws the ball.


For this article, to keep things simplistic while focusing on Was vs TBB and in particular the QB Battle on sat in WAS, we will just focus on tie to throw.



Time To Throw (TT)

Time to Throw measures the average amount of time elapsed from the time of snap to throw on every pass attempt for a passer (sacks excluded)


While this analog is unscientific, it seemed like one of the key moments of last Sunday PHI WFT game on Sunday game came when Smith found tight end Logan Thomas with the eventual game winning td towards the end of the 1st half. That whole drive it appeared that Smith had more time to operate in a 2-minute offense and was able to orchestra a great timely drive.  More plays and drives like this will be needed for WFT to win on Sunday. But do the numbers point to this against Tom Brady and TBB!


Interestingly, PHI QB Jalen Hurt led (TT) in limited action with a 3.11 (1st).  His 1-3 record notes that (TT) does not valid or guarantee success or wins.

However, Alex Smith ranked 29th with a respectable 2.63 (TT) and was able to display a 5-1 record.

Tom Brady on the other hand ranked 33rd with a 2.57 yet played 10 more games than Smith.  At 11-5, Brady was 4 spots below Smith.

For example, a player in the middle of the pack, fan favorite and HOF and arguably GOAT Aaron Rodgers ranked 21stwith a 2.72, 13-3.

Interestingly, Baker Mayfield and his 3.05 was good for 2nd and an 11-5 record.


This blogger wonders if teams have their own stats and measures: this blogger would think that question is unimportant in deciding who a fan feels is a GOAT!

Of course, TB Buc fans would point to the BUCS 4 game December winning streak where 27, 31, 47 and 44 points were scored to dispute records early in the season detractors, might point to their week 12 loss at KCC, 27-24 as still a possible stumbling block to a perfect 5-0 ending.


So, Offensive genius vs upstarts WFT could come down to 1 or 2 plays on the o line or d line.  Whatever the case, (TT) and Next Gen can help to figure out those intangibles come game day!


WFT sat 8:15 pm home vs TBB

WFT +8 vs TBBUCS home


8:15 pm

8-1-1 against spread since week 6.

Sudfeld’s former team, WAS!

WFT please remember SPINACH, olive oil. Hey Nate Sudfeld, PHI QB was once whispered by me as a fan in town as a future starter for the then Redskins (because Sudfeld was in WFTs system as a 7th round pick from Indiana).

Maybe the best and most athletic qb from Hoosier U, no sir. That right belongs solely to the Antawn Randle-El—the incredible for at least a few seasons kr-wr for PIT and then a WAS player. Once again, proving how important coaching—systems and culture change (?) can be for a franchise.
This blogger had the pleasure to meet Randle-El in a random shoe outlet mall with dad a few years back—really cool dude!  Try to never lose faith in players like Antwan here in town! Hmmm…always good to see humor within the town. Popeye Jones! Trung Candidate! Robert Davis! It looks like we here in dc have a generation of stinkers.

So, this year does have a special feel to it ESPECIALLY being 2021! -Beer and chips, still the beginnings of a new decade. Let’s pray for spinach, olive oil.

Finalky, if this blogger could ask Sudfeld a question after SUN clincher for WAS it would have been: did that WAS team looked far improved? If so, how had it improved from when you were practicing with it? Sometimes an insider has a better idea how good a team is..for example, in 1984, when the Chicago Bears demolished the hogs and JT in an embarrassing playoff loss here in dc, not a man in that stadium did not foresee greatness from CHI and Rivera’s former squad.
So, time for beer and chips.  WFT is 8-1-1 against the Vegas line in their last 10, a new season starts. In Snyder ERA, no WAS team ever gone too far. At least this week, we can laugh at all the stinkers!

Go WFT Today!

Former Washington QB Dwayne Haskins Goes Unclaimed on Waivers

Former Washington Football Team first-round pick and starting quarterback Dwayne Haskins didn’t find a new home Tuesday, as the 15th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft went unclaimed.

Haskins was dumped by Washington on Monday, hours after coach Ron Rivera said that Haskins would not be Sunday’s starter for the regular season finale on Sunday night football against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The QB going unclaimed isn’t a shock considering that any team that would have picked him up would have been on the hook for $68,000 for this weeks’ game and approximately $4.3 million fully guaranteed over the remainder of his contract.

There has been rumblings that a few teams do have interest in Haskins, so it will be interesting to see if he has a new team in the next day or two.

Washington Makes Shocking Move in Waiving Second-Year QB Haskins

Washington took former Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins with the 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

One year later – the Haskins Era is over.

Monday the Football Team announced that they are waiving Haskins, ending a rough two seasons in which he went just 3-10 as a starter.

The move to waive Haskins comes just hours after coach Ron Rivera announced that if starting quarterback Alex Smith is not able to play Sunday against the Eagles, Haskins would not be the starter and the team would go with Taylor Heinicke at quarterback.

Haskins struggled under center Sunday, going just 14-for-28 for 154 with two interceptions and he was sacked twice in a 20-13 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Overall this season the QB had a rating of 30.7 in throwing 1439 yards with five touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Washington released a statement regarding the Monday roster move.

It wasn’t just on the field that saw Haskins struggle, as pictures came out of the quarterback at a strip club not wearing a mask.

The quarterback released a statement about the incident after a discussion with Rivera. “It was irresponsible and immature and I accept responsibility for my action.” He also issued an apology to his teammates for “creating a distraction during our playoff push,” Haskins said.

Heinicke came into Sunday’s loss against the Panthers and led Washington to their only offensive touchdown during the loss.

Taylor Heinicke to Start at QB for Washington Sunday if Alex Smith Can’t Play

Washington has a “do or die” affair Sunday in Philadelphia against the Eagles, and it appears that the team’s season will be decided on the shoulders of QB Taylor Heinicke.

Ron Rivera announced Monday that Heinicke will get the start at QB for Washington IF Alex Smith’s calf does not allow him to play.

Sunday in a 20-13 loss to the Carolina Panthers at home, Heinicke replaced an ineffective Dwayne Haskins, and played well in leading the WFT to their only offensive touchdown.

Overall Heinicke went 12-for-19 for 137 yards with a score and a QB rating of 102.3. He helped Washington put up 160 yards of offense in two drives, one of which ended in a score.

Haskins was awful in the loss, going 14-for-28 for 154 with two picks and two sacks.

Smith has missed the last two losses for Washington because of a sore calf. If Washington loses to Philadelphia the Cowboys or Giants will be the NFC East champs.

Washington QB Haskins Says “Sorry” Over Maskless Pics with Strippers

It sounds like Washington coach Ron Rivera got through to quarterback Dwayne Haskins about his indiscretions at a strip club where the QB was pictured minus a mask.

The Washington Football Team said it is aware of pictures on social media showing Haskins not wearing a mask while attending an event with strippers.

The quarterback released a statement about the situation stating that he “took full responsibility for putting the team at risk. It was irresponsible and immature and I accept responsibility for my action.” He also issued an apology to his teammates for “creating a distraction during our playoff push.”

It’s not known where the pics were taken, but reports say that the pics were taken at a strip club.

Washington could either fine or suspend Haskins based on the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols.

Don’t count on seeing Haskins get suspended, as the team needs him in case Alex Smith can’t go this week.

Haskins played against the Seahawks in a 20-15 loss on Sunday, and it looks like he will start again this week against the Panthers.

Report: Snyder Close to Deciding on New Name for Washington Franchise

The team formerly known as the “Redskins” are going to eventually be known as something else. That something else could be decided on sooner rather than later.

A report from TMZ says that Washington owner Daniel Snyder is close to choosing a new nickname for the franchise, and they both sound rather boring to be honest.

Here’s the report of the two possible selections.

We have 2 leaders in the clubhouse when it comes to the new permanent name for the Washington Football Team … and one of ’em is inspired by that other brand of football.

Team sources tell us owner Daniel Snyder is strongly considering sticking with the Washington Football Team — for good reasons that we’ll get into in a moment — but we’re also told the Washington Football Club is also in the running.

Washington Football Team or Washington Football Club? WFT or WFC?


Not sure about other fans, but to me both those names frankly stink. The team should follow through and go with a real name, not just be known as the “team” or “club.”

Let’s hope that a nickname with some sort of true meaning pops up and that Snyder changes his mind.