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Don’t Buy The Snake Oil, YET!

This blog was a response to Frank Stein, 😉 Who should be writing for gab network too!

Nah, I disagree… I’m done basically with free agency besides re-signing Kerrigan. Maybe sign KJ Wright or a veteran linebacker otherwise…
My We are family mantra has me thinking our roster set with players who have been with team.Cornelius Lucas while I do not understand pff scores and I think his was low? Please check. He only gave up 1 sack and 2 penalties…young hungry backups…left tackle we are set hopefully for a long time.
I hope we draft 3-4 linebackers, best players at position…and look to bring in UDFAs at any and all positions best available especially if under 4.4 40 yard combines…No our roster is set and even though always a win now guy I know that the extra cap money gets used quickly so I keep the reserves and start praying, that our recent history does not repeat itself. 5-2 last 7, 8-1-1 against Las Vegas point spread last 10 games. No repeat playoff poearances since Snyder actually 1992. No 12 win season since 1992. Last playoff win? Gibbs Ii? What does Dan do to our town? Never improvement with Snyder. No leaps! So don’t buy the snake oil until we see a leap. Heck we could have Jesus Christ on the roster…history under Snyder says, “we will miss playoffs!”

WFT Draft Special: Let’s Draft all LBs or OLs

WFT draft special.
If  readers follow my blog then you know I write a lot about keeping the roster basically together…’ we are family.’

Furthermore I do not watch college football—only a handful of games a year—so I don’t have a great read on the draft.

I have inoticed by watching the draft the past few seasons that at the end of the draft there are still quite a few prospects available…so teams that are on the ball can actually score major successes with UDFAs as WFT seems to do well after last year’s draft.
So I actually don’t have many views on this year‘s draft because I just don’t watch much college personnel. I really liked Travis Etienne from Clemson in the 2019 Championship game. I would pick him.
In addition in general I feel that coaching is much more important than players and all of this player analysis, PFf and players strengthens and weaknesses and overrated for winning in today’s game.
I am just as happy and have as strong as a belief that WFT can win with any of the four quarterbacks on our roster today. Look Doug Williams a game before giving the NFL the greatest quarter ever in Super Bowl XXII went something like 9 for 27 (off the top of my head) and looked terrible..that game was infamously remembered as Jimmy-the-Greek’s last for his racist pre game remarks. Way to go, Doug! To be a pro means to be prepared every day at any moment…just looked back at my writings last season on Wally Pipp!

That being said I feel our roster is incredibly incredibly good and youthful at just about every position and poised for a very long postseason run. Talk of a realistic Lombardi is not out question for the first time I think with a Snyder owned team even if Fitzpatrick turns out to be a dud. Defensive line, wide receiver, running back, secondary-/all look very good…the glaring holes appears to be with our linebackers and with our second TE.
Wow,  with yet our draft and UDFAs, WFTs has a shot to make a considerable leap to an elite franchise.
But getting good is ok, we want great and hopefully we continue to play like we did the 2nd half of the season when WFT went 5-2.  Hopefully, we will be as good as that stretch of football.
This upcoming season more so than most in recent seasons come down to coaching and the gm office and somehow, Snyder.
If they strike out this season, par for the course with Snyder’s owned WFT.

But on paper a leap is realistic especially given a superb off season as of this day in March. I stress: MARCH.

Because from RGIII knees to Gus Frereotte’s neck, WFT fans always see whatever expectations at any point ultimately squashed since 1992. That’s a long time for disappointments.

So, for this year’s upcoming draft, I would look for improving our weakest units and possibly turning our biggest weakness into our greatest strength.  I identified our greatest needs as : ol (the hogs) and lb.

Maybe we could be dominating the whole decade at offensive line or linebacker.

So, let’s pick an unit and make all our picks at this group. OLs or LBs would be my choice.  With a few UDFA RBs and TEs, maybe WFT will not be playing par for the course come next February!

A Good Under-the-Radar FA Signing: Let’s Hope Rivera Is Using Players Strengths on Every Down!

Even though football is not as simple as everyone running a post-deep every play; BUT. speed always is a constant and a challenge on a field. Unfortunately or fortunately you cannot teach it.

So, this blogger once again is overjoyed with the less heralded signing of Daryl Roberts, a veteran db formerly of the Detroit Lions who can play most secondary spots.
Even though I have never heard of this player or noticed him in game action, according to reports WFT picked up another player with sub 4.4 40-yard dash speed at 4.39 (from his 2015 Marshall pre-draft combine time).

This blogger says use Roberts against split ends most likely to run post routes or line him up in hopes of executing Robert’s great strengths.

Figure out our strengthens on the field even going as far as asking and questioning each player what they love to do most…that should go for every man or even woman (?) on the roster! Go WFT, Today!

On The Cheap?

On the Cheap.

My 2 constant themes this off season:

‘We are family; so, do not turn over the roster.’

‘Keep the roster young.’

That being said, it is uncertain if Ryan Kerrigan will be coming back.  But whether or not if he re-signs and this blogger would re-up Kerrigan because of a belief in the  ‘we are family’ mantra of sports-business…Even though, for the most part this blogger believes in youth movements—i.e. give Gandy-Golden, Wright and Harmon a shot over signing another free agent receiver to compliment Curtis Samuels and Terry McLaurin.

However, Aldon Smith is a veteran defensive end who this blogger would sign if on the cheap if this blogger was WFT brass.

It seems like Smith is on his way out of the league or on a last stop from the news source this blogger has read (due to on and off the field issues from the past decade).  This should not stop WFT from bringing in Smith for a serious look…you see, WFT is filling out a fairly complete roster!  A roster which can go very very deep if Dan stays hands off and our coaches are as good as they appear to be!

You know, the Washington Football Team under Joe Gibbs often times filled their roster with rotational players…players playing one specific down or fulfilling one specific role….first down backs/special team players…there were certain players on the roster serving specific needs like all time unsung hero LB Monte Coleman who was used only as a coverage linebacker and veteran defensive ends like Jumpy Geathers and Tim Johnson who were used as a pass rushing and DL specialist. As the Washington Football Team roster fills out this season, it appears WFT will be set for vicious competitions at most positions and be in such an optimistic place since really any Snyder owned club and the shot of a long post season run is a real possibility here in March, at 0-0.

Smith is a player I have a gut feeling he could come in here and our locker room could have a culture change on him!

YES, FOLKS, our culture change helping change a player! Whoa be the heart!

Aldon Smith as an older vet now could fulfill a very good role as a pass rushing specialist on 3rd down rotational player coming in with packages and giving the younger guys a break.   Also, Smith could be used to be teaching the youngsters some vet moves that Smith has picked up in prior stops.  Aldon Smith could be our Jumpy Geathers/ Charles Hailey.

If “on the cheap” and if Smith is able to buy into the culture change, he might be a veteran that WFT can influence and help him turn it around here…. To get Smith to excel for the few plays each game he gets on the field so he can focus on jumpstarting successes off the field and continue his NFL journey will be a stroke of genius for WFT brass.

The Games Should All Be Nail Biters!

Ryan Fitzpatrick of half the NFL teams (actually 8 previous most recently Miami) came to Washington via free agency last night.

The impact of this acquisition looking at opinion pieces today— most were that Fitzpatrick  could possibly make a difference as a veteran playmaker. However one article I reviewed from a competing 980 outlet signaled that the Fitzpatrick  signing what the signal Ron Rivera will be throwing in the towel next season—a rebuild towards a future QBs, say what!

My view to this view in town: utter and complete nonsense and ignorance of how easy it is to win and be competitive in the league!
If as a reader one had  been following my blog pieces on this site for the past year you have seen me write multiple times ‘most WFT seasons, games are decided in the last quarter by a few points.’

When WFT teams have been awful like the season and a half after former starter Alex Smith got hurt, those teams often were blown out of every game. Coming into next season with the three qbs (Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke)  WFTshould be in all 16 games and all for the most part should be very close.
Personally I have seen Fitzpatrick play in many a stop and find him at his best: very exciting. He seems like the type of quarterback that gets more  things done as he ages . Reminiscent of a veteran Dan Fouts who like Fitzpatrick had problems with a playoff appearances and wins (Fitzpatrick  has no playoff experience).. with a similar type beard. Maybe next year will the fans and media and coaches and players be more concerned with our defense that our offense and QBs play, this blogger say yes, welcome Fitzpatrick-magic!

However if I had to place a bet— it would be to see all 3 quarterbacks at some point next season similar to how WFT had 4 QBs play this past year.
I would love nothing more than 1 of the 3 quarterbacks to win the job and hold it for the next few seasons to come.
I feel Kyle Allen reminds me in terms of grit and determination a younger Tony Romo but I do have major concerns with  Allen’s attempts to run through the whole opposing defenses—max effort can have a downside.

Similarly even though I am rooting for any of the 3 quarterbacks to become our franchise guy, as for Taylor Heinicke  in his very short stint so far I believe he shows the most potential of being a star.  Heinicke reminds me of a young Trent green in terms of lack of experience but like Trent Green, so far Heinicke is magical to watch and  is having trouble staying on the field because of his max effort.

So once again or rather for the first time we have 3 quarterbacks who are  mobile and give Max effort. This should be a good exciting year with a chance to add a +5 wins plus or more…an upgrade in wins could be the case if this coaching staff is on par with the upper echelon staffs of the NFL.

One last thing people are saying that Fitzpatrick signals that WFT will not be in the DeSean Watson and Sam Darnold sweepstakes..Once again just like we have the ability to win every game and as this past season taught us even down 20, comebacks are always possible (think Smith, people)…no options are off the table. If anything WFT now can offer a veteran quarterback to a package…

The biggest problem I have with Fitzpatrick  is not his play at times or his journeyman status it’s that I personally have yet to root for a star QB with a beard! So, my one request would be for Fitzpatrick to take out the razor before getting under center. Good luck to that…Go WFT, today!

WFT Adds QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to Their Roster with One-Year Deal

Veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is heading to Washington, coming to terms with the Washington Football Team on a one-year deal that could be worth as much as $12 million.

Currently the deal is a one-year deal worth $10 million.

Fitz is no stranger to joining new teams, as this will be his 9th team in the NFL.

He played the last two seasons with the Miami Dolphins, and before that spent two years with the Bucs. In 2015 he played with the Jets for two seasons.

The WFT has been looking for a quarterback after the release of Alex Smith, and right now their roster of quarterbacks included just Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen.

Fitzpatrick started 20 games for the Dolphins, including seven in 2020 while getting youngster and first-round pick rookie Tua Tagovailoa ready to take over the job full-time.

In 16 seasons, Fitzpatrick has started 146 games and completed 60.7 percent of his passes for 34,977 yards with 223 touchdowns and 169 interceptions.

WFT Could Have Done a Lot Worse in Deciding to Dump Alex Smith and Look for a QB

This blogger does not think we should be doing much in terms of free agency except players who the scouting department seen have incredible strengthens or coachabilities. Etc.

If a player is extremely fast like the struggling Cincinnati Bengals WR Jonathan Ross—heck, Ross won an Island from Reebok for his speed—trade for him and line him up and use his speed, on every route, period. That is what are scouts are paid to be looking at film on YouTube every minute they can this whole offseason, right.

Yes. Our coaches also know our opponents so hopefully between coffee and crumpets they are watching every play of every opponent and game planning for as many wins as possible. Some say it is a long offseason, some disagree.

But what this blogger would like to see our GM staff do is have the guts to target a primetime player off the roster of a team or high in the draft and go get him.

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Alex Smith’s WFT Career Will Be Remembered for ‘Oh So Many’ Reasons

When Alex Smith was traded to Washington little did we know we would be watching the beginning of a movie that epic to that of the old Stewart all time classic, ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’

Alex, thank you for all that you did for the fan base, organization, kids, NFL…anyone, anywhere!.
He left our team with a rivalry so hot within our division–never more heated and more intriguing that it is coming in to this next season and leaving better the NFC East 2020–decade prospects better than last season.

So win or lose in your next stop and our next season, we would like to thank you. But if we face you again expect payback as all players deserve payback when they comeback to face WFT and the Rivera’s regime. However, if anyone is to get a standing O and Presidential’s Secret Service treatment, it shall be you,


Thank you!

…For restoring order to WFT, you were a first class act and actor on the level of a qb like an actor like Jimmy Stewart–always full of class and fought until you dropped… thanks for heartfelt seasons as a WFT Qb. Now, let’s go get a Lombardi. WFT, today!