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Move Up, WFT!

Move up, WFT!

Brief review of WFT Draft , Day 1…and Draft Philosphy, Day 2.

Day 1: Jamin Davis—exciting pick, draft combine superstar, liked to pick.

Dallas got a LB. NYG and Philadelphia Eagles got WR. Our needs Day 2 based on what our division rival do.

Day 2: My draft a philosophy is always trade up for a best available player if he is in a free fall and addresses a team need.

Example: The New Orleans Saints have traded up the most in recent history (about 20 times the past decade [this stat is unverified])

Draft philosophy: 7 2nd rounders better than 14 lower round players over the next few drafts…

(Just a philosophy…because all seven players we draft would have a better chance of making team than lower round picks in theory. A 2nd rounder in theory better than a 3rd rounder, ask Tom Brady, lol!)

(Also, we did go get Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas in the 3 2nd rounder draft—our worst draft ever—so, anyhow!)

In this philosophy I would trade for both:

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, Norte Dame

Trevor Moehrig, S, TCU….hmmm, history repeating itself!

Both are in free fall. The moves adress NFC East moves in addition…so move up, WFT!

But I cannot argue if our scouts extensively scouted certain players and stand pat…I am not in the back rooms of WFT park!

My list:

In order of players that I believe our the best of the rest, WFT should consider trade up or down for from who I feel is the top players available after JOK and Trevor Moehrig (very unscientific):

Terrence Marshall, Jr., WR, LSU

Asante Samuel Junior, CB, FSU

Andre Cisco, S, Syracuse

Patrick Jones II, DE, Pitt

Richie Grant, S, UCF

Trey Sermon, RB, OSU

Tutu Atwell, WR-RB, Louisville

Jevon Holland, S, Oregon

Chris Rumph II, S, Duke

Michael Carter, RB, UNC

We have 3 picks and and 7 picks (from other seasons in theory)…let’s hope we wheel and deal for the best players from Rivera’s system.

An assessment of WFT Hours Before The Deaft

An Assessment of the Washington Football Team hours before the NFL draft. Right now I will go out on a limb and say the WFT has its highest expectations since Joe Gibbs came to town for a 2nd time as this team currently, under head coach Ron Rivera, is way ahead of schedule for a team in year 2 of its rebuild.

Some of the highest expectations of any Dan Snyder lead team since Snyder took over as owner in 1997 but to say those expectations are really that high or that many believe in WFT to makethe playoffs and improve for consecutive years goes against any history of a Snyder owned regime.

Yes, folks! Under Snyder’s leadership, WFT has never made back to back playoffs.  A second year in a row seems to be the higher expectations or highest expectations for a WFT team which now is an afterthought in a lot of peoples mind in this Metro area as the team status has been regulated since the organization has been somewhat hijacked by Dan Snyder, by mismanagement, a poor product this century and an overall lack of trust in leadership… but with this being said can we expect a real WFT team (a real capitalized R-E-A-L WFT football), a product that Wows and dominates and is THE leader for the whole NFL, a team that is so much fun to watch that when people turn off the set they’re saying wow that’s a football team, I hope so…

I thought last year in late November and December  with Alex Smith at quarterback, WFT played some excellent football and given the weak division, strong roster, easier strength of schedule and that we played some fantastic football after a slow start I think the sky’s the limit for this seasons club.

Furthermore for all the pundits  who said we don’t have a star or quarterback of the future, we had very solid quarterback play from both Kyle Allen and Taylor Henicke in very limited action.

If Henicke can make it through a season without injury,  he reminds me of a young Trent Green who could never seem to stay on the field for WFT only to go on to star with the Kansas City Chiefs and Kyle Allen is what we love to see out of a player in professional sports, hard work, great effort, gusto and intangibles… Allen’s a quarterback who looks like he’s going to try going through a brick wall unfortunately he apparently actually does something close to that with 260 pound linebackers.

Ryan Fitzpatrick nickname Fitzmagic I’m sure I’ve seen him some Sunday afternoon trying to lead some comeback.. I actually miss the last five minutes of the Washington football Miami 0 win bowl a couple seasons ago where he score and score and went right down the field on Washington football team but before I say he is our answer I have no opinion of him because I actually have yet to see him in burgundy and gold.

So, on the eve of the NFL draft us being really really good exist for a few reasons.

Season 1 Rivera was probably looking to get the most out of his players developed starters and developing players the defense of line in particular and hoped for some good results.  I think WFT 7-9 record even though in a week division has us with high expectations. I think if one speaks to people within WFT park they are much further along schedule then where they thought they were when Rivera took over the team in February of 2020.  PFF rated the WFT roster the 8th best in pro football earlier this week—the sky is the limit.So the expectation is higher.

However Ron Rivera still has not won a Lombardi. Fitz magic or Fitz Patrick in a similar situation reminiscence of the old-school quarterback like old timer Dan Fouts has yet to have a playoff appearance hardly has a winning record as a quarterback and I don’t believe has any playoff wins.

Of course, both the starting quarterback and the head coach are both looking for legacy which puts this team probably in a very very good position in terms of intangibles motivation roster strength of schedule which is not all that strong Right now any accurate pundit would have to put Washington football team behind the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East and it’s for the following reason: we were not that great even though we played some very good football towards the end of the season.

The hated Dallas Cowboys on the other hand were awful but their star quarterback who has a good record was injured most of the year.

Dak, Prescott he’s been given a $40 million contract and Dallas‘s roster probably is looked at as being down but as of last off season as in a season ago the roster was looked at as having one of the best in the NFL.

For the same reason I don’t put the New York Giants ahead of WFT in this division or the Philadelphia eagles ahead of WFT I put Dallas ahead of WFT and that’s because the three coaches outside of Dallas have won jack.

Yes, Ron Rivera still seems to be on a honeymoon as much as he has a reputation around the league as being a coach players coach he overcame cancer this past season…he’s either got a a reputation of a ‘father’, ‘grandfather’,’uncle’…but if he was to retire today, he would’ve been looked at as a mediocre to good coach but not a great coach. If Dallas Cowboys Mike McCarty already with a super bowl championship actually wins he would be looked as a hall of famer. McCarthy took Aaron Rodgers and got the most out of it Green Bay team won a Super Bowl so folks at least one season McCarty knew exactly what it took to get his organization from a 0-0 start in September to the promised land in the NFL. Experience counts.

Rivera lost in his sole super bowl appearance, McCarty has won.

An unproven Giants and anunproven Eagles coach I just believe since Washington had a better record than  both the Eagles and the Giants by default they’re in second place with 3 coaches who are trying to prove that they are great.

Let’s hope WFT far exceed expectations of just making the playoffs and have that wow factor… but most importantly like I wrote in multiple blogs in last season,  lets laugh…because at the end of the day as much as they are doing their BEST to make this game for ‘Draft Kings’ and every betting gamble addicted site from fantasy to all those

Chicks advertising gambling with chicken wings and stuff in the background THIS GAME is still for the kids…the children, the first graders, the teenagers… so let’s have fun, let’s root for a team no matter who is under center because some still say in town that the quarterback is the second most powerful position here in Washington.

Don’t choose a quarterback in Rd 2 or 3 for WFT

Don’t choose a quarterback in Rd 2 or 3 for WFT.

In a recent NFL insiders Chad Reuter’s 7 rd mock draft on, WFT is using a 3rd round pick on Stanford quarterback Davis Mills.

I say, “ please, no!”

Many outlets in town have Washington trading up for a quarterback. Fine with me considering how non-sensical I believe these drafts are. We will remember Mac Jones and his play in the NFL more likely than  maybe a late Rd. 7 pick…that being said, here is my 3 round WFT mock (4 picks), kind of:

I feel these first four picks (WFT currently has a 1st, 2nd and two 3rds in the 1st 3 rounds) are of more value adding players from different positions other than quarterback unless getting 1 of the 1st rounders QBs which I refer to as ‘the 5 golden rings.’

Quick review of WFTs QB situation:

if you look at WFT‘s QB corps monetary situation for 2021, we should be set.

Not only did WFT go out and pay Ryan Fitzpatrick starter money at $10 million for this season but we re-signed Taylor Henicke to a hefty contract. We paid for Henicke and we also resigned Kyle Allen to a bargain basement standard given NFL starting QB money. On the roster, I am high on the play of Allen and Henicke as our franchise QBs and willing to give Fitzpatrick a shot.

While 1 of the ‘5 golden rings’ quarterbacks early in the draft seem to be the prize of this draft, rd. 1 19 and our rd 2/3 picks will fill out the roster maybe with value picks over another player to contribute to the clamoring of the fan base to start a QBs like Davis Mills by mid-season.

Pick 19:

My pick would be Alijah Vera-Tucker, G-T, USC. However, most mocks have Vera-Tucker going higher to the Los Angeles Chargers (where Vera-Tucker played nearby at USC).

There at 19 should be one of the LBs: JOK, Zaven Collins or Jamin Davis, fine.

2nd Rd:

From my Laymans perspective they’ll be other quarterbacks later in the draft as there are better players available when we pick in the 2nd Rd.

It looks like my favs Clemson HB Travis Ettienne and LSU WR Terrace Marshall, Jr. will be off the board by the time we pick in the 2nd Rd.

Chad Reuter has us going with North Dakota State University OL Dillon Radunz (who I hardly ever heard of before the mock drafts or NDSU as a matter of fact). Fine pick, I guess from what I have read about him.

In my mock if we get Vera-Tucker Rd. 1, excellent options Rd. 2 would be to go defense with:

Jevon Holland, S, Oregon.

Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri.

If we pick JOK or one of the top-rated LBs Rd. 1, options include going offense with:


Michigan, OL, Jalen Mayfield

I believe we should avoid Chad Reuter’s Rd. 3 WFT pick of Davis Mills, QB, Stanford (unless Mills is rated to be the next Joe Montana inside of WFT Park).

Here are Rd. 3 picks I like for WFT who are projected to be here for WFTs 2 3rd round picks:

Jordan Brevin, TE, Miami

I also would like WFT to pick up:

Amon’Ra St. Brown, WR, USC—-a possible 3rd round gem.

Other players I think WFT should consider:

Clemson WR Amari Rodgers

UNC LB Chazz Suratt

OSU RB Trey Sermon


This sets up WFT for a 4th round trade up for a quarterback like Kelly Mond if they decide they must add another young quarterback.

However, remember as of today WFT has a young super mobile QB in Stephen Montez on the roster who could project as our future QB.

Another possible trade up for in Rd. 4,  Kyle Trask, QB, Florida.

Or, WFT could go for a player like:

Jamar Johnson, S, Indiana, if available.

With 4 quarterbacks on the roster this blogger see potential OL, S, WR, TE, or RB, as better value picks in the 1st 3 Rds.

Unless, of course, WFT wants to trade a bunch for 1 of the ‘5 golden rings QBs.’

4 Choices, Not That It Matters in April!

In my most recent blog, I have made it clear that the draft is by far the most overrated aspect of the NFL off-season as drafting players has little to nothing to do with success in the NFL.

They say geniuses know how to fit square pegs into triangle holes, if our coaches are ingenious their roster will fit the holes. Talk of muscles and speeds… Etc. etc. etc. it’s all nonsense as hypothetically all teams have the same amount of draft picks and the ability to construct similar teams (roster-wise) given the salary cap.  Parody and teaching ways to execute with balance should make coaching a key to standing out in the NFL.


Washington Football Team (hopefully re-named the Washington Trail, short for Trailblazers) whoever they add in this draft we should feel tempered excitement towards given that Head Coach Ron Rivera and his coaching staff looked very good at getting the most out of their players.

A 7-9 record, a playoff appearance…Rivera and WFC especially their roster is way ahead of schedule of where WFT was placed nationally before Rivera‘s 1st season here in DC.

Remember last April we were predicted 31 out of 32 in power rankings according to ESPN and other outlets. 31 towards the bottom, not 31 towards the top.

Remember we were wondering if we would just be bad enough for Trevor Lawrence through the whole off-season to as even as late as week 6 of last season.

So once again if we trade up for a Trey Lance or another quarterback I really think that’s fine but nothing. At the same time, Taylor Henicke and Klye Allen looked great in limited action and we have yet to see Ryan Fitzpatrick under center for WFT…Just wish he would shave that beard, this is not pre-Peter Russia, right!

So, here are my 4 players WFT should draft if they stick at #19 in the 1st round.



1st choice: Alijah Vera-Tucker, LG-LT, USC Trojans.

Most mock drafts have Vera-Tucker going before WFTs picks at 19.

Earlier this off-season Vera-Tucker was ranked as the top 10 pick.  In many of these recent mock drafts, Vera-Tucker has fallen beneath WFT at #19. If Vera-Tucker is still there at 19 which will be a surprise, please WFT do not pass on this lineman.

I have a gut feeling that Vera-Tucker will make an incredible addition to WFT with the ability to either man the left tackle or the left guard spot. Just giving depth to a line that played very well including LT Cornelius Lucas, WFT can never have enough big men on a football team.



2nd choice:. Travis Ettiene, RB Clemson Tigers.

Most mock drafts have Ettienne going in the early 2nd round.

It seems like Travis Ettienne has played in every pivot college football game since he came to Clemson in 2018. At 5‘ 10 and 210 pounds he will be a star and a workhorse HB in this league. With Trevor Lawrence going 1st in this draft by all pundits, I am sure that Ettienne wants to prove his value. Ettiene did have as much to do with the Tiger’s success as any Clemson player since 2018.


3rd choice. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Most mock drafts have Owusu-Koramoah going between pick 17 and 28 in the 1st round, many to WFT.

There is an article being written on Owusu-Koramoah being the draft prize on defense. Apparently one of WFT‘s big draft needs are LBs especially since Ryan Kerrigan has not been resigned as of today. Also, Owusu-Koramoah could solidify a position which there are some question marks as no one in town would be in disbelief with this pick to WFT at 19.


4th choice: Terrace Marshall, Jr. WR, LSU Tigers.

Most mock drafts have Marshall going in the early 2nd round.

Marshall seems to have that great combination of speed and size which makes a valued addition to any team. Once again like Ettienne helped immensely with elevating  Trevor Lawrence, Marshall played the playmaker role in the success of last year‘s heir to Tom Brady, Joe Burrow. If all of the aforementioned players are off the board at #19, I would definitely pick Marshall.



When studying Washington Football Teams rosster, one of the hidden weaknesses of the club was with the fact that Antonio Gibson most carries in a game was only 20, (done twice).

Many games right through December and January can be won by feeding HBs the pigskin and with good defense. As good as Gibson was in year 1, a more versatile role will free up playmaking and playmakers.

Scott Turner and the WFT offense, by bringing a promising lineman such as Vera-Tucker possibly the whole RB corps gets even better. Or, by going with Travis Ettienne at #19, WFT expands its versatile…hopefully reducing a key stat of time of possession for opposing teams.

Roman Gladiators 101


“FRANK N. STEIN” over the past few weeks you have in your replies to my draft day articles, I believe, Washington Football Team selecting “almost every player” available it seems like in the draft consistently predicting TCU Trevon Moehrig as FT’s safety. I have a gut feeling that he’s going to be a good player, too.

I don’t really follow the college game so I hardly know most of the players in the upcoming draft.

I am following mocks as many mock drafts as possible but another player who I think outside of Moehrig who is going to have an awesome career is Travis Ettienne, the Clemson running back I have seen play in championship games.

I predict he’s going to be a workhorse back.

Overall, what has been in the news recently for Washington Football Team are reports that WFT might trade all their draft picks for a chance to draft quarterback Trey Lance of North Dakota State University…once again I’ve never seen Lance play live and only seen a few highlights which I can tell next to nothing about how he would perform between the lines on this level.

When I look for a quarterback, I want him to be dead accurate—downfield accuracy and if he can go downfield 45-50 yards at least hitting receivers in stride over the shoulder in the hands that’s a WFT QB.

I have no idea of Trey Lance’s abilities and if he can make that conversion to a NFL pro QB.

I understand (from watching them compete) that WFT quarterbacks such as Rypien and Williams and Theismann all were very accurate down field

For example, they could all throw ‘the bomb.’

Once, a team has a QB they can trust throwing ‘the bomb’…and I believe that Alex Smith and Dwayne Haskins did display that ability, the field can become unstoppable for offenses.

Another way to highlight, Tom Brady in the 2021 NFC championship against the Green Bay Packers with a few seconds left in the first half hit his receiver in stride about 50 yards downfield in the end zone…that’s the type of play I want my quarterback to be able to rely upon if needed and having touch I think Alex Smith was very good at this and I think Haskins actually had a very good downfield accurate pass…but if you have the downfield accuracy then you can work on everything else…if you don’t have the downfield arm strength it is difficult to develop and to achieve success.

I felt like Kirk Cousins, while quite un-charismatic (I mean,he supposedly charted out every 15 minutes segment of his day) also had a ‘bomb’ throw.

Trey Lance,  Taylor Henicke, Ryan Fitzpatrick—all quarterbacks I have no idea if they have a consistently accurate deep pass…I know that Fitzpatrick has the passing numbers.

I know Henicke looked like a very accurate passer on the very small sample I have seen.

Yet, I have no idea about Trey Lance.

I know Kyle Allen seems to struggle with deep passing accuracy but Allen seems to have a hardnose attitude, great touch on an intermediate pass and intangibles which are always fun to watch.

So yeah, since I do not consider these rosters adding and subtraction all that important because all teams rosters in theory are even…since all teams with a salary cap in theory have just about the same abilities to draft the same players with the same speeds and strengths and size.  In other words if we have a speedster probably most nfl teams have a speedster, etc.

I feel more important than rosters is coaching along with coaching comes key instructional know Mark Rypien was a nothing prospects that sat on the bench for years so was Jay Schoeder but we had Gibbs and his phenomenal staff to groom them on the bench—a forgotten belief thanks to Josh Rosen or some insider proclamation that a high 1st rounder better play—weird.

Rivera year one was fantastic still somewhat on a honeymoon, giving him overcoming his prostrate cancer diagnosis and how he got the most out this past season team. restoring a culture to the locker room, Rivera has had a past pedigree of getting players and turning them into stars…Thomas Davis, LukeKeuchel, Josh Norman and Cam Newton…

So yes sir, I do not really care about rosters and feel these constant reviews are some kind of nonsense because there will be different discussion come December or in late November wether WFT is 3-5 or 9-1.

This roster is the best roster WFT has had in seasons. I believe predicted nationally as 19 out of 32.

I think all this punditry business is complete bull…These are pros.  Pundits already predicting all the games in September here now in April…How meaningless to be predicting a win or loss against a 2021-2022 road game Green Bay Packers or home against the New York Giants.

SO, take it from me I could care less if the Washington football team trades their whole draft picks for a quarterback or traded all their draft picks next years draft for an additional pick this year, fine!

To me it’s all nonsense and all this Roman gladiator talk at the end of the day you can leave it. With coaching you can get a horse to water they say I write.

Hopefully, our coaches are teaching ‘the veteran tricks’ and everything else to get these players to be able to catch passes without drops, get to the right spot to make tackles, cover the correct shoulders on defense, have the right balance and play good hard football…and hopefully for the first year probably since WFT had an off-season of Deion and Albert Haynesworth we are optimistic here in April with our roster.

Who knows if we start out right? Who knows maybe we will be talking Lombardi this season ( a discussion given Lord V status here in town)…there’s no reason in this town to stick a fork in a team while they are 0-0 in April.

I Don’t See the Holes!

All these holes, I don’t see!

You keep reading about how the WFT’s roster still have some major gaping holes to fill on both our offense and defense including linebacker, safety tight end, quarterback and left tackle. I don’t see the holes just hope we have the coaching, teaching and Xs and Os.

Players have down years and good years, players in this league are continually going from progression and digressions…For example, Chase Young (in his second year) might see a drop off due to the sophomore jinx; however, in a contract year Jonathan Allen might just put up career numbers.

I am disgusted by these pundits and NFL insiders who never seem to eat the crow predicting players as good as bad, left and right,  weak and strong…these games are not won in April they are won in December. Pundits are saying safety is a hole. By far the player with the best chance of actually making the All-Decade Team 2020 if not Young is Landon Collins.

If Collins rehab is successful and he rebounds to his former glory adding 3 or 4 more pro bowls or all pros with a Super Bowl championship or you might see a Hall of Fame player instead of a villain Bruce Allen FA acquisition bust.  Don’t forget Collins is only 26 and maybe the greatest WFT defensive player ever and the guy who talked just as well as he played, Sam Huff came from those same New York Giants where he played well in his early part of his career. There are a variety of tight end youngsters on the roster behind Logan Thomas…and Thomas (who still does not have much mileage on him for his 30 years of age) if he falters we could have a problem. Wedo have youngsters who might be able be able to put up production and I still haven’t given up on Jeremy Sprinkle making the team  as a 2nd TE.

If you’re really watching Sprinkle’s performance over the past couple seasons, his biggest liability has been his drop balls or rather butterfingers which former players preach is very correctable on this level.

Left tackle we got very good play last season and I would feel unless these players are liabilities in terms of their skill set we seemed to have added depth at this position.

People once again choosing reputations, star power, muscles and scouting combine to what was actual VERY good play last season from the LT position because when that position is a liability an offense cannot function.

The running backs had holes and the quarterback was protected.

As for LB, we need a few more players it appears to get to 7 or 8 but with the upcoming draft we should be set. Cole Holcomb looked great last season and Bostic was workman like. We have some youngsters like Stanford’s Casey Toohill and Michele Keleke Hudson but it does appear we need to draft lb heavy. Veteran KJ Wright is an option but once again, I don’t see the holes by training camp.  This is the most complete WFT roster in decades—QB included from Kyle Allen’s and Taylor Henicke’s work last season. Remember, Allen had a fan club brewing before his injury and his rookie year received praise, too.

Once again THESE ARE PROS. People, give them a chance to perform and don’t stick a fork in a team in April or call this roster which by the way last year from some pundits referred to as the worst WFT roster ever.

So people I don’t see the holes.

Quarterback is set with the 4 on the roster with 3 potential franchise QBs and 1 old timers looking to put it all together. Remember, 3 QBs for 3 Lombardi’s here in WFT, we don’t need college Johnny Football at QB to win here in the DMV.

It would be nice to get 1 super athletic high level linebacker at least to fit in to a d efense that on the field looks well, all good last season.

Darnold and lb at #19

If I have my way with the rest of this offseason 2021 player movement I go get Jets QB Sam Darnold  for a No.3  pick and I go with linebacker, linebacker, linebacker, linebacker in the draft including hopefully Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah or if Micah Parsons has fallen that far…and I’m not even sure if I would not pick Owusu-Koramoah over Parsons.

Collins would be my 3rd choice but any one of those 3 players at the 1st slot is where I would go, lb.

I wouldn’t even consider taking a quarterback at 1st #19.

If Darrishaw or USC OL Alijah Vera-Tucker were to fall that far? Darrishaw actually projected that he’ll be there at 19. I would have reservations to take Darrishaw because of my own ‘All in the Family’ mantra or, rather, ‘We are family!’ mantra and stick with the family by keeping LT Lucas as our starter.

Lucas graded well by PFF.

I would not consider left tackle a position we need to upgrade with our youngsters and Lucas, who gave up only 1 sack and 2 penalties last season.

Also we have young very young lineman in line to replace Lucas saying Lucas just can’t move around.  You have to remember the Washington Football Team history somewhat with Jim Lachey—a stellar incredible left tackle, Joe Jacoby-a UDFA should be Hall of Famer, Chris Samuels-a 2nd pick in the draft who had a incredible career retiring suddenly and Trent Williams— what, No. 3 in the draft and  regarded as a once a decade type of prospects.

 So Darrishaw at no. 19, I won’t be that upset if we went with the left tackle or Vera-Tucker… but from a layman’s perspective (not knowing these players from an scout perspective.  they might not be quite as good as the left tackles we’ve had in the past.

 We got very good consistent play from Lucas. From my layman’s perspective of what we look for in a LT for WFT hogs, we have played lineman who move like tree trunks, can’t really move around and as far as I could tell Lucas even at 6 foot 9 can move around.

But inside WFT park hopefully they know if the players on the roster have movement and quickness and if they don’t and it’s really a troubled spot go get Darrishaw.  

From what I’ve seen it seems like a linebacker linebacker linebacker draft.  Hoping to get the right coaching actually after a playoff season since Snyder’s teams making improvements after successful season, never been done!  Go WFT, Today!



A unproven, no name, college effort 3rd rounder? Roll the dice, WFT!

What? There are reports—- Sam Darnold for a 3rd rounder? To either Chicago? Or, WFT?

This is a blog folks and I am a blogger and sports reporter, not a NFL insider and these are this writers views…

WFT, a 3rd rounder—get the bat phone, Superman we need you ASAP—destination, NY Jets brass! Go get Darnold ASAP WFT!

Darnold would be here on the next flight from nyc to bwi or Dulles or National if I ran WFT for this current price.

Heck if those flights booked I would fly him down to Richmond,

and pick himself up myself. To Ashburn—speed limits, of course.

I mean here is my logic or insanity on why to snatch up Sam Darnold ASAP.  Even with Ryan Fitzpatrick (nothing against Fitz but Darnold has every throw apparently for my scouting and touch).

One, it is common knowledge that the sports Kabul in town has been in the franchise QBs making business—well, I remember the media Kabul being down on Rypien and Williams. ‘They’ were no Joe Montana or Steve Young yet WFT got 3 championships during that ERA.

Yes WFT always needs a franchise QBs to cure their ills according to most of the media. That is the current NFL insiders flavor for winning and winning in the NFL.

Folks, our town works for 4 years terms—go get Darnold!

How boring to believe we will be set or never set until we get a QB.

For those in media, our WFT history, 3 different QBs for 3 Lombardi seasons. Let’s make it 4 and 4. Then possible, 5 and 5!

A franchise QBs then we have a dynasty, both boring (nobody going to do better than Brady) and uncreative (it has been done before and before).

For this decade, let’s innovate and prove there are ways to win outside the NFLs current flavors of the month—yes, that word innovation has been lacking for decades. However, in terms of our best chance of a franchise guy, that would be Darnold.  His next 4 seasons could all be good—the rust is off the wheels. He’s ready for a jump.

Two, I was in the building 2 seasons ago when WFT played Darnold and the Jets in former QBs Haskins 1st home pro start and Darnold in my perspective gave the best passing performance of any QBs we faced all that year.

Better than Brady—yes, the GOAT.

Better than Fitzmagic and his near Miami come back.

Darnold hit every pass on the field just about including long deep passes with beautiful spirals and short passes with beautiful spirals. Give him time to pass, he can dominate.

Three, I have yet to scout to see if Fitzpatrick actually has deep downfield accuracy. I have seen Darnold do it—tight spirals, deep passes to receivers in full stride, over the shoulders placed perfectly—at least for a day.

I know Fitz has the number—-I do not know if he has the throws. Fitzpatrick will not be our franchise QBs—Allen, Henicke, Montez—maybe? Let’s hope 1 of our QB brings us a championship…but Darnold would have the inside track to be under WFT center for a real postseason run and the next few seasons if we go and trade for him at this near nothing price for the possible reward!

Four, this national sports media Kabul once again has put so much emphasis on rosters and draft pick values—the current NFL flavors of the month.

Supposedly, draft picks are allot values by nfl insiders and teams (and fans)…like different car parts, blah blah blah—I’m OG or old school. This roster, draft pick stuff—nonsense. It is mainly about coaching and teaching to me.

A little too young for George Allen’s Over the Hill gang—I would take Darnold to any QBs in this years draft.

Rick ‘Doc’ Walker once told me verbatim in a training camp media chat that when it comes to rookies a team does not know what it got until a regular season game.

With Darnold, at least for a day, he was stunning. At the cost of a 3rd rounder, please, the risk—reward logic, ‘roll the dice!’

Who cares about his numbers, media!

We in the media and bloggers should all remember the laser like show he put on for us!

2019: WFT vs NY Jets, Sam Darnold 19-30, 293, 4 tds, 1 int…34-17 Jets win.