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Breaking Down Washington’s Three Top Games in the 2021 Season

What a wild 2020 for Washington, who looked like a team that was going to be lucky to win 4-5 games, and by the time it was all said and done, they were staring at Tom Brady and the Bucs in the NFC Wild Card game in D.C. While they lost that night, they are […]

Alex Smith’s WFT Career Will Be Remembered for ‘Oh So Many’ Reasons

When Alex Smith was traded to Washington little did we know we would be watching the beginning of a movie that epic to that of the old Stewart all time classic, ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’ Alex, thank you for all that you did for the fan base, organization, kids, NFL…anyone, anywhere!. He left our […]

Why Give Up?

Whatzzzz up dc? All the geeking takes, draft stock numbers, production, cattle numbers, etc. His arm looks brilliant. Dwayne Haskins in 4! Wink, wink. Photo caption: Lea Michele had been an understudy for years in Broadway before finally reaching stardom opposite Ashton Kutcher. Why give up on Haskins until his rookie contract ends?

Still be the heart, way to go-dan! So, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times!

Wow, did not think this writer would be writing this especially given the news that Dan Snyder is being pressure to sell. But I try to call it as I see it, so way to go Dan–your first incredibly successful off season, (kind of because unfortunately nothing is successful given Covid-19/BLM/ Booby Mitchell’s and Joe […]

At least bring back the fries or, at least, the old prices, Dan Snyder.

This is so difficult to write—yes, giving compliments to Dan Snyder!  But let me explain a major reason why this writer wants to be, well, uncomplimentary of Dan.   Dan has not reduced ticket prices for season tickets holders since he has taken over the team, this writer believes. Whether or not that last statement is […]

Are We Prepare for the Butt Fumble?

Here’s the book on how most fans are looking at Haskins (remember this is a completely unscientific blog perspective but follow this logic on Dwayne Haskins, year 2): Haskins got to show some sort of growth good performances not appearing like a dear in the headlights intangibles even if he is losing games Otherwise, fans […]

This Writer Is Rooting For All Three! 

This Writer Is Rooting For All Three!   So, maybe a competition will never materialize between Alex Smith and Dwayne Haskins! However, this writer has been in the stands too many years to not know if Alex Smith is on the active gameday roster come week 1, every Haskins mistake will start the clamoring for the […]

Alex Smith: Still Has Something To Prove

Alex Smith: Still Has Something To Prove While this writer has seen Haskins dropping dimes at the end of last season when there was no  pressure on, Smith has already risen out of the ashes like the mythical bird, Phoenix.  One of the best won-loss records in the history of the NFL., Smith is a […]

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