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Spain to WFT, I say ‘Yes.’

  WFT should pick up G-T Quinton Spain, ASAP!  Spain while 29 years old, potentially adds depth to an OLine that is always looking for it.  Known as a very good pass protector maybe they can improve his run blocking: that is what coaching and systems are for, right!   Looking at the fansided 2015 […]

Loudmouths, P.C. Stylin’!

Caption: It is really hard to publish any image associated with Bill Cosby…but in my mind a little kid of the 70s, Fat Albert is still the King of LoudMouths. “Hey, Hey, Hey…”     The other day I wrote a vicious indictment of Steve Czabe and 980 am so it is nice to see […]

No Longer A Fan.

It is nice to see that KCC might lose tonight.  They are up, 13-10 with 5:31 in the 3rd quarter. Obviously, anyone’s game.  It was great to see the Atlanta Braves not win the World Series in large part because of this past summer and Floyd and the WFT name change.  Has the summer educated […]

The Tables Are Turned!

Can losing be great, folks?  Because this—a great effort by WFT in crunch time and throughout the game.  A comeback and then a potential comeback—way to go WFT! The tables are turned on NYG, 2-pt. conversations, and QB controversies. After an awful deflating turnover in crunch time, Allen showed the gusto to lead the team […]

Enough fascism!

Image: If Haskins got mono, he has some explaining to do?   Stephen Czabe et al. and the fact 980 am let’s him speak veiled nationalism, reeks!  Czabe et al. has been  taking our team and nation hostage by the irresponsible yellow journalism directed towards covid and WFT and Haskins amongst many other topics over […]

What To Watch For Sunday

What to watch for: Will we see Alex Smith again on sunday?  Will Haskins be over his illness? Will all3 QBs be active? I know by Sunday, much can change…but as tonight the followimg numbers is all you need to know about the 2020 WFT through 5 games: Week 5: 8 sacks, 9 hits Week […]

Lost In Player Analysis…

The picture is of Harriet Tubman and I have no idea from what year, like it matters!  She trekked hundreds of miles for her and others: freedom!  Go WHTs (Washington Harriet Tubman’s!)   Below is my comments on a competition website where I briefly was a paid contributor (fansided): Before I print my comments, […]

Where’s The Phone Because…

We need to call Le’Von Bell. It is 9:09 pm. Can we get him signed this minute. De’Angelo Hall, London Fletcher, Shaun Springs…Bell can  fitba long list of waiver wire acquisitions that actually are successful for WFT. Bell is an elite runner. He is potentially the best running back in the NFC and definitely the […]