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How the Yankees Produce Stars…

Most Yankees under perform. Florial already run out of town apparently with DC Press, excuse, New York Media.   Josh Doctson et al. could not make the 50-50 balls.   Are we developing players for a rebuild?  Lets wait and see?

Sarcastic To Roster Analysis…

how they’ve turned professional sports into  video games poo Pooh nonsense. Roster analysis—wack a doo. We are Family is always my mantra these days with al these cuts and additions.   I know in many recent WFT seasons by the end of an unsuccessful campaign, many of the players on the roster in May had […]

Sandlot Rule 101: If We Keep Getting Dominated By Him, Put Him On Your Side

If we keep getting dominated by him, go put him on your side. It seems as though Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz might be entering NFL free agency on June 1 or be back on the trade market.  At 30 years of age and still a prime time player, WFT please sign or trade for […]

The GOAT is the Deep Ball King, 2020!

This blog by Marc Lande is in response to the NFL Insiders Nick Shook article (read on headlined: Next Gen Stats’ top 10 deep passers of 2020: Aaron Rodgers lands at No. 4 Published: May 24, 2021 at 05:21 PM Nick Shook Around The NFL Writer By Marc Lande Now give all the credit […]

On A New Stadium, It Needs To Be Loud!

Snyder is on a world wind tour of stadiums. Please get to Solider Field for coldness and Seattle for home field advantage…Something I’d like to see with the new stadium first off is that it is in Washington DC. Second, that it’s near a metro. Hint, hint, where RFK is at! (Mayor Bowser, the name […]

I’m going to Disney World! WFT 17-0

. I’m going to Disney World! The last time I believe I predicted a WFT season preseason prior season I think was about when I was 12 years old…my dad said treat each game like a game and now I try to…treat em like pros. Just ask the Wizards!  Now all these years later i […]

The Dumbest of Dumbest Articles Of The Off-Season Are Arriving With Our Buds The Cicadas!

The Dumbest of Dumbest Articles Of The Off-Season Are Arriving With Our Buds The Cicadas! If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year it keeps preaching to take the NFL season week to week as the immortal words of Rick ‘Doc’ Walker preached to me (verbatim, LOL), ‘until a NFL football team is  […]

We Just Got Older But…

We just got older but… WFT just signed veteran free agent Charles Leno, Jr. to a 1 year,  $5 million contract to most likely start and definitely compete at the left tackle position. In my previous blog, I lambasted media members for claiming there was a big hole on Washington roster at the LT position. […]