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Sarcastic To Roster Analysis…

how they’ve turned professional sports into  video games poo Pooh nonsense.

Roster analysis—wack a doo.

We are Family is always my mantra these days with al these cuts and additions.   I know in many recent WFT seasons by the end of an unsuccessful campaign, many of the players on the roster in May had seen the field by December.  One recent Jay Gruden season, there were so many injuries we were starting Josh Johnson about our 7th qb by the end of the season.  Point being, most seasons the contributions come from depth and many an unsung hero…The truth is if I was a coach I would argue to keep every player in May on the roster somehow associated with the team for the full season.  Thanks NFL for roster limits and ensuring this s a business. BORING!

As I stated, roster analysis is wack—a—doo!  A high school symphony, give them a chance!   By the end of a session, they could be playing music.  Keep a team together as much as we can.   And maybe more importantly, let us give this team a chance until mathematically eliminated, if-at all!

Heck, the 2019 Nats started the season something like 8 games under after 60.

That would be like 2-4 for WFT after 6. 12-4 would not be off the table any season no matter how good or bad we look.  By the way, the last time a WFT team won at least 12 games in a regular season, 1991-1992 Super Bowl XXVI Champions (14-2).

Here are 3 players (2, WFT) and a splice of their draft profile, proving these ‘books’ on players, at times, way off…or spot on?

Robert Griffin III, QB

College: Baylor

Draft: WFT, 2012, rd. 1, pick 2

Weakness:”…He is a rare specimen indeed, seemingly moving in the pocket and open field at a different speed then the defense, very much like a young Michael Vick….” (Sigmund Bloom, 5/5/ 2012 Bleacher Report)

Coaching Analysis: Maybe if his knees did not fail him but he turned out to be the biggest WFT bust ever!

Kirk Cousins, QB

College: Michigan State

Draft: WFT, 2012, 4th rd, pick 102

Weakness:  “…His passes tend to float sometimes when not getting good balance over his feet and will throw off of his heels which take some zip off of his pass….”(KashMoney, SB Nation, 2/19/12

Coaching Analysis:  Cousins was the best QB we had for multiple seasons since 1992 and the great Mark Rypien.  Cousins taught our fanbase what a Top 10 Passer looks like behind center, at least number-wise.

Tom Brady, QB

College: Michigan

Draft: New England Patriots, 2000, 5th rd, pick 199

Weakness: “…He’s not going to try and force the action, rarely trying to perform beyond his capability…” (Mel Kiper, ESPN, 4/16/2020)

Coaching Analysis: QB Championship GOAT, 7.

Part 1:

Any WFT player once on the field could become a star:

Since all these players are pros or fighting for a pro spot, any 1 thru 90 could become the next WFT great and future hall of Famer! What were O-lineman Jeff Bostic, Russ Grimm and Joe Jacoby’s player profiles. Where did they end up? The left side of the GOAT of OLs in the NFL, period—The Hogs.

Part 2:

Roster Analysis…just watch the team…this is the NFL! This is not the lower level, SEC!

So, in a sense, don’t count the wizards out until they’re actually eliminated (oh, poor Wizards down 3-0 to 76ers, round. 1).  I mean mathematically they still have a chance.

That’s what I would say about any and all of the player’s on this roster today making it on the team and starring: they all have a chance!

Player roster analysis it is hoppy cock and beeswax.

Part 3: What We Need To Know Today About WFT 2020-2021 Season, Not Much

Right now, WFT is 0-0. As of today they still have a shot at 16-0; excuse me, a 17-0 regular season and the Lombardi.

Part 4:  Breakdown Our Roster, Lande style!

SO, I went through as many draft profiles and I could.  The draft player number system I found to be very useful and I will include it as the basis to as many of our roster breakdown as possible.  The draft strength/ weakness profiles by Lance ZIerlin were also useful so I will try to include 1 weakness for each player.

Finally, I will use a coaches analysis were I will have fun with all these beeswax weaknesses/ strengths.  Think, we are trying to gel by February. This roster stuff is non sense 1 thru 90!  .

Note: Coaches WFT has all off-season to turn these weaknesses into all pro strengths. Remember, noone coming out of college. Yes NCAA football is awful, yes, awful compared to the pros in terms of skills and level. No formation of all the all star college players in a season would beat any nfl team, you betcha’.  But, maybe all the NCAA top draft players from every year could beat Jacksonville.  It would be interesting to put that in a computer model!

Note 2: So all our players are always works in progress. So you can throw out these ratings and weakness. However, maybe this is where our ‘we cannot be all that good’ belief system starts. For years, you have stunk!  Each year, the book written on us turns out to be correct.

Remember the sky’s the limit for any WFT team especially before we have seen that team take the field in a regular season game. So, thanks, and Lance Zierlin’s and the rest of the draft profiles. At least, we now know our ‘book’ on our players coming out of college….And give Zuerlein credit for putting together these profiles for so many years even though I don’t trust any of this crack for a darn second. Roster analysis, beeswax.

Note 3: This is a blog—-not hard news. Trust at own risk!

Note 4:  No particular order to this roster, mostly positions/ depth.

so here is a few of the players…you’ll get the point: players don’t have strengths and weaknesses as much as books.

Daryl Roberts, DB

College: Marshall

Draft: New England Patriots, rd. 7, pick 247

Weakness:”…that he was a Belicheck late round pick and he is still not on his team…” ( Marc Lande, today)

Coaching Analysis: Does he have a good, very good memory, coach!

   5.96 Prospect Grade Darrick Forrest (R), DB

College: Cincinnati

Draft: WFT, 2021, rd.

Weakness: “Run into waiting blockers when he loses patience.” (Lance Zierlein,

Coaching Analysis: Coach, that sounds very correctable, acrobatic trainings!

5.50 Prospect Grade Chris Miller, DB

College: Baylor

Draft: Undrafted, 2020

Weakness: “…Has major issues with angles to the ball and tackle strength…” (Lance Zierlein for

Coaching Analysis: Does tackling involve strength, coach!

Landon Collins, DB

College: Alabama

Draft: New York Giants, 2015, rd. 2, pick 33

Weakness:  “…Bruce Allen signed Collins!…” (Marc Lande, 6/1/21)

Coaching Analysis:  Coach can we cut Collins just because ‘the super villain Bruce signed him’ (obviously the BIGGEST weakness of Collin’s tenure here in WFT that he was a Bruce man).   Then, get former great DL Dave Butz to re-sign him (and whittle him a wooden duck/ supposedly a skill of Butz’s)

Kamren Curl, DB

College: Arkansas

Draft: WFT, 2020, rd. 7, pick 216


Coaching Analysis:

Jordan Kunaszyk, LB

College: California

Draft: Undrafted

Weakness:  “Many see him as the non-prototypes cal linebacker, especially when it comes to speed.” (Dustin Dorsey abc7 SF 4/25/2019)

Coaching Analysis:…and coach you cannot teach speed! Or, plan for it?

5.46 Prospect Grade.   Khaleke Hudson, LB

College: Michigan

Draft: WFT, 2020, rd. 5, pick 162

Weakness: Got mauled by Army’s rushing attack….

Coaching Analysis:…and coach, Air Forces passing game ate him for lunch.

6.35 Prospect Grade. Jamin Davis (R), LB

College: Kentucky

Draft: WFT, 2021, rd. 1, pick 19

Weakness: Needs to diagnose and respond just a shade quicker as a pro (Zierlein)

Coaching Analysis: Based on what? OTAs! Unfortunately Zierlein published pre-any sort of Jamin Davis NFL experience!

Devaroe Lawrence, DL

College: Auburn

Draft: Undrafted, 2017

Weakness: “Lawrence recorded a 4,60 40 yard dash during a college workout” but did not run a 40 prior to the draft because he had torn his ACL in December of 2016 . “But a 40 time that fast would be in the neighborhood of what players who weigh 40-50 pounds less than what Lawrence ran,  at the NFL Scouting Combine.” (Mike Garafolo, 4/25/2017)

Coaching Analysis: WFT fields a 40 yard DL relay team starring Sweat, Young, Allen and Lawrence!

Matt Ioannidis, DL

College: Temple

Draft: WFT, 2016, rd. 5, pick 152

Weakness: Marginal pass rush production (Alex Kozora, Steelers Depot, 4/17/16)

Coaching Analysis: Well, his Madden rating are great!

7.00 Prospect Grade.  Jonathan Allen, DL

College: Alabama

Draft: 2017, rd. 1, pick 17

Weakness: Not built to take on double-team blocks for a living (Zierlein)

Coaching Analysis:…mud wrestling, coach!

6.80 Prospect Grade.     Montez Sweat, DL

College: Mississippi State

Draft:  WFT, 2019, rd. 1, pick 26

Weakness: Needs faster, more violent hands

Coaching Analysis: Coach can he be trained at slap hands, thumb wrestling and rock, paper, scissors?  I heard it’s a key.

5.69 Prospect Grade.  Casey Toohill, DL

College: Stanford

Draft: Philadelphia Eagles, rd. 7, pick 233

Weakness: Doesn’t use hands to take charge at point of attack

Coaching Analysis: Coach, can we fake a break and put him in that Dierdorff clubbing cast!

6.10 Prospect Grade Jalen Jelks, DL

College: Oregon

Draft:  Dallas Cowboys, 2019, rd.7, pick 241

Weakness: a long, thin frame in desperate need of doubling up on leg days at the gym (Zierlein)

Coaching Analysis:…and don’t wear white after Labor Day, coach? (Stolen from Kornheiser, PTI)

5.89 Prospect Grade.      Shaka Toney (R), DL

College: Penn State

Draft: WFT, 2021, rd. 7, pick 246

Weakness: Doesn’t always play with optimal juice and energy (Zierlein)

Coaching Analysis: Coach, Red Bull gives you wiings!

5.40 Prospect Grade     Linden Stephens, DB

College: Cincinnati

Draft:  2018, Undrfted

Weakness: Appears to fear long speed (Zierlein)

Coaching Analysis:….and cicadas!

6.10 Prospect Grade.    Jordan Brown, DB

College:  South Dakota State

Draft: Cincinnati Bengals, 2019, 7th rd., pick 223

Weakness: Gets out-muscled at break point too often (Zierlein)

Coaching Analysis: Coach, have him watch Stallone arm wrestling in ‘Over the top.’ Taking notes?

Cole Luke, DB

College: Notre Dame

Draft: 2017, Undrafted

Weakness: N/A

Coaching Analysis: Luke will be 26 years old by training camp. Coach, are we allow to start a 26 year old with 13 games played with no prior starts? Coach?


5.60 Prospect Profile Danny Johnson, DB

College: Southern

Draft: 2018, Undrafted

Weakness: “Has poor knee bend in both his backpedal and his transitions in space.” (Zierlein)

Coaching Analysis: Downward facing dog, coach. Or, twister with retired USA gymnast Brandy Johnson,  coach!

William Jackson III, DB.

College: Houston

Draft: Cincinnati Bengals, 2016 rd.1 pick 24

Weakness: “Jackson is too wiling to go around blockers in the screen game, something that can result in explosive plays.” (Jeremy Adcock, 4/21/16, SB Nation)

Coaching analysis: Can you get Jackson to train and compete for ABC’s ‘WIpeout’ to help with this problem.

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