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What To Watch For? A New Decade of WFT Football!

What to watch for? 

So, here is what a what to look for Game 1 from this writer’s perspective.  Fans much of this has been happening for years but last season in particular…well, except for the first three look for’s:

  • A win.
  • Build upon last season’s success. Last season, for a while the young team was playing the same script of being in the game but coming up short; finally, they pulled out a nail biter. Last season, they proved they can win, now, will they?
  • The Coaching Staff keeping their timeouts and managing the clock correctly. No need to worry, down 3, give me the ball with :40 seconds with 3 timeouts, wink!
  • Cover every player in routes, every play. Way too many plays where there was no WFT defensive players within yards of an opposing player receiving a pass.  Out of the backfield, down field, for a touchdown against, way too many receivers left wide open.  The Collins debacle.  The Apeke key 3rd down breakdown.                                                              Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz for the latter part of the decade has been uncovered against us…Is he really that good? I doubt it.  Little in-routes, down and outs, is Ertz really the next Mike Ditka or Mark Bravo, WFT sure has made him into that in recent seasons.  Stick a man on him, Gruden!–the common theme during the Gruden regime rivalry with the Eagles.  WFT has not made many adjustments against Ertz and the Eagles very often in recent seasons, getting beat on all sorts of plays.                            Too often, teams deception plays work against us whenever a team has to dig into their well for a play against WFT…Come on!                                                                                        Will we cover every player on the line and in the backfield every play, this writer prays for such. This is the 1st thing that this writer will be looking for in terms of change to proven winners and professionals Del Rio and Rivera.                                                                       When there is a wide open receiver, hopefully it is a breakdown and a rarity and our coaches are boiling over–on the sidelines, in the locker room, with the media.                    For this new decade, let the wide open receiver become an exception, not the norm.  To long for too many seasons, it has become the norm here in DC.
  • Get a pass rush from just our front 4. Over the years even good defenses like Greg Williams (pre-scandal)–even though blitzing worked at times, WFT has not be able to generate consistent pressure from our front 3 or 4.                                                                                           This writer just heard some media member on air say that ‘not unrealistic to expect 25-30 sacks from Kerrigan, Young and Sweatz.’ This writers adding in of the LBs and DTs and secondary–unheard of since Snyder’s ownership.                                                                       To win, often a team needs to apply constant pressure with just 3 or 4 rushing. The Jets of all team put on a clinic doing this to us last season in Haskin’s 1st home start.  Hope Del Rio et al. have been watching film of that game and learning how to get 3 and 4 man fronts together—from film of the Steelers, Saints, Ravens–all the best d-lines in the NFL, get it done, Del Rio!  It is a copycat league.                                                                                   Unfortunately, this writer has not seen it, (a pass rush), constantly out of a WFT 3 and 4 man front for a game or season since Gibbs I.  At least not last decade!                              This writer says if we average 4 sacks a game, we are close to the ’85 Bears.  If done mainly with the front 4, Steel Curtain!
  • No gaping holes for the run defense play after play. So many games last season, we would be in striking distance in the 4th quarter when another team would get the    fire-drill running game going and bury us. Buffalo, Minnesota, San Francisco.  Finally, WFT pulled out a nail biter as mentioned above. Will our defense be able to make a stop when needed or will it be the same script as the earlier part of last season. WFT seemed to flip the script for a stretch last season starting with Detroit.  Here is hoping for continuity from their players…and a new script of wins–it is a new decade!
  • Continue the goal line defense production.  Our red zone and goal line defense were superb.  Throw out the national and hometown pundits prediction if we figured out how to repeat this success and how to add on the layer of this type of defensive production all over the field. Heck, covering receivers is where it starts as mentioned above (for the decade). This writer would even take bend but don’t break a la Richie Pettibone if not 1985 Bears-ish.
  • Sticking with the running game. Just because we do not gain any yards on 1st does not mean we cannot run on 2nd.  Trust in our OL opening holes.  Trust in our defense.
  • Ensure the Left Tackle spot remains secure. We did not had a gaping hole last decade from season to season at the blind side from the most part because of Trent. New decade, new hope!
  • Find open receivers. Tom Brady when actually watching him play misses on quite a few of his passes…but most often he come backs and finds and hits open receivers. Often, on the next down!  Haskins appeared good at both of these attributes last year. Cousins was very good at this when with WFT even if Cousins did not have all the throws.  If we can just hit open receivers we could get explosive.
  • Receivers rarely dropping the balls.  There were way too many drops and a former NFL analysts on air said ‘that young receivers can improve upon this’ especially with the TEs and WRs corps.  Best way of helping a QB is making a catch.
  • Less Air mails. Haskins was late and high on some throws.  According to Joe Theismann on air these are correctable mistakes especially for a youngster not yet acclimated to the speed of the game.  As with Brady’s example above , all QB air mail passes including the GOAT. Haskins looked good overall with limited throwing downfield last season.
  • No more QB runs.  Haskins was running, Haskins was also getting hurt.  If we learned from RGIII, no need for RPOs, etc.  Eli won 2 Super Bowls by backpedaling away from defenders and taking sacks in part.  This number 7 is not that number 7, this writer believes!
  • The Deep BallThis is still the biggest question for the strong-armed Haskins, does he have any accuracy going long, this writer has not seen Haskins unleash a completed bomb since with WFT.  Will Haskins be able to hit a player dead in the numbers over the shoulder in stride 50-yards downfield.  He showed something like that in his offseason workouts with Antonio Brown, much different in the heat of a game.
  • The Halftime Adjustments. Since 1997, have we had 1! Seriously.                                       I can think of 1 halftime adjustment involving ownership!   WFT, Today!



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