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Go with your gut!

Joe Gibbs, the best head coach Washington has ever had in any sport on any level (sorry, Head Coach Morgan Wootten) used to often say that sometimes when it came to coaching you would have to just go with your gut!

So here are some gut worthy opinions by this writer on covid-19 and WFT…

  • My gut says…folks, we are in the midst of a pandemic and the scary part is we still are not positive of any of the science. Being a listener of the Steve Czaban Show on 980 am (while not a huge fan), this writer cannot believe what I have been hearing for months now from Czaban on the issue of Covid-19!  Are you a buffoon to fill the airwaves with nonsense of how we need to keep the economy running, I say, ‘yes, yes, yes.’  Nothing is black and white so we can keep the economy running just fine while protecting everyone.  This writer knows men like Czaban are well intentioned but this is a pandemic for Christ sakes.  A fifth, YES, a fifth of the population was wiped out by the Spanish flu of 1918-1920 some estimate.  Our country is still basically joy riding with no true leadership.  I commend the college teams that chose protection over participation.  A second wave could be disastrous—we do not know the science, period. This writer hopes that Pro Sports will follow suit soon.
  • My gut says that we have be seeing cases steady all summer and now school kids are getting Covid-19…this during the summer…and virus like the flu thrive in the winter.
  • My guts says that anyone who is more concerns with a WFT championship or Nationals pennant etc., (than actually coming together as a country and doing everything necessary to beat Covid-19), is someone who should not be given credence. 
  • Unfortunately, my gut says that by the cold weather, our country and leagues will be sheltering and shutting down .
  • But with that being said, this writer does want to talk some football because the season does appear to be starting and the possible news today is too hot to not write on. Reports indicate that as of Sunday morning WFT will be having a full-fledged quarterback controversy.
  • Alex Smith was being bathe in champagne by family members last night in tribute to making it back on the sidelines. Just Smith receiving snaps in full pads, wow! What an inspiration!
  • But wait, hold the presses, when Smith was last seen as WFT quarterback, Smith had the team in 1st. This writer was at the Dallas win that year, and Smith looks awful and team and division looked weak; yet, their WFT were in 1st, winning and having the fan base encouraged again.  Well, at least, we were 6-3.
  • Then the injuries including Smith’s and that 6-3 of 2018 now looks eons away.  Yet, my gut says Smith should be our starter week 1 and here is why.
  • My gut says the longer Haskins can sit and learn, the better. Many WFT greats including Rypien and JT held the clipboard until they could not be held back by any coaching forces and they were great because of it.
  • Talking heads in town, most of last season, took some line from some shmoe on some NFL broadcast and now if you are a high round pick, you have to prove you can play or an organization has to look for the next Johnny Football. Who came up with this theory, god himself! .  Or,  are we that uncreative here in Washington, that we are not doing our own thing and following our own path and our own history from Gibbs and George Allen to even Shanahan with Kirk Cousins.
  • Do we need the Josh Rosen blueprint for development being shoveled down our throats here in DC and ruin a Haskins who now is having to look over his shoulder at Smith and Allen and whoever else.
  • My guts says that Haskins is good, real good. His stats did not show intangibles he displayed and difficult routes he was able to hit with tight windows.  But Smith record as a quarterback is like only behind Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady since 2010 (or something like that).  Note to writer: research quarterback won-lost record since Smith came into league.
  • It seems like if Adrian Petersen can get back towards a 2000-yard season if he was given that many carries. Well, at least AP continue to show the flash that made him an All decade player.  Our offense will be good and conservative with AP: Callahan gave us that blueprint.
  • This writer believes that Haskins is our future, not Allen or Trevor Lawrence or Tua. That is why I would start Smith and let Haskins consume everything he can from a great W-L record qb.
  • Instead of rushing Haskins so that we can appease “the Trevor Lawrence we do not like your do rag and your antics like taking a selfie in victory formation” crowd, let stake out future on Haskins.
  • My gut says start Smith and see if we can make an immaculate run considering a recent article had our franchise dead last, yes, ranked 32.
  • So, maybe with Smith we are 6-3 again and waiting in the background is a lean mean Dwayne Haskins who will bring us back to the promise land and Lombardi as the Red Tails or Warriors or even my least favored Red Wolves.
  • My gut says Rypien was developed for seasons. We do not need some talking head pundit telling us, lay down your Jack, Jack. We might just want to keep our cards up our sleeves. And hopefully, our cards will be played out—post Covid-19 this season as a vaccine is found soon.
  • WFT, today (yes, that is what I am asking this team I write for to change the name of this site to, kind of’ catchy, wouldn’t you say!)

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