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Yes Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins Struggled in 2019, But Let’s Give the Kid a Chance

Folks, we found something to be very very excited about earlier this week if you are a Redskin fans. A gift to the public if one was watching like a keen-eyed coach?

Coincidentally during the previous week NFL rankings (done by the stat geek bureau of the NFL) were disclosed having Dwayne Haskins near the bottom of the league in deep passing and Dak Prescott near the top. So sure, was this gift ever time relevant!

But what gift is this writer writing about? This writer will get to it eventually (a picture is worth a 1000 words). I will get to the gift in a few paragraphs. But, first, we need some very un-AP style build up!

(Blogger note: how many readers are so bored with the same type of AP style writing and the same ESPN coverage of game highlights, this writer makes one. For creative, keep it here! I think too many writers on the NFL are aspiring to cushy AP jobs, anyhow.)

So, here is the build-up: The NFL is a copy-cat league more so than ever and it has been that way for a very long time.

Most teams are playing some version of a west coast offense and a 2-deep zone. Yes, we see some run pass options but all the Xs and Os are basically just being recycled by any organization as a winning ingredient is almost always the team that keeps the other teams on their heels.

Rivera recently mentioned surprising teams. Hopefully, Redskins Park still has the Al Saunders 2000-page playbook on hand because after watching this gift, we might have to unveil this or something similar, Scott Turner!

It does seems like Bellichek and Brady have just been doing the surprises better than any other organization especially if you believe they were a dynasty since 2003.

I do and I am so bored with the same Xs and Os with a wrinkle here and there coming from the NFL. But until the NFL finds a way to innovate, it really becomes who does the bomb, the rush, etc., best!

Many pundits ran Case Keenum out of town before snap one and the town never really gave him a chance. This writer saw a pro quarterback in Keenum and one that could have been a winner with better coaching.

Similarly, towards the end of the year, this writer wanted to see a playing audition for Colt McCoy because this writer had watched Haskins and Keenum and now wanted to see McCoy—heck, some in town (like this writer) still remember Colt McCoy’s all-guts Cowboys performance.

But none of these quarterbacks last season, one would be thinking a high-powered playbook reminisced of Saunders or an offensive genius who had a Ferrari in the garage?


I mean, Haskins ranked in the bottom for deep passing.

Haskins stats were poor. Haskins—heck, fans in town wanted Burrow or Tua or Trevor—a franchise qb. Yet, just as Gruden had a problem with Cousins for not having all the throws, we are being led to believe that Haskins lacks.

That Haskins throws are too high. His footwork and arm angles too unfocused and unconventional. Haskins is undisciplined and shot-ty.

But the gift a few of us saw was that of Haskins who was completing passes downfield like Hercules earlier this week. Only a blind man would not take note! There are a few quarterbacks who seem to have all the throws.

Traditionally that honor was bestowed upon Peyton Manning. More recently Drew Brees seems to be able to deliver the ball just about anywhere on target and in stride. I never thought Brady had all the throws—arguable; but, this writer would not bestow Brady the GOAT of pure passers.

This writer thought Ben Roethlisberger was the best passer especially in placing balls downfield perfectly—having all the throws—this past decade.

Pat Mahomes looks pretty incredible too. Haskins, though—not even in the discussion based upon what we watched in 2019?

Even with his best passes like the 75-yard IN Route to McLaurin, Haskins throw looked just a step behind. Not quite there. This writer thought Haskins looked very good but not perfect in 2019 and mostly good on intermediate routes (20-30 yards downfield).

In a copycat league, if a team has a QB who can hit a player in stride 50 yards downfield one team have a huge advantage over the teams with pros such as Keenum and McCoy and arguably even Cousins. OC’s droll over pure passers. Moon, Manning, Rypien, Marino, Sonny!

Well, folks, did you see Haskins throws in his workout to pro receivers earlier this week. Yes, there were no pads and helmets and pass rushers, etc. but this was like real good stuff.

Yes, Haskins was throwing some of those passes to current most popular villain of popular sports networks and a ton of legal problems Antonio Brown.

(Blogger note: Nay-sayers of Haskins and the Redskins will be saying a picture is worth a 1000 words and look who Haskins is hanging with these days.

To these nay-sayers of anything Redskins and anything Haskins and anything Brown, this writers writes 2nd chances and innocent until proven guilty and we are our brothers’ keeper. Grow up people and take a Buddhist perspective on issues of oppressed and oppressor).

The fact is, Haskins–making throws right in stride, placing the ball perfectly into receiver’s hands 40-, 45- yards downfield—has us keen-eyed wondering where Saunders’s dusty playbook is stashed. I mean move over copy-cats. I do not believe Prescott has an arm like that.

I do not believe Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield or Daniel Jones can make those throws. We, the Redskins, got a gift earlier this week. The Redskins finally got a reason for why Haskins once was considered as high as #2 in the 2018 draft.

For fans, they got confirmation for why Turner and Rivera are encouraged by Haskins and why Redskins Park is not bringing in a Cam Newton or Jameis Winston.

The fans got a REASON to believe that Haskins is a pure passer. From those highlights, the fans got a glimpse of Haskins and an arm that very very few current NFL and college QBs can copy-cat.

Most importantly, 2020 if played, just got a heartbeat. That is a gift!

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3 Responses to “Yes Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins Struggled in 2019, But Let’s Give the Kid a Chance”

  1. SE OMAR says:

    Hahaha!! HTTR!

  2. Matthew Shishkoff says:

    Great insight! I agree with this article, I really believe that Haskins will have a good season. He has a lot of untapped potential to bring out and certainly has a solid arm. After checking this Redskins Outlook here, it seems that the Redskins have some great talent on offense that could overall make Haskins perform better and will ultimately allow him to succeed at QB.

  3. Marc Lande says:

    I am on a crusade for saving 2020 (if even played because of covid).
    I normally decide on a teams direction by game 5. New year, maybe even later?

    Most coaches in the 1st year get little to no results. I know a Manning team went from 3-13 to 13-3 and Arianas has brought a team to a playoffs. But even like Gibbs II, year 1 was 6-10.

    Yet, most all of the pundits in town have abyssal Redskins records, websites with pictures of Trevor Lawerence, etc. I know alot of rankings have us around 28th.
    As I said, 1st year is tough on new regimes. I have no idea how they will do? But years ago, I stopped filling out the w-l games predictions and just watch and hope they win whether favored or underdog. I mean, ESPN picked every game this year. Then, based on ‘key players’ injuries, different favors all the time. We are playing these games for a reason, right?

    I am just trying to listen to the coaches and players and former players and former coaches because I know from listening and reading a lot of the people/ journalists in the town and nationally, they have already thrown this year under the bus…and a lot of these so called experts have the same amount of NFL coaching and playing experience as me: 0 years.

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