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We Just Got Older But…

We just got older but…

WFT just signed veteran free agent Charles Leno, Jr. to a 1 year,  $5 million contract to most likely start and definitely compete at the left tackle position.

In my previous blog, I lambasted media members for claiming there was a big hole on Washington roster at the LT position. Claiming the disrespect of Cornelius Lucas (who did a good job of us forgetting about Trent Williams at the left tackle position) might be based on name recognition, fantasy stats or even race; obviously my insinuation seemed to miss the mark. Sorry.

Obviously, WFT park thought there was a hole on the left side or were so impressed with Leno and  his visit that they decided to sign the veteran free agent.

Well Leonor is 29 and Lucas is about the same age as this acquisition apparently makes us older or more experience with our offense line unit however you look at it.

Apparently, Lucas was a backup of Leno as they both were in Chicago in 2019.  More of the same, a serious upgrade, name recognition-only time will tell if we have filled a perceived hole with any of these roster pieces.

But we have to be very encouraged that we have a good mixture of young and more experience lineman currently assembling on the roster.

With the drafting of Texas OL Samuel Cosmi, relative youngsters Saahdiq Charles and Gerron Christians to go with some of the more veteran lineman such as David Sharpe, WFT has the ability to keep a mix at the most important WFT unit.

Well for my layman’s prospective I would’ve just gone with the unit as assembled, I cannot be disappointed with adding veteran leadership as long as we continue to acquire youth youth youth.

Havinh high flyers and youngsters looking to prove themselves, coming off what most probably consider a very successful year 1 season for Rivera, now it is more important than ever to let every player know from 1 to 90 that they were part of a 7-9 mediocre record season and not the favorites to take the division in my estimation to the Dallas Cowboys.

We have to prove we belong…For posterity sake as well as paychecks not much has been proven with this roster from Cornelius Lucas to Chase Young to the newest addition, Charles Leno, Jr. and his 0 Lombardi rings.

Sit Down, Mr. Leno!

Sit down, Mr. Leno!


Ian Rapport tweet as follows:

Ian Rapoport@RapSheet

Reminder: The Washington Football Team visits with former #Bears OT and FA Charles Leno today, a potential way to fill a big hole on the left side of the line. WFT drafted Samuel Cosmi in the second round, but Leno signing would allow him to sit and learn.
Above, Rapport’s tweet
Sit Down, Mr. Leno!

Every day I wake up for a media that is not obsessed with fantasy stats, roster analysis and draft kings gamblings. By the end of the day the over-testosterone that is what we think our sports fan are of chicken wings beer and hot chicks has ruled over the air waves again, Groundhog Day in the DMV…as another boring day here in the dmv of the same guys with their water cooler and locker room junk. I want a radio show more tuned towards December January and February with WFT including community service projects daily! 

Yet yesterday media on Lucas had gone too far. Rapport disrespected a WFT left tackle, Cornelius Lucas simply because he does not have fantasy numbers or a name (or possible because of his race). Did Rapport get some insiders info from WFT park, maybe. But coaching staffs lie all the time. Lucas is on the outs here it appears!   How?

My argument is if Lucas was white at that stature based upon his merit these few games and his fine PFF numbers (to play the goofy fantasy starship game) he would be penciled in at least for game 1 of our team. Maybe questionable but not considered a big hole at left tackle.

So right on Lucas going to social media.
But here was a media response. Mark Tyler of Hog Havens in ‘Washington Offensive Tackle Cornelius Lucas Is Furious With The Media’ 
writes, “Now, I can see how this would upset Lucas, but the reality of the situation is lashing out on social media is probably not the best way to handle it. IF Leno is signed, there would likely be a competition at left tackle during training camp (which is what every coach desires), and if Lucas wins that competition, he would be afforded the opportunity to hold down left tackle in 2021.”

Blah blah blah blah…this blogger (member of the media ?) is psyched with Lucas’ response because he is right to be!

Did Tyler or Rapport do the research?

Lucas gave up 2 sacks and 1 penalty in 560 snaps. A pff rating of 78.2. While I could not unlock the running blocking rating funding low here I know from other articles it was low. Inverse his passing blocking number must be high. That unit protected Alex Smith last season. Lucas should not be considered a hole yet. Let em play! 

Blogger perspective: last season I was not screaming at the tv for Trent Williams for most any game in the regular season. It was not a glaring hole.

Here is Leno rankings.

Leno pff 74.6, 1066 snaps, 5 sacks, 6 penalties. Similiar production with more durability….

Big hole? I want Jim Lachey numbers and play always. But the GOAT of LT is retired so let’s stop pushing sports business and start playing , “We are family” with players like Shaddiq Charles and Keleke Hudson and even Troy Apeke. Also, Cornelius, he deserves a chance to improve and play better, not worse!

Most Pressing Issue: Not Wins or Roster. It’s the Identity!

Done with draft analysis, I will take Dustin Hopkins, 1st round fantasy, lol.  No cheese!

Now onto the most pressing issue facing our organization: our identity (winning comes 2nd)!

You know in recent days there’s been 2 Post articles written pro-team names for WFT: the Washington Red Wolves and keeping Washington Football Team.

I feel that no matter what ‘camps’ we are in for the namesake, we should basically be…let’s say bipartisan and rally around whatever team name is chosen.  Let’s not be poor sports in this town. We will have to choose a name so 1 and I repeat only 1 namesake will win. The rest: 2nd best in a sense!

As for the process, it has been a huge WIN as  respectful to Native Americans by keeping Native American name and imagery out of the new identity!

That being said I like my team name idea of Washington Trail (submitted to WFT during the allotted time frame).

Think of some of the slogans we could have:

We are on the comeback trail! (that 1 is needed these days for this organization. LOL, I guess.)

Hot on the trail!

Are we off the trail? Or, on the trail? Or trailblazing today?


The Trail would not be a sort of one dimensional identity and children could have a lot of images and a lot of visualizations with the name as such. I do not tend to like names that sort of fit ‘into a box’ or do not allow for much abstract thought.  Who wants a whole generation of children doing gimmick cheers after every 1st down they go off to schools around the country.

The old identity was great in that the cheers were always loud and in unison.

A product should be able to reinvent itself for years. Let’s avoid a fascist identity: 1 where we are all the same. It is a melting pot.

But whatever name is  chosen whether a front runner like Washington Football Team or Red Wolves or a shocker like Washington Trail let’s make sure we put a human logo on the helmet.

It’s soldier for Red Wolves….a Washingtonian for WFT….for the Trail, I would personally put true American heroes Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman or both on that helmet, with the American flag!

Just remember in this town and this country it’s “of, for, and by the people…” and always has been!

That’s the way to rep ‘America’s TRUE team.’

Post Draft Analysis: Ship Out The Cheese!

After listening to a lot of this post draft nonsense of draft steals I do have one major concerns: Cameron Cheeseman at 225, round 6.

Cheeseman, a University of Michigan long snapper, from Wisconsin which is quite a talking point given the Wisconsin-Michigan rivalry including cheese, is a virtual lock to make the roster if he can snap the ball. In a previous blog, this blogger is preaching family affair and stuff about trying to keep players etc.  Going as much as it can afford against sports as business…

However, Cheeseman was the 2nd long snapper drafted in this years draft and who likes second(s).

Fletcher from Alabama was drafted a few pics before him, the first long snapper taken this draft and I want him. 

As far as I understand Alabama under the coaching of all-great Nick Saban  has a pedigree of producing high level professionals. I mean Fletcher long snapping coach must have been incredible (which is an assumption).

While Alabama have the best in the business  Cheeseman went to Michigan with a somewhat failed regime in Jim Harbaugh and his coaches… I mean Michigan versus Alabama?

So I am just hoping that Martin Mayhew and the rest of the WFT Park GMs are listening to their fanbase which is saying loud and clear: it would be very good and instrumental for WFT to package Cheeseman and some money to Carolina for Fletcher and a player to be named later. I am done with my draft day analysis knowing that come week 13 we will on that same starship no matter how good or bad. So keep it in the family. We are family. Bring back Kerrigan. Let’s have humor, about the whole draft class and roster no matter how good…and ship out the Cheese!

We Got The Cheese!

The saying today in the kitchen I work in was ‘We got the cheese!’ Yes, every WFT fan should be happy with this year’s draft after we traded a 2022 5th-round pick for a 6th-round (225) and a 7th-round 2021 picks.

We proceeded to select Michigan long snapper Cameron Cheeseman from Michigan. Well actually Cheeseman is from Wisconsin but played at Mich. from Go blue cheese to red snapper with cheese…the jokes were flowing today. Here’s hoping we hear very few calls ofCheeseman as the NFL saying is that when a lineman is not called out he is doing great, not to sound too cheesy.

Since it is difficult to see who has signed since the end of the draft, here is my list of who I would sign if with WFT as udfa…excuse me if most already signed. From who I consider best prospect to worst….

Cade Johnson wr South Dakota state

Dj Daniel cb Georgia

Tyler Vaughns wr usc

Ar’darius Washington s tcu

Hamilcar rashed jr lb Oregon state

Robert Jones ol middle Tennessee

Rakeem Boyd rb Arkansas

NIck Eubanks te mich

The best of the rest in my analysis:

Sage Suratt wr wake forest

Marvin Williams dt fsu

Osirius Mitchell  s miss state

Drake Jackson c Kentucky

Kenny Yeboah te ole miss

Tony Polijan te va

WFT: B- grade, Day 1 and 2. What to watch for day 3.

Day 1 and 2:  Really liked picks of Samuel Cosmi, Dyami Brown for their speed and athleticism.   Although thought Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah should have been the pick at 51, too good as high as 12th best overall prospect on some boards.  

Jamin Davis and Benjamin St. Juste more question marks as both are somewhat inexperienced.

Thought overall, good day 1 and 2.  B- grade.

As for the 4th round, I would trade up immediately for Richard LeCounte III, S, Georgia. If he is available, LeCounte would be my pick at #124.

Players to Watch, day 3:

If WFT decides to go cornerback:  DJ Daniel, Georgia

If WFT decides to go OL: Deonte Brown, Alabama

If WFT decides to go LB:  Hamilcar Rashed, jr, Oregon State

If WFT decides to go DL: Rashad Weaver, Pitt

If WFT decides to go TE: Nick Eubanks, Michigan

A steal of day 3, I predict: Elijah Mitchell, RB, Louisania



Players I would target to get on roster:

Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota state

Jay Tufele, DT, usc

Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, Oklahoma

Tyler Vaughns, WR, USC

Demetric Felton, RB, UCLA

Damar Hamlin, S, Pitt

Ar’darius Washington, S, TCU

Trey Hill, C, Georgia

Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi state

Rakeem Boyd, RB, Arkansas

Josh Ball, OT, Marshall

Robert Jones, OL, Middle Tennessee

James Wiggins, S, Cincinnati

As The Sport Waves Go…

  • After listening to the pundits on sports talk radio and ESPN all day I was most intrigued by an interview on 980 Russell and Medhurst. I heard Logan Paulsen seem to suggest that a focus on defense would not be wrong given the Dallas Cowboys recent draft history as well as Philadelphia and New York going for wideouts.

So I agree with 980 callers, male and female, reviewing the draft. 2 3rd rounders I am more than intrigued with (who I agree I would LOVE) to see in burgundy and gold:

UNC linebacker Chazz Suratt, a fan favorite.

…For us to wheel and deal for Stanford’s Paulson Adebo, DB.

One More Addition…

WFT, One More Addition Necessary:

Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

Lets keep this a family affair and keep Kerrigan in Burgundy and Gold until he retires. Go WFT, Today!