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Redskins Coach Gruden Wants a More Aggressive Kirk Cousins in 2018

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden says he wants quarterback Kirk Cousins to be more aggressive in 2018 according to John Keim of ESPN.

Of course, that is assuming the impending free agent is still in Washington in 2018 with either a long-term contract or a third-consecutive franchise tag. Considering that he lost both DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon and was working with several new receivers, it is not surprising that Cousins struggled to manufacture big plays in the passing game this season but Gruden seems to believe that some of the blame belongs to his quarterback. “A lot of times he needs to see guys being open instead of throwing guys open from time to time,” Gruden said. “Then when you do that, they have to make plays for you. You’ll never know until those balls are thrown.”

If Cousins does remain a Redskins, he will likely benefit from another offseason of work with purported No.1 wideout Josh Doctson but the team badly needs an influx of talent at the skill positions.

Redskins Resign Linebacker Mason Foster

The Redskins made a roster move on Thursday, as the team resigned linebacker Mason Foster.

The 28-year-old played in five games with the Redskins last season, making 31 tackles with half a sack and an interception.

Not Special? Former Redskins GM Scot McCloughan Doesn’t Think Much of QB Kirk Cousins

Despite using the franchise tag on Kirk Cousins for two consecutive seasons, former Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan believes the team should remain cautious in making a long-term commitment to the quarterback according to Jeremy Bergman of

“He’s a good player,” McCloughan told 104.3 The Fan. “Is he special? I don’t see special.” McCloughan added that when he first tagged Cousins in 2016, Washington was “building a roster around him to make him special.” While Cousins is “talented” and he “works his tail off”, McCloughan warned that for Cousins to succeed, a team needs more than just the signal-caller. “You just need to have some talent around him,” McCloughan warned, “because you don’t want him to be throwing the ball 35 to 40 times to win the game.”

The Redskins have already paid Cousins almost $44 million over the past two seasons and tagging him a third time would cost close to $35 million for the 2018 season. That is a major investment that could preclude the team providing the needed talent to build a perennial winner. McCloughan didn’t outright say what he thought the organization should do about Cousins but does believe Cousins will be completely prepared either way. “I can promise you this. [Cousins] has done his homework, probably too much, about each roster, who his receivers are, who his backs are, who his O-linemen are, who the coach is. Not just the head coach, but the coordinator, position coach, the system they run,” McCloughan said. “I promise you he has notebook after notebook for each team. He is very, very intellectual about knowing what’s best for him. He understands he’s getting older, he’s been in the league a little bit. He wants to win. I know that. Personally, knowing him, it’s not about the money. It’s about the right fit, where he knows he has stability, he has good coaches, he has good players and he has a chance to be successful. I don’t blame him. He’s put himself in that situation with what he’s done the last three years.”

Whether Cousins is “special or not, there is no doubt he would command huge interest in the league of the Redskins do not re-sign him. Since assuming the starting role in Washington in 2015, Cousins is fourth in the NFL in passing yards (13,176) and third in completion percentage (67.0) among qualified passers. Every QB-needy team in the league would have to take a serious look including the Denver Broncos, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Arizona Cardinals, the Cleveland Browns, and the New York Jets.

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden Wants a Long Term Deal for QB Kirk Cousins

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

The Redskins could still keep quarterback Kirk Cousins around on a one-year deal. That’s not the outcome their coach would like to see, John Keim of ESPN reports.

Speaking on his show that aired over the weekend on NBC, Jay Gruden told host Chris Cooley that he wants Cousins’ contract situation to be resolved.

After two years of both sides saying they were OK with Cousins on a one-year deal, it appears that patience is running out. During a question-and-answer session with fans Friday in conjunction with his paid weekly appearances on 106.7 The Fan, Cousins said he was fine playing on another one-year deal, but added, “You can only just kind of go year-to-year for so long.”

Cousins has played the past two seasons on one-year deals under the franchise tag, leading to season-long questions about his future with the organization.

“I think something has to be done,” Gruden said. “I personally don’t want to go through another one-year deal, and just one year, one year. I think you want to have a quarterback in here that’s going to be here. And hopefully that is Kirk, and if not, we have to move on and do what we have to do as an organization.”

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins Ready for Another Uncertain Offseason

Kirk Cousins says he is likely to wait until March for any possible negotiations with the Redskins, indicating he would first make the team decide whether to apply a transition or franchise tag on him for the third year in a row according to the AP.

Appearing at a fan forum aired live on 106.7 The Fan, the local radio station on which the quarterback makes weekly regular-season appearances, Cousins said Friday he believes the Redskins are “all in” on trying to sign him to a long-term contract. He said his agent counseled him to decline the team’s attempt to reach a lengthy deal late in the 2015 season, Cousins’ first as a starter.

Cousins also said Friday he was bothered by coach Jay Gruden’s tepid assessment of the QB at a season-ending news conference this week.

Report: Jay Gruden Staying as Redskins Head Coach for 2018

The Redskins will retain Jay Gruden as their head coach in 2018 according to Ian Rapoport of

There are also reports that the front office is in the process of extending the contracts of the assistant coaches, which should be a clear sign that Gruden’s job is safe. There had been speculation recently given the Redskins’ disappointing season and the mercurial nature of owner Dan Snyder that Gruden could be on shaky ground. There seems to be a “deep understanding” within the organization, however, that an unlucky run of injuries has been the primary culprit in derailing the team’s season. Despite all the issues, the Redskins can still finish the season a respectable 8-8 if they beat the woeful Giants on Sunday.

Jay Gruden Says Of Course the Redskins Want QB Kirk Cousins Back

With the 2017 season coming to a close with Sunday’s finale against the New York Giants — and the Redskins plans for quarterback Kirk Cousins still unclear — head coach Jay Gruden has had to field even more questions about potentially losing his starting quarterback in the offseason, Kimberly Martin of the Washington Post reports.

On Wednesday, the coach reiterated his desire to keep Cousins in the fold, adding that the six-year veteran knows how much he values him: “I’m sure he knows [how I feel]. I mean, he should know. I’ve made it clear.

“I’ve been working with him for a long time now and we’ve put a lot of time and a lot of work together with one another trying to get him better, and he’s made me better. So that’s worked out very well. Of course he knows that we want him back, but at the end of the day, like I said, agents, everybody gets involved and he’s got to make a decision for himself.”

Asked if it would make his life easier if he didn’t have to answer so many questions about his quarterback’s future, Gruden said: “My life is only easier when you win a lot of games and Super Bowls. Until that happens, my life will never be easy.

“I’m going to coach the players that are here and adjust from there. But every year, there’s change in the NFL and it’s something you have to expect and understand as a head coach. And you have to adjust with the players that you have and the coaches that you have in the building. We intend on doing that and hopefully it won’t be wholesale changes, but sometimes that’s necessary also.”

Gruden, however, quickly shot down the notion that he deserves credit for his quarterback’s development.

“He doesn’t owe me anything,” Gruden said. “Why would he owe me something? Kirk doesn’t owe anybody [anything] … Kirk’s put so much into making himself a great player that he’s made himself who he is. We just try to give him information to help him succeed along the way and surrounded him with good people. And he’s made people around him better in turn and made me better, made other coaches better, and also made some players around him better. It’s worked hand in hand.”

Redskins DT Ziggy Hood to Miss Season Finale with Fractured Elbow

Redskins defensive tackle Ziggy Hood will miss the team’s season finale with a fractured elbow according to Kimberley A. Martin of the Washington Post.

Hood suffered the injury, which looked both gruesome and painful, against the Denver Broncos Sunday afternoon and will likely be put on injured reserve later this week. Originally a first-round draft choice out of Missouri by the Pittsburgh Steelers way back in 2009, the 30-year-old Hood has been a snap hog on the Redskins’ defensive line in 2017. The injury will not require surgery but will likely keep him out of action for most of the offseason. He is under contract through 2018.