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Redskins No More, A New Era in Washington Football Begins Today

By Marc Lande

“No, the Indian, not the Cowboy!”, said my older brother Michael age 10 in 1977.

“Cowboy!”, I would shout.

“No Indian!”, my brother Michael would say while holding me and turning me around.

I just have a vague memory of rooting for the Cowboy when I was really young and the broadcasts of the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys would show Chief Zeke and the Cowboy fake fighting. Maybe these, as memories of the Dallas Cowboys playing the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70 something Super Bowl, and rooting for Bradshaw over Stabauch are just that–vague vague memories. Loving ‘the Mean Joe Greene and Coca-Cola’ commercials and watching with a certain amount of fear those terrible reruns of Cowboy and Indian movies.

Somewhere between when I started having friends and schoolwork and pre-nursery school, I went from rooting for a Cowboy to rooting for an Indian. I was no longer being terrified of the image of a Redskin or the redskins helmet.

Then, about that time, 6 or 7 years old, at a family friends house, they gifted me a Redskins helmet and the love affair began when I got over the fear of the Indian looking mascot.

Scratches and paint on this kids show helmet, soon there was a JT #7 jersey and some sort of football pants and on Sundays, the helmet on and we, older brother, dad and me we at RFK stadium for the Redskins on Sunday. Welcome to the 1980s.

Learning about birch bark and hollowed out canoes, peace pipes, teepees, moccasins, a Redskins fan slowly emerging into a Native American supporter. In 1981, the Redskins started the season 0-6 and my dad happened to get me a signed note from Howard Cosell saying, “Cheer up Marc. Better days ahead!” My dad had met him on an airplane randomly but thought of me.

The following year, 1982, a Redskins wearing from head to toe fan in his 1st season of attending full time the Redskins, an 8-year-old than 9-year-old who would have all the fans around him knocking his helmet after scores and scoring a bunch. Us friends playing school yard fun bunch reenactments. Mosley winning kicks with us throwing snow as graffiti and celebrating the new NFl field goal record and 1st place. For a kid from Chevy Chase, Maryland, who was not clued in that since he was in Maryland he could pick up on the Baltimore Orioles, the Redskins were his hometown team, missing or feeling like we did not have a baseball team and by the NFC Championship game loving everything Redskin or Indian and disliking everything Dallas and Cowboy. Welcome to Washington, 1982.

Probably going to games with friends way too young like the Gerald Riggs 203-yard loss to Philadelphia Eagles. Or, trips to Chicago and Philadelphia for playoff wins in cold chilly weather. Yes, Ditka I still thank you for calling out Dexter’s IQ as that of a grapefruit. Bulletin border fodder always was a way to beat Gibbs! Also, redskins is not a slur, yeah, right!

Dexter covid-free and able to talk circles around most on the trial and tribulations of substance abuse, he leads a long line of Redskins making a difference. But the name held us back from BLM and social platforms!

An elder statesman Bobby Mitchell, an OL genius coach Joe Bugel…Darrell Green, Doug Williams…I still had my memories and was a fan of teams and players.

Yes, we own that—breaking the ceiling for the African American quarterback. Russell Wilson was just voted the quarterback on the decade team of the 2010s. Doug if playing for a winner and avoiding injuries throughout his career might have made that team a few decades earlier. Whether he could have or could not have, he still put together the most impressive quarter and one of the most dramatic quarters of football in the history of the NFL given the 10-0 hole and hyperextended knee .

Riggins run in Super Bowl XVII might have been the sweetest moment as a Redskin fan. This boy was there in Pasadena and would sleep with the famous poster of his immortalized run over his bed reliving the stadium and evening.

That poster is still in storage and like the helmet is ready to go—out the door.

Tomorrow to some like myself will be honking our horn at stop lights and yelling, “Go Insert New Team Name.” Number ones and covid six feet away high fives!

Tomorrow is a Super Bowl Victory for the former team named the Redskins. Tomorrow is ending an era. Tomorrow I will not burn my jersey but I understand it is the end of an era. We will have a new name. In some way, I will always be a Redskin. I do not care to start some sort of if you wear the Skins jersey you are a racist…But now I can go to the National Museum of the Indians and be a Native Rights Activist knowing that the team I am rooting for is not a racial slur. I can go down there and wear my teams colors.

That, racial justice, sharing between nations like the 1st Thanksgiving, is better than any Super Bowl victory. Thanks Daniel Marc Snyder for a true gift—the gift of prioritizing where a win starts: with the team name. Thanks for opening up the country. Httr! Until tomorrow!

Report: Redskins to Announce They Are Set to Retire Nickname

While it’s been an ongoing issue for some time, it now sounds like it’s going to be official – that being the name change of the Washington Redskins.

Sports Business Journal reported Sunday evening that the Redskins will have a press conference on Monday to announce that they are no longer going to be known as “Redskins.”

The name change comes after naming-rights sponsor FedEx said they were considering pulling out of sponsoring the team due to the name “Redskins.”

Here’s the report from SBJ:

The Redskins intend to announce on Monday that the team will retire its nickname, two sources said, 11 days after naming-rights sponsor FedEx’s public statement asking for a change to the controversial moniker. The new nickname will not be announced immediately because trademark issues are pending, the sources said, but insiders were told today that the “thorough review” announced July 3 has concluded. The team felt it was important to remove any doubts as to the future of the name, one source said.

The timeline for announcing a new name was unclear, but the sense of urgency inside the organization is clear. In a private letter on the same day as its public statement, FedEx threatened to take its name off the team’s Landover, Md., stadium after the end of the season if the name was not changed. Pepsi, Bank of America and Nike later joined with their own public statements, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also said he was supportive of the review. A Redskins spokesperson did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The Washington Warriors Might Be the Front Runner, But There’s Better Options for a New Name

By Marc Lande

My hopes.

It seems like Washington Warriors is the front runner for the new name and this writer wants a more peaceful name such as First Americans. This writer if we adopt a war like name would like Windtalkers or Red Tails!

Supposedly with the name Warriors there will be no Native American imagery. This is better. Warrior with the Native American representation is no better than Redskins or Indians or Braves or Chiefs.

But how does this writer feel about Washington Warriors or other militaristic names with an emphasis on wounded warriors or Tuskegee Airman as opposed to Native Americans oral traditions or a Native-centric name and logo!
Well I am a peacenik! Washington Peaceful Warriors.

I mean, what do I value most in my country, that is democracy and freedom of speech.

Since turning 18, I have always voted or at least I have had the ability to vote. Without getting into a discussion of voter disenfranchisement in the inner cities and a general history of voting rights and slavery, I am personally blessed and privilege to be fighting for my democracy with my vote.

I can always attempt to vote ‘em out of office.

Furthermore, for example, we are living in one of the few countries where a combat vet of the military while still in the Military Reverses can run for president taking stances against the military industrial complex and war on drugs, and she is a woman. This writer does not think that could be attempted in Iran!

In addition, this is one of the few countries where I can demand from my government to cut the Department of Defense budget by half and quadruple the Department of State budget and get us peace and diplomacy towards our hot spots while not facing repercussions from the CIA or FBI. Freedom of speech stances, this writer does not think that would have been allowed in Soviet Russia or with the KGB, in particular.

You see, this writer has never lived in fear of being drafted and I have never been forced to pick up a gun and join an armed forces. There are even a few countries like Uganda where even children are forced to become soldiers. My biggest drama in school was if I was starting for my MSI soccer team.

In a sense, my biggest struggle being a citizen in this country is at the grocery store—is it going to be generic brand or Charmin. Remember, don’t squeeze the Charmin.

So yes, enough said! How can we argue with Washington Warriors or Washington Redtails or Washington Windtalkers. I personally would want Washington Doves…

I understand this is the age of 2 Americas, (polarization’s, left-right, Democrat-Republican), to be in favor of Washington Warriors, Washington Red Tails, Washington Windtalkers, is well American, period.

It is to support our nation and its democracy and its freedom. So yes on Warriors, Red Tails, or Windtalkers from a dove.

Yes this writer can also accept any the names this writer is hearing: Red Hawks, Red Wolves, Warhogs— all compromises for this writer but a huge step up from Washington insert racist name and racist logo. So, to this writer the upcoming name change is like a Lombardi.

But one thing this writer is trying not to compromise is that the logo has to be human or like a face. For example, I saw a Red Tail pilot design, that is my favorite. I could see a design of a Windtalker with a radio phone and an Eagle feather.

I could even see an bearded US vet, of any race or any conflict. US Army, Navy Seal, Coast Guard, Red Beret…but let’s keep our logo human. Dallas can keep its star. Let’s not go for a star or a jet or an animal. Let’s keep honoring humans. End of the day that is all this writer knows.

It Is a Big Deal People – Changing This Name and Logo; We Have Camps

By Marc Lande

It is a big deal people. Changing this name and logo. We have camps: The Red tails camp to keep the Red and honor Tuskegee airmen. I have met a Tuskegee who was just a little too young to actually see action.

There are the warriors close to the old name keep traditions alive and vets today. Sounds better than Redskins but still too martial and in my view does not do it.

We have the hogs, the generals, the defenders, and the Americans where my camp is in a native language that is easy to pronounce.

It’s big. I mean republicans, hawks, economists, democrats, environmentalist, gun rights activist and owners, anti-gun right activists, the list goes on and on, old, young, black, white Puerto Rican, Jew, brown, yellow…I have my camp but I don’t care that much and I don’t care that much about being PC.

Excuse me I care to be pc on the name Redskins and the racist logo. But if we take an evil out of the community I can’t be so oc is done with racial equality in mind. So Warriors is not bad if it can justify how we are all created equally.

Look Abe Polin got it terribly wrong with Wizards. Connections connotations to KKK Grand Wizards, Chosen after an informal poll.

I do not think anyone even considered its relationship to the KKK. They were focused on getting rid of the “Bullet” name and its relationship to gun violence. but I think he was trying to correct an evil in our community.

Let’s unite around a name that means something red tails—the emblem of the Tuskegee airmen, Windtalkers (a 2002 Nichollos Cage movie about the critical role of a native Navajo language in keeping secrets from the Germans), First Americans or an adaptation of the name from a native tongue that is easy to pronounce.

There are so many Native words and languages let’s make this team native.

For example, Yewa (Yay-Wah)complements of the AiNUTA website Catawba Language, Catawba Indian Nation from South Carolina. What a coincidence that would be Sounds like Yahweh—the old testament word for “God”. But any word from great spirit to chickens works for me.

Here’s my logic. Our country is an immigrant country. Washington is that symbol head. The pilgrims as pc we get I like to believe in spirit of thanksgiving and natives protecting us that first Thanksgiving.

As Jews we know best way to never forget and educate on holocaust. Are we in that much shame over our ways that we cannot ask for another gift from natives?

So when a new arriving immigrant learns of the NFL he learns a Native American word and our histories, both bad and some good like this gift and the first thanksgiving!

However, the message here is that the public must be part of the decision. We cannot have a repeat of the way the Wizards replaced the Bullets as the name of our NBA franchise. A local radio station. How many people when voting for the name considered that Wizards was the name used to designate a high official of the KKK.

Also, Dan Snyder should not be allowed to choose the name alone especially his past record. And if he does Dan please consider a gift from native Americans before anything else…It must represent consensus of the local community.

Which Do You Prefer the Redskins Change To – Warriors or Windtalkers?

By Marc Lande

I personally prefer Windtalkers to Warriors. Warriors still seem like 11 Indians with tomahawks mauling Cowboys on the field.

Personally I would like a non violence name given to us from a Native American tribal council in a Native American language. Like Washington hogs in Choctaw or Washington chickens in Navajo or Washington Trees in Piscataway.

But I would compromise with a militaristic name if it can honor Native Americans even though my grandpa, who was a Battle of St. Louis and could have been with a Windtalker, did not talk of the war, period.

I think Windtalkers does by Native Americans and Washington football fans better than Red Tails which lacks Washington football traditions.

Thoughts on the Eventual Redskins Name Change – Make it Happen

By Marc Lande

Us Washington football fans might not realize this but our team is inextricably linked to one other franchise: the Dallas Cowboys, period.

Now over the past few days I have been looking at other rivalries including the New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox’s, Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Washington Capitals, Boston Celtics vs the Los Angeles Lakers but there is a rivalry which to me captures Cowboys-Washington football best: Foreman/Ali and the Rumble in the Jungle.

You see, the Rumble in the Jungle where-close-to over-the-hill not-so-popular Muhammad Ali dissected and dismantled younger America’s Sweetheart at the time George Foreman is like every time Dallas and Washington take the field.

If you fans do not think we are like the counted out Ali, ‘training for that fight outside Kinshasa to the beat of a drum’ and ‘dancing around the elephant blows of Foreman in the ring’ then you do not understand Washington football. Just like Ali, always the greatest yet always looking for respect.

You see, until we are given the status of America’s team here in the Nation’s Capital, we are always an older Ali, Muslim and disdained CO status, talking a big game but nothing but fluff against the standard bearer in America sports, the most valued franchise, America’s team.

Just like Ali had to innovate with a rope-a-dope strategy and outsmart Foreman, just like Doug played the most intelligent football any QB had seen for a quarter in SB XXII, our name must bear a real standard.

When this writer watches documentaries, this writer wonders was Ali even throwing punches with his ‘ghetto burgers’ and ‘training sessions to the beat of the drum’ or was he doing something half like fighting, half like entertaining and mostly nonviolent at least for boxing standards. The Washington football team needs a standard that allows for rope a dopes, entertainment and sort of like non violence.

I mean I am hearing ‘Red tails’ and ‘Red Hawks’ and ‘Warriors’ and ‘Defenders’ and ‘Potomacs’ and ‘Iroquois’…all these names are bubble gum. A name is of most importance, period.

Let’s take a clue from an Ali in Kinshasa—our name does not have to be a warrior militaristic name. When I lived in Ghana, Ghanaians called white people ‘abrownee.’ I had the term explained to me that in their native language ‘Abrow’ meant horizon and nee meant people so we were named people of the horizon.

I do not know how true this actually is never got it confirmed. But this is where our name should be at. A word for arrivers.

Or my dad’s “First Americans” or some word that Native Americans want to give to us.

Bring it to the Tribal councils and the National Museum of the American Indian. Let them stay up late into the night and find a name.

I do not want to sound like a racist: but if they decide to raffle the name on a game of bingo that is fine with me! The same with the uniform.

In anthropology, there is a term called ethnocentrism. Let the Native Americans gift us the name. It certainly will not be ethnocentric again!

I am sure our gifted name will outlast Foreman’s whiffs and Dallas’ might!

Joe Bugel’s Impact on the Redskins in the 80’s Was a Key to Their Success

By Marc Lande

Some of us in DC did not particularly like Joe Gibbs during his 1st tenure. Some of us even sat in the stands and bickered wishing we had the Senators back. Back in the 80s, I heard often from buddies, “Baseball is far better than football.”

Year in and year out through the 80s, I would hear the whining and complaining and pundits on Washington football teams inability to win in a non-strike season. But one, the whole town agreed on, whether more of a Senator lover or just a Gibbs detractor or a die-hard Washington football team fanatic: that Joseph John Bugel (March 10, 1940 – June 28, 2020), genius!

Put Bugel on the Mt. Rushmore of offense line (OL) coaches for the whole history of the NFL!

Most of us agree on defending that the Mall is great for tourist, most of us like to defend a current administration when it’s their parties turn in office, hmmm…but one things is for sure, when it came to a Bugel coached line: the QB would be defended and the running game would always be a factor.

From Timmy Smith’s performance against Denver to runners like Byner and Bryant and Ervin and Rogers and Riggs and Riggins and little Joe Washington, Bugel’s genius of how to coach and teach lineman made stars for the decade plus of Gibbs.

Even though Bugel had moved onto a head coaching position in Arizona by 1992, this writer believes Bugel can share in a slice of the Washington football teams biggest accomplishment from this writers perspective: getting Rypien protection for a whole season so we did not see him fumble on every other play. Remember the 1991-1992 Washington football team still holds the record for fewest sacks in a season: 9.

The Super Bowl performance by Doug Williams and Gary Clark and Art Monk and Rickey Sanders and Clint Dider was made possible by Bugel’s and Gibb’s and the rest of the staff’s Xs and Os in part.

A sad day in Washington to read of Bugel’s passing. It was also sad that Bugel never was made a head coach here in DC. Most of us fans thought that Bugel should have been given a shot especially after Petitbon’s failure. Sort of like how many of us still feel that Russ Grimm should had been given a shot as head coach! Or, even, a former player like Todd Bowles!

Note: I love everything the Washington football team has done this past offseason with the hiring of Ron Rivera and Jennifer King and Bobby Mitchell’s jersey retirement and players and the organization speaking against injustice.

Well, almost everything and the thing they have not done has outweighed what would have been a wonderful but bittersweet offseason. If Dan changes the name and logo to an indigenous name and logo what a bittersweet but historic off season this will be. RIP Bobby Mitchell!

And one more story. I was living in San Diego in 1999 and taking a class at University of San Diego-La Hoya. As I was driving off campus some random late morning, I drove onto a big cul de sac like road with a smallish football field if football fields can be small. As I am driving around to get out of this area of UCSD I realize: that is the San Diego Chargers team OTA!

I am trying to spot players and then I see Bugel right near the chain link fence that separates the road from the field. Thinking I might never have a chance to meet Buges.

In terms of football genius: this was like Mick Jaggar, or Ray Charles or Bill Parcels.

I walked right up upon Bugel and since I was hooting and hollering they probably were unconcerned with me being a spy for another team. Crazy person, maybe! I started telling him how much we miss him and need him back yada yada yada.

I think I put my hand through the chain link fence and got a quick handshake from a guy who was trying to ignore me or rather do his job for the most part. That is my recollection all these years later.

I jump back into my car and sped off.

With a handshake or fence shake from a King I will always remember how much love we had for Bugel! Joe, you were missed and loved and cherished here in DC. RIP!

A Call for a New Campaign!

By Marc Lande

Folks for the past few days I have been outspoken on web outlets and social media on the Washington football team.

But in light of the recent passing of Boss Hog, Joe Bugel, it is time to start an equally important campaign which strikes at the cords of superior and inferior ideology and the vanquishing of them in everyone eyes: the name Hogs in reference to the Washington football team and all logos and trademarks have to go, ASAP.

See, I am Jewish and I choose not to eat pig of any form. My cousin in law Gary—a great chicken farmers corporate head, what does this have to do with this issue, absolutely nothing!

We have sheep—what a fine animal, like wool socks at Washington football team games.

We have horses—may Jack Kent Cooke and his Kentucky bluegrass be immortalize forever!

We have pigs—many Jews and Muslims consider ithem dirty, frankly, quite filthy. Dirty meat! Gosh, is this a free country to do at liberty sake, gosh, the name hogs—kaput!

Now everyone knows that football is not dirty and filthy, right! Wink, wink. I mean how many of us Jews and Muslims play football anyhow. On Thansgiving with leaves and crisp cool weather and pigskins.

I mean, Adam Sandler sings of Rod Carew in his ‘ Chanukah song‘ BUT no reference to a Jewish football player! What does this mean, did I write about my cousin in law Gary, yes!

I mean, Sandler obviously has never ever ever sang about a pig? Maybe for the obvious reason they are swine!

Well this little piggie goes to…does that count? Really? Bueller? This little swine went to…

But let’s get serious: enough is enough! Blm! Alm! Pigs lives matter, of course, if you are pig?

I mean let’s get serious I have been to both Hawaii main island north shore turtle bay Hilton and Alaska, Mt. Denali which is big, real big named fire in a native language. Oh, the days of McKinley. When America was really really great!!

But where was this writer, ALL the pig farmers from Hawaii to Alaska unite! Viva Las Vegas! Do we need to include the 48 continuous states and the District of Columbia. Do we include dc in this movement for pig universal! How 51 would be such an unpleasant number anyhow! Kosher pigs fly! Right, I commanding, kosher pigs to fly!

And Guam? Guam is independent, And Puerto Rico as well.

Well all of us pig farmers, us? Well I will take pig farmer status. We are taking a Collective stand in honor of Mrs. Piggie! Porky’s! Excuse me, piggie! Piggie Wiggies! Is that a super market chain.. Excuse me, I will be back in 5 mins.

I mean, enough is enough! The Evil boss hog has finally died and now we must unite, pig farmers forever. We will always hold the emblem of Porky dear to us! Now! Now! Now!

SERIOUSLY , I am Jewish and I will always be a hog. Max Zendajas, Ali Hahi-Shek, I am unsure if Max is Muslim but the point is us males of all races love football, period. 7 year olds around the world unite! Now! Now! Now! Demand racial equality!

A good friend of mine once said something like that when I came in from rugby practice drenched in mud and grass and wetness.

Our boss died and some idiots suggest the name Hog in relation to Duke of Hazzard Deep South racism and police.

I do not buy into it, Deep South racism with the Washington football team.

Even if the name Hog does bring you to a stereotype of a cop. Wow! That’s to protect and serve. Cool as It comes.

The point being, blue lives matter and if a team is named the blues fine with me. It is a freedom of speech country! Go Blue, fine with me!

But more importantly, enough is enough on the Washington football teams name and logo.

Political correctness can go way too far. Like against go blue or Wizards or Nationals or pigs. Swines is very much different! Redskins is like swines!

Often times in America 2020, political correctness has a justification. With our 7 year old, with our woman, in the workplace and with the Nations Capital football team.

This writer does not want his grandkids thinking of tomahawking Indians ganging up on a white man.

I feverently believe this name: Redskins is a white supremacist word.. Hog, pig is a fine word. Dan, please change the name Redskin! Boss Hog will be looking down smiling. RIP Joe Bugel!