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Washington Not Bringing Back QB Alex Smith in 2021

There will be a new signal caller in Washington in 2021, as NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones are reporting that Alex Smith isn’t expected to be back as the team’s quarterback next season.

The 36-year-old Smith went 5-1 as a starter for Washington last year in helping them win the NFC East. He threw six touchdowns and eight picks for the team.

Smith also earned AP Comeback Player of the Year honors.

The former 49ers and Chiefs quarterback nearly lost his leg and had to have 17 operations to initially repair and later save his leg from amputation.

He missed all of 2019 on the field and wasn’t expected to have much of an impact in 2020, but he would prove the doubters wrong and play well enough for Washington to make the postseason.

It remains to be seen what Washington does at the quarterback spot in 2021, as the team will need to go out and look for either a veteran who can come in and play right away, or draft a quarterback and hope that player can lead the team to another division title.

Our Window Is Now

If it’s up to this blogger, I would be gearing WFT towards next season to striving for the Lombardi or   bust. Every season since 1992s championship, when Washington or (formally the Redskins) has made the playoffs, the following year their teams have stunk. No repeat playoff performances since 1992.


There is no continuation from 1 year to the next since Snyder has gained ownership of this organization. This blogger knows at 7-9 (this past season, 2020-2021) for a team that has not had a 12-win season since 1992 asking for the Lombardi in a town that laughs at all the pundits who since 1992 who give us a shot at the Lombardi during the off season and makes the call for the Lombardi because of a LaVar or a Deion or A Haynesworth or a DeSean Jackson signing: foolish. Especially because this team has not performed in a stadium post-Covid conditions and fans, let us get a winning record before calls for the next great squad, right!


However, organizations such as the World best in terms of professional championships in America like the New York Yankees always in the off-season are gearing next season towards a championship. A poor season if you are a Yankee player, coach, manager or owner is a season when they don’t bring home a pennant or at least a World Series championship. Here in Washington Football team, that mindset has been replaced by what, that a playoff win will be a successful season year 2 of Rivera and this mindset must change.


This blogger believes that our fan base will categorically reject another 8 or 9 year run to making a Super Bowl.  This kind of blueprint is way too long for a Fanbase that has been suffering since 1992 and since Dan purchase the team. We have tried everything. Now is the time to try: raising expectations for a young team that appears too no longer be a surprise to the league.  A 14-2 juggernaut next season will not be looked at as ‘where did this come from?’ as we have won off season respect and awards such as PFF Comeback Player of the Year with Alex Smith, and the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in Chase Young.  Our time is now.

Calls for Watson! Or, Wentz.

There is a mythology in town that says for us to maintain greatness WFT must 1st secure a franchise quarterback.  Pundits proclaim that this is the most important aspects of fielding a winner in the NFL. Well, this article will make a case to stand pat at QB and argue against the franchise QB mantra.

Here in Washington 3 championships and ,yes, 3 Lombardis’; so, who is a franchise quarterback in Washington probably Eddie LeBaron.


With Sonny you still had Billy and then J.T. , Doug, Mark, ( not long enough to be considered franchise QBs)…maybe Eddie LeBaron! The wonderful 1950s Washington Redskins had our franchise quarterback, LeBaron was long before me but that being said let us do the best discussion for the off-season of who should start for Washington Football Team game 1 next season.


Bloggers note: Pay no attention to most of these player acquisitions and especially who we draft. Turn off your radio and TV set as much as you can and pick up the season this off season post draft and then come pre-season.  It is a long off season.  Turn in for the major signing but now is time to sit back and relish what was the 1st good season with hope in about a decade.


Bloggers note 2: This blogger does not like hearing about how draft picks are good, etc.  This is the most overrated, over analysis part of a league trying to be 24-7, 365 days.
Go watch some baseball for a while…This blogger believes because of the salary attached to players, that younger, hungry players are striving to make it. That being said when the team is close like WFT coaches can and hopefully have a read on; draft picks should be of little consideration.
Who knows if or how long of a window WFT has to build a winner but it is not long these days for any organization! Can 1 player put WFT over the top for the decade, this blogger argues the pieces do not matter, the coaching, systems and scouting department does.


If you look for example many of the acquisitions recently of WFT they have been blue chip free agents such as Logan Thomas and blue-chip draft picks such as Cole Holcombe.


Scouting departments and good coaching seem to be a winning combination from a coach like Joe Gibbs…and seems to be a blueprint for success for Rivera at least year 1. Reeves, Heinicke….So that being said here is my review of the QBs available for Washington‘s 2021-2022 Lombardi run.


Alex Smith: by far, by far this blogger believes Alex Smith should be our quarterback come game 1 in Washington 2021-2022!


This blogger does not know if he:


1: wants to continue playing


2: is able to play again given the severity of his injury.


If he decides that he wants to play for us he is our starter.


He went something like 6-1 last year missed the playoff game he doesn’t have a Super Bowl victory he’s a great quarterback he seems like an excellent passer he’s a star. Go no further than Smith.

Kyle Allen:


Allen showed great determination and intangibles and he’s under contract he’s a quarterback reminded me quite a bit like Tony Romo and he is under contract to us I believe next season so if he can get over his injury I believe a broken leg he should definitely be a second or third stringer.

Taylor Heinicke: How much fun!  His leap showed so much…that this is a consideration, he should be on this roster…we should do whatever it takes to re-sign this guy from wherever he came from…Yes, with him there might be terrible growing pains but yes he should be in the system and being groomed…which leads us to the main question of the off-season does Washington football team go after a free agent quarterback a quarterback in the draft or trade for a quarterback such as Matt Stafford or Deshaun Watson.

Free-agent quarterback: the free-agent quarterback that are out there the one that seem like worth taking a risk from what I’ve scouted is Chicago’s Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky a high draft pick seemed like he might be the type of player who has quite a few throws in him…just needs a new scene to put things together.  The perennial: Mitchell who! Maybe WFT could be saying Mitchell, that’s who!

Quarterback in the draft: of course drafting # 19 we would think we would have a project similar to any rookie quarterback who normally has to play at least a full season before  expecting to be a winner…very few quarterbacks have come into the league like Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson and won but of course that is an option with the first-round pick.  Once again, given all the quarterbacks each season available, this blogger thinks find a franchise QB. is overrated.

Free Agent QBs


DeShaun Watson:


From the scouting this blogger has done (watching games with players) this blogger will place Watson as 1 of the best most talented quarterbacks in the NFL…supposedly, he was a golden child in college…and when he first came into the league he turned so many heads in the league with his passing and rushing abilities.   By leading Houston to a winning record and the playoffs even last season, Watson appears to be a ringer or a huge talent. His contract is high but he seems like he would be the best talent Washington has had at quarterback since a player like Alex Smith (except Smith has major injury concerns). Prior to Smith, Watson–potentially the best QB  we have had since Rypien or possibly RGIII (just his rookie season).  If one holds getting a franchise QB near and dear to a franchise, then there should be outrage if WFT does not get into the bidding over DeShaun. Personally, this blogger believes in coaching over gladiators.

Matt Stafford:


This blogger is not high on Matt Stafford. Actually when Detroit was victorious over Washington this season this blogger felt that Matt Stafford did not look incredibly accurate on all his throws and throughout his 12-year career no matter how good Stafford stats seem to be, this blogger has been unimpressed. Stafford’s price tag of 1 first rounder is not steep. But add in his age of 33 (well, QBs do get better as they get older and more vet like) this blogger would rather play younger players or an older player such as Alex Smith (who this blogger feel still has more to prove just by running off a champion).



Carson Wentz:


This blogger knows trading in the division is normally a no-no. Wentz looked awful this season.  He displayed next to no accuracy or the grit and greatness of even a Nick Foles.  It would seem that Wentz is one step away from being out of the league or playing a backup role but he would be my target to bring in as an understudy to Smith and compete with Allen and Heinicke. Remember folks Sonny before being WFTs QB was up in Philly: Where It’s Always Sunny according to DeVito.



Washington Hires Martin Mayhew as the Team’s New GM

Three days ago the Washington Football Team was set to hire Marty Hurney as the team’s new GM, but Friday made an announcement that Martin Mayhew is the new GM voice of the franchise.

Hurney is still expected to come aboard and help the team, working alongside Mayhew according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Mayhew brings a wealth of experience to Washington, as he was the general manager of the Detroit Lions from 2008 to 2015.

His last position was vice president of player personnel for the 49ers.

Head coach Ron Rivera released a statement Friday morning about the move to bring in Mayhew.

“Martin is a proven General Manager who will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization,” Washington head coach Ron Rivera said in a statement.

“He will be an integral part of running the daily football operations and will allow me the opportunity to focus more on coaching. He impressed both myself and [team owner Dan] Snyder during the interview process and we both believe he will be a tremendous fit here.

“He is a man of high character and integrity and was part of the rich history and tradition of this great franchise as a member of the Super Bowl championship team in 1991.”

WFT Set to Hire Veteran Front Office Exec Marty Hurney as New GM

Washington is bringing in a voice very familiar with head coach Ron Rivera, as the team is reportedly set to hire veteran executive Marty Hurney as the team’s new General Manager.

The GM role had been filled by Rivera, but now he will have another ally and someone he worked with a lot in his time with the Panthers.

Hurney was back and forth with the Panthers, getting fired not once, but twice, but overall he was with the Panthers for parts of five seasons.

The 65-year-old will work alongside Rivera, who is reportedly still going to have the overall power on the football side for the defending NFC East champions.

Hurney worked on the salary cap in his time with the Panthers, but that role within Washington is already being handled by Rob Rogers.

WFT spoke to a number of other candidates for the position of GM, including former Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew, Tennessee’s vice president of player personnel Ryan Cowden and Washington’s director of pro personnel Eric Stokes.


This blogger submitted this to WFT. Let us start a campaign for woman on helmet and continuation of human on logo!!!

My dad has been a loving season ticket holder since 1970. We have been in favor of name change since first hearing about name change slowly evolving on our views. Thanks Dan for the name change. Go Washington!

I have been writing all season on, the definitive blog on WFT. Even though my editors have not changed our GAB site I have written a tremendous amount of a new team identity. Is this the place to submit team nickname and logos…I have a few.
1. A woman on the helmet
2. Washington Trail short for trailblazers with Harriet Tubman
3. Washington Valkyries in honor of Norse goddess of battle. Also Operation Valkyries which involved the few Nazis I respect being Jewish. These Nazis attempted to assassinate Hilter and end the WWII…
4. Any logo should be a human face as really our Redskins and Raiders only representing humans…let’s design somewhat off old racist logo and keep a human. No letters, numbers, confusing for youngsters…we are dc and are government: of the people, for the people, by the people.
5. Being a peacenik, I would go with Warriors soldiers gi janes etc as I know all to well that we still have military etc. best to teach kids, about wartime and peacetime!





Meyer’s hiring is great for NFL.

Is this blogger first in town to write he is ecstatic that Urban Meyer finally took a job in the NFL, probably—par for course.

It’s about time for the NFL, fans, for everyone football fan—ultimately, as a Washington Football Team fan what I’m most concerned with is the health of the league and I don’t see how Myers introduction into the league is bad for league. Meyer can help the league in need of  innovaion.
I love it.

Will Meyer get a championship this decade stay tune who knows maybe he’s looking at a possible fa qb. Go WTF today.
Author note: Still a heavy heart towards the happenings here for Democrats Republicans and Americans. But saying in life: when the going gets tough, tough get going.

Something about playoff matchups later this week.

WFTs Year 1: Season in Review, 2.

 WFTs year in review 2: Washington Football Team and owner Dan Snyder’s GM Kyle Smith and head coach Ron Rivera far exceeded expectations but maybe more importantly they taught us a lesson that they seem to teach every year “that almost every Washington football game whether the team is 3-13 or 13-3 are close during the regular season and postseason.” Does Dan know this about his team, this blogger doubts everything that does not treat sports and players as human.

Even though WFT saw same Herculean moments from Alex Smith, Chase Young, etc…everyone knows we are only as strong as one weakest link. This starts from the owner down to the coaches: we looked pretty strong and finally displayed something lacking since 1992: depth.

Very few teams dominated like the 92 version of the Washington then-Redskins.

Most years, most games come down to the last drive on defense or offense. This blogger would bet since 1992, most NFL games are decided by a top chdown or fewer points, and without a bureau we will just allow that to be an assumption or possible assert if proven about WFT. Even so, most fans of WFT have a game in mind when we stole to show from any season. Yet we still play our Madden like it is the book on WFT.

This year we had pundits talking of 5-0 stretches and needing wins and how true the year proved to following the calendar instead of the video game rankings.

A year 1 of Rivera et al.,

we did see was a team performing at 8-1-1 against the Las Vegas point spread in its last 10 games and including the playoff.

The only hiccup really came against Rivera’s former team, the Carolina Panthers—a rare game missed from this blogger. So in some regards this blogger still waiting for a rematch with Prince McCafferty et al. How’d he look anyhow? Guess they could use Haskins?

Which helps prove an adage of old Rick ‘Doc’ Walker, ‘until we are mathematically eliminated, we should be fighting.’

So overall, whether a 1 point loss to NYG or 2 wins against the Philadelphia Eagles including 1 so late in the season it was marked as definite loss by most pundits pre Opener, this season proved that WFT football team far exceeded expectations in a season where they had close to none except Trevor Lawerence.

So as for next season that is when Rivera and his coaches really start to be on the hot seat. Take a step backwards par for course with WFT like every successful postseason team since 1992.

 It sounds like a typical off season game plan in BOS or NY or DAL even.  Player scenarios, muscles, money….

Nah, we need a GM who realizes we have unlimited draft picks.  Right these draft picks are all given power numbers.  So a 7th in this year is worth this many points while a 7th in next year much less value…but because of this we have unlimited number of points…while when the NO Saints traded the house for Ricky Williams and we traded a ton for RGIII those scenarios did not seem to work…we need to establish is there 1 elite player: somewhat like AP displayed the prior with the Skins who we can get or a rookie who we can get at a value.  I am looking for just 1 elite player this offseason. 1 cream of the crop addition like a Wilbur Marshall when we knew we were good but we needed 1 more piece…and to teach the youngster how to improve…

execution relies on getting players like horses to the river…of course, end of the day, only a horse can drink…Go

Let’s hope and pray for America, our country and the always true America’s team: WFT. Or,  here’s hoping, Washington Trailblazers with a pic of Harriet Tubman somewhat like old design. This blogger is in the far left base camp for WFT.

But today we must drop all our camps whatsoever, Republicans and Democrats and play for 1: Of the people, for the people, by the people. Go WFT Today.

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