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Culture Change Starts With Pipp!–Part 2

This is part 2 of 2.

When researching Gehrig and Pipp for this blog,  in the Mental Floss August 30th, 2016 article, “What Happened to Wally Pipp After He Was Benched?”, author Lucas Reilly allude to things athletes can draw from this cautionary tale. Reilly drew a couple of  parables to the reader from Pipp-Gehrig. One,  if a player gets into a lineup, don’t play poorly and if one is hitting pitches with a bat, wear a helmet.

While wearing a helmet is always a must.

The other point by Reilly I think somewhat misses or there is a more important parable to Gehrig and to fabric of American sports: don’t miss a day of work. That is a fundamental of staying employed with a company.

Get in every day you possibly can…Like my aforementioned female buddy does, every day. For WFT, that is where culture change starts: look at Rivera how he is leading by example for his team.

If one is there at the park, in the film sessions, hopefully they are less likely to be fired or cut. Oh,  how we hope for fairness in the workplace even in such a high level as the NFL.

Back to Haskins he wrote a beautiful article about year 1, seemed to know where goats like Brady and Brees are in terms of work ethic wise, already aspired and achieved personal aspirations by starting for Ohio State University..Yet, no matter what he is saying in locker rooms at halftime, how many comebacks he has made we are so easy to accept that he became lazy and uncommitted and lacked leadership.

Why are we so accepting that he got lazy after a taste of victory even if rumors and talk is rampant as such.  Because he is African American and young.

I assert we would be much less likely to accept this possible scenario (and stereotyping) of his totality from Bullis School to today if he was oh let us say Joe Burrow from LSU or Trevor Lawrence from Clemson. Or, rather a big winner and white.

White athletes have a more accepted value as blue collar especially if they make it at a powerhouse leading championship at the QB position.

Cam Newton and DeShaun Watson were ‘shocks’ to the NFL landscape when they played MVP-caliber. How about Lamar Jackson and his 5 tds….Jason Campbell won an undefeated championship at Auburn but never got accolades like Burrow or Luck or Wentz of being blue collar.  He was an after thought for the most part yet still last many seasons with Burgundy and gold—more than Cousins.

If there is a Mt Rushmore of explaining to foreigners American sports through legendary athletes who had tragic befall then Gehrig would be there alongside of Kobe, Ali and Pat Tillman…maybe our 4 American sports GOATS!  If we inserted a fifth, it would be fellow NYY Thurman Munson in my mind.

Author note not that anyone was asking to join Mt Rushmore this year or be inserted, right!

(He did survive Covid-19 which might be reason for placement, but I ask, would we include him with or without a mask, I say with).


The point being of this article that Gehrig who died at 37 made sure he gave his boss no reason to cut him by showing up everyday rain or shine. That fact he was as good as he was adding to the legend.

For American athletes the idea of being Pipped still is the case no matter what level or sport. There is always the possibility of this being your last game.

I said in part 1 that this is a cautionary tale: for Kyle Allen, actually any WFT QB or any WFT player or even any NFL QB or any NFL player you always have to go with the prerogative that you could be ‘Wally Pipped’ for any reason.

So, choose wisely.  I’m pretty sure all WFT QBs—no one called in sick for today’s film session—or was it yesterday. Or for the season, hmmm…guess you could ask Rivera or Snyder for an answer to attendance at the park.









Quarterbacks Need Time!

Wow! Alex Smith performance has a tear in my eye.

I agreed with the benching of Haskins from his performance the other Sunday.  He was under constant pressure and looked spooked. Happy Halloween!

Allen had some nice rushes including his td run and then on what was a terribly designed scramble had to be replaced being injured.  There is still a major problem with how we are teaching runners to protect themselves and how defenders to tackle…as we, American football, need a lesson from rugby players across the pond on such. Too many unnecessary injuries.
As for Smith, he barely missed on one deep ball to McLaurin. McLaurin fault? Smith’s rusty? Ask a former player this week on why they miss there as this writer does not have a knowledable answer.

Other than that Smith had no time all day. Still I take a lot of pride and say season complete just for Smith. Wow! Incredibe! As Washington Post’s Barry Svrluga said today in an interview verbatim Smith’s comeback gives hope to everyone.

As for where WFT stand, it looks like Haskins is our best option at QB for the future. HOWEVER, we hardly saw Allen going downfield and Smith was on his back for most of his afternoon.
My assessment after 5 games…we don’t know if the Rivera-Turner offense is a Pinto or a Ferrari. After 5 games, we are where we were expected to be. We are learning about 3 quarterbacks a new coach and with 5 games done as pathetic as we are…we are one good stretch of football. away from claiming a equally pathetic division.

Last season after our line was manhandled by the Jets in Haskins first start, we actually played very good until we tanked.

Are we about to see a similar result, the answer lies on the arm of Allen (and possibly Smith or Haskins) and if the Hogs wake up. Hmmm… writing this Monday, it certainly looks like HOG weather!

The NFC East Quarter Down Review: WFT 1-3, Tie For 2nd Place.

According to the Marc Lande preseason predictions: hoped WFT woukd fool people and be world beaters like 1982-1983.  Also, most realistically, learn about football through new coaches and systems here in DC especially re-incorporation of a 4-3 defense formation.

Belief: to begin season, I thought Philadelphia would run way with division as WAS, Dal, and NYG all struggle. Why?

New head coaches and new systems being installed in Dallas, New York Giants, WFT. Historically, coaches such as Gibbs II, miss playoffs first season with a new club. That prediction still seems to be on point but do not discount Riverboat Ron’s December record or McCarthy’s W-L record.

With Pedersen as coach of Eagles they will run away with division is still where I stand after one month. This prediction seems to still be the case with Eagles looking best by far, at 1-2-1 and in 1st place.  Often coaches know that one play during a stretch is all a team needs. The Eagles avoided a 0-3-1 start with 1 well placed bomb–a sign of a winning organization.

My hope is that Riverboat Ron far surpasses expectations and punditry this season but so far it looks like WFT is in for a long season.  WFT is 1-3!

Praise for Haskins after a brief look:  Happy with benching but WFT must be encouraged with Haskins 2-minute offense numbers.

(Considering that Haskins has a league worse 30 QBR [what the heck is QBR, anyhow] his 2-minute offense numbers must be so out of line with his 30 QBR/ pocket numbers.  Good time to sit him and get him figured out! He is our long term solution at QB. You think Turner and Rivera are not up late at night–hey, Rivera need a late night offensive strategist, contact me below Ron Rivera, Marc Lande, rugby player).

Teaching and learning 2020: If any pundit really knows what Rivera-Turner-Del Rio’s systems are, please educate.  Rivera said now we will be evaluating a ‘system guy’ in Kyle Allen.  For the whole town, time to put on the thinking cap and see if this system can work.  Maybe we see Haskins week 8?  Or, maybe 2 seasons down the road, who really knows, I do not.

Optimistic on Haskins and optimistic on Rivera and WFT after a month at 1-3.  Still on the honeymoon, hoping Allen rights the offense. Go WFT Today! Go Allen! Go Smith! Go Haskins!  Not too late to turn some heads, 2020.

Can Kyle Allen Step in for Haskins and Get Washington’s Offense on Track?

Ron Rivera made it clear in the lead-up to the 2020 NFL season that his priority at quarterback was seeing what he had in the “young guy,” former first-round draft pick Dwayne Haskins.

It appears four games was enough for Rivera to evaluate the ex-Ohio State star. The Washington Football Team announced that Kyle Allen will start over Haskins against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 5, with Alex Smith as Allen’s backup.

Franchise Sham-chise!

Since when are we in the franchise QB business, since Washington news outlet decided there is only one way to skin a cat: with Tom Brady or the next GOAT at QB. We need to be uncreative and follow the Pats blueprint? No, the KCC blueprint? Nah, obviously SF 49ers Walsh-Seifert? Ditka 1985, right—it is Rivera’s squad.  Go-go music is all DC’s own.

Seriuosly is this about being in the QB business or winning games. DON’T FORGET WHERE WE ARE FROM—-4 years if you are lucky, that is Washington.  Hogs. Haskins 2022!







Sonny and Billy

Eddie LeBaron—there’s a franchise QB.

Sammy Baugh!

A new decade, already exciting. Go WFT Today! Can Gibson play QB! How about Mitch.

Gamblers Starting to Place Money on Washington for Sunday’s Game Against the Rams

It sounds like money is starting to shift towards Washington for Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Sports Illustrated’s gambling page reports that the line has “experienced reverse steam by the oddsmakers and currently has moved in the direction of Washington.”

Here’s the report on Sunday’s game between the Rams and Washington.

Los Angeles Rams at Washington Football Team

Moneyline: Los Angeles (-360) | Washington (+300)

Spread: LAR -7.5 (-110) | WSH +7.5 (-110)

Total: 45– Over: (-110) | Under: 45 (-110)

Game Info: October 11, 2020 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT | FOX

The Rams (3-1 SU; 2-2 ATS) are one questionable pass interference call against Buffalo away from being undefeated. Bettors however, appear to be against laying more than a touchdown with the Rams in Week 5 after Goff failed to cover as double-digit home favorites last week against the Giants. The oddsmakers opened the game with the Rams as 9.5-point home favorites but have since adjusted the line to Los Angeles as 7.5-point favorites at DraftKings Sportsbook. Washington (1-3 SU; 2-2 ATS) showed signs of life last week against the Ravens. The ticket count has seen 58% of spread bets pour in at the betting windows in support of the Rams, however the line has experienced reverse steam by the oddsmakers and currently has moved in the direction of Washington.

Fate Be Known?

It is in the stars.

The genius of benching Dwayne Haskins is now we have NO IDEA of WFT football, period!

Some WFT fans are predicting Kyle Allen will come out like a trailblazer demolish the Rams en route to a similarAllen  5-8 record…similar to year 1 with Rivera. It is a possibility.

Stroke of genius by Rivera because now anything is a possibility.

A possibility: all 3 QBs play awful and we limp to 1-15 record and WFT is drafting Trevor Lawerence, no. 1 overall

A possibility: Allen is a world beater and we end up 13-3 and have a Lombardi to show for it.

No one in the punditry business has a clue now of which direction WFT will go and that is genius. My bet is WFT Park has a pretty good idea of their upside if any: with Allen, with Smith, with Haskins. Way to go, WFT.

If Haskins is not deactivated Sunday and after 3 terrible quarters of offense, leads a comeback, it is a possibility…

By benching Haskins, Rivera and WFT Park has given WFT fans gifts:



And, the King’s gold: unpredictability

From every NFL insider like John Kevin and Bram Weinstein to every pundit )in town and nationally) to all the betting lines in Vegas: Sunday will be beautiful because no one has a darn clue as what to expect. Fate be known? Only in the stars, not upon this rock.

Go Allen. Go Smith. Go Haskins. Go WFT, Today!

Wally Pipp!

Good move WFT!

WFT fans, just act 1: Haskins-Rivera. There will be an act 2.

However, if Kyle Allen: time to think Lou Gehrig and Wally Pipp.

Go Allen. Go Smith. Go Haskins. Go WFT Today! Win Sunday.