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Sync the radio with the TV, WFT!

My short list for the new Washington play by play guy was written about in a previous article and told as such: Chick Hernandez, Gus Johnson, Kevin Sheehan, Dan Hellie, George Johnson or Steve Buckhantz. Boy was I wrong! Yet, I am excited with the new assembled Washington Football Team Broadcasting team!  Let us give these […]

Is it WFT or WTF!

Is it WFT or WTF? This writer was taking a victory lap about two weeks ago when Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder’s clan et al. announced the racist team name was being retired.  Redskin–a term like Injun–which was used while a genocide against the Native American was being had in this country, was asked to […]

How’s This for a Name Change…of the Site?

This writer is calling on (the site where I am a contributor on) to change their name. Follow suit, how about, that sounds better. If we fans ever get back to a stadium like environment, I am hoping to help lead a “WFT” cheer. You know for years we have been terrible when cheering in unison. […]

Let’s See if the Logo Inspires Winning for the New Washington Football Team

If the number on the players helmet is a honor to our fallen soldiers I can dig us wearing this style…otherwise I hope the logo is changed to a human image. As for the name, it is great. No, Redskins—priceless. Of course the bet Dan Snyder is banking on is winning will be a cure […]

A New Logo is the Key to a Successful Nickname for the New Washington Franchise

When it comes to names, there’s plenty for the new NFL franchise that is known (right now anyway) as the “Washington Football Team” to choose from. Yes, the “Washington Football Team,” the slogan that the team is going to go by for now, as reported on Thursday by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. There will […]

An Exercise in Freedom of Speech…

This writer originally wrote a draft of this on the eve of the 4th. This writer had a relaxed evening to start gathering my Redskins gear awaiting a soon to be future day to do something with it. Tonight, this writer wrote a second—more complete draft. Supremacist have fought wars over white supremacy wearing confederate […]

Let’s Take a Look at Who Could Be the Next Play by Play for the Washington Football Team

Since this is a blog I can discuss much more than if this was an established media outlet. Well, I had an unconfirmed source say that the Washington football team was looking at a few different candidates for the play-by-play announcing team and no folks, this writer was not mentioned by my unconfirmed source. This […]

A Letter From Fans – It’s Time for Daniel Snyder to Be Shown the Door

Time for Daniel Marc Snyder to go. You are hijacking our team. 3 strikes: 1. Vinny Cerrato era 2. Bruce Allen era 3. Michael’s resignation You have not stand by your words of culture change. The stadium is over run with Cowboys. There are foolish electric car outlet and no viable traditions. Hailing an Uber […]