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Redskins No More, A New Era in Washington Football Begins Today

By Marc Lande “No, the Indian, not the Cowboy!”, said my older brother Michael age 10 in 1977. “Cowboy!”, I would shout. “No Indian!”, my brother Michael would say while holding me and turning me around. I just have a vague memory of rooting for the Cowboy when I was really young and the broadcasts […]

The Washington Warriors Might Be the Front Runner, But There’s Better Options for a New Name

By Marc Lande My hopes. It seems like Washington Warriors is the front runner for the new name and this writer wants a more peaceful name such as First Americans. This writer if we adopt a war like name would like Windtalkers or Red Tails! Supposedly with the name Warriors there will be no Native […]

It Is a Big Deal People – Changing This Name and Logo; We Have Camps

By Marc Lande It is a big deal people. Changing this name and logo. We have camps: The Red tails camp to keep the Red and honor Tuskegee airmen. I have met a Tuskegee who was just a little too young to actually see action. There are the warriors close to the old name keep […]

Which Do You Prefer the Redskins Change To – Warriors or Windtalkers?

By Marc Lande I personally prefer Windtalkers to Warriors. Warriors still seem like 11 Indians with tomahawks mauling Cowboys on the field. Personally I would like a non violence name given to us from a Native American tribal council in a Native American language. Like Washington hogs in Choctaw or Washington chickens in Navajo or […]

Thoughts on the Eventual Redskins Name Change – Make it Happen

By Marc Lande Us Washington football fans might not realize this but our team is inextricably linked to one other franchise: the Dallas Cowboys, period. Now over the past few days I have been looking at other rivalries including the New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox’s, Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Washington Capitals, Boston […]

Joe Bugel’s Impact on the Redskins in the 80’s Was a Key to Their Success

By Marc Lande Some of us in DC did not particularly like Joe Gibbs during his 1st tenure. Some of us even sat in the stands and bickered wishing we had the Senators back. Back in the 80s, I heard often from buddies, “Baseball is far better than football.” Year in and year out through […]

A Call for a New Campaign!

By Marc Lande Folks for the past few days I have been outspoken on web outlets and social media on the Washington football team. But in light of the recent passing of Boss Hog, Joe Bugel, it is time to start an equally important campaign which strikes at the cords of superior and inferior ideology […]

How Would Bobby Mitchell Feel About Changing the Redskins Name?

By Marc Lande I group tutored 5 students reading in 2018 here in DC at a Boy and Girls club overlooking a field named to “Bobby Mitchell” which is important to this story given the great news of retiring Mitchell’s jersey and renaming the lower bowl of FedEx Field. This writer remembers his first day […]