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What To Watch For Sunday

What to watch for: Will we see Alex Smith again on sunday?  Will Haskins be over his illness? Will all3 QBs be active? I know by Sunday, much can change…but as tonight the followimg numbers is all you need to know about the 2020 WFT through 5 games: Week 5: 8 sacks, 9 hits Week […]

Lost In Player Analysis…

The picture is of Harriet Tubman and I have no idea from what year, like it matters!  She trekked hundreds of miles for her and others: freedom!  Go WHTs (Washington Harriet Tubman’s!)   Below is my comments on a competition website where I briefly was a paid contributor (fansided): Before I print my comments, […]

Where’s The Phone Because…

We need to call Le’Von Bell. It is 9:09 pm. Can we get him signed this minute. De’Angelo Hall, London Fletcher, Shaun Springs…Bell can  fitba long list of waiver wire acquisitions that actually are successful for WFT. Bell is an elite runner. He is potentially the best running back in the NFC and definitely the […]

Culture Change Starts With Pipp–Part 1

This is part 1 of 2. October 13th, early morning: This story is a rewrite or rather different take on an American classic—a cautionary tale for any athlete. Right now, there is a lot of controversies surrounding Washington Football Team especially at the QB position. That sentence sounds like an understatement here in the Metro […]

Culture Change Starts With Pipp!–Part 2

This is part 2 of 2. When researching Gehrig and Pipp for this blog,  in the Mental Floss August 30th, 2016 article, “What Happened to Wally Pipp After He Was Benched?”, author Lucas Reilly allude to things athletes can draw from this cautionary tale. Reilly drew a couple of  parables to the reader from Pipp-Gehrig. […]

Quarterbacks Need Time!

Wow! Alex Smith performance has a tear in my eye. I agreed with the benching of Haskins from his performance the other Sunday.  He was under constant pressure and looked spooked. Happy Halloween! Allen had some nice rushes including his td run and then on what was a terribly designed scramble had to be replaced […]

The NFC East Quarter Down Review: WFT 1-3, Tie For 2nd Place.

According to the Marc Lande preseason predictions: hoped WFT woukd fool people and be world beaters like 1982-1983.  Also, most realistically, learn about football through new coaches and systems here in DC especially re-incorporation of a 4-3 defense formation. Belief: to begin season, I thought Philadelphia would run way with division as WAS, Dal, and […]

Franchise Sham-chise!

Since when are we in the franchise QB business, since Washington news outlet decided there is only one way to skin a cat: with Tom Brady or the next GOAT at QB. We need to be uncreative and follow the Pats blueprint? No, the KCC blueprint? Nah, obviously SF 49ers Walsh-Seifert? Ditka 1985, right—it is […]