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Training Camp Heroes Occasionally Go On To Stardom!

Where’s Kornheiser and his bandwagon?  I mean, considering all the loose baggage surrounding the new owner, will the bandwagon ever run again with WFT as long as Dan is driving the bus! I seriously doubt it. Yet, here we are less than a week out and already, breakdowns, comparisons, yada, yada, yada. It seems like most […]

Cowboy Country, No More! WFT Claim Lead on Racial Equality Erasing Former Racist Identifications!

Folks, the Orioles just took 3 of 4 against the New York Yankees playing fun baseball with a group of young no names which has everything to do with the Washington Football Team, who is on the verge of starting a new decade of football with at least shedding their former racist identifications. The Orioles […]

Red Wolves? Possibly Problems Today and Down the Road

The environmental pick of Red Wolves appears to be an unscientific favorite with fans. Dan, even though an apparent heavy donor of Trump, seems to have moved towards the left like Chief Justice Earl Warren, the question remains if this is being forced upon him or who is in his ears these days since obviously […]

Isn’t It about Time for a Woman!

How would Washington Peaceful Warriors fly: unfortunately, there are still social platforms that are un-popular. Come to think of it, this writer loves the idea of naming the team after a World War II hero and legendary Norse mythology…the Washington Valkyries in honor of the group of men lead by superhero Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg […]

Readers-What a shock!

Readers-What a shock! This season I am making an attempt to not focus on players as much as coaching. To focus on plays more so than players. Too focus on mistakes more so than successes. Ken Beatrice the famous sports talk legend on WFT—oh how would he have felt about the name change? I had […]

Where’s the band?

It finally hit me tonight: as I read all the outlets talking rosters, players, predictions, my stomach got sick: will our band be playing? And what? I needed the name change knowing it was racist. But at the time and during all of this off season I have been asking for us WFT to not […]

Still be the heart, way to go-dan! So, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times!

Wow, did not think this writer would be writing this especially given the news that Dan Snyder is being pressure to sell. But I try to call it as I see it, so way to go Dan–your first incredibly successful off season, (kind of because unfortunately nothing is successful given Covid-19/BLM/ Booby Mitchell’s and Joe […]

At least bring back the fries or, at least, the old prices, Dan Snyder.

This is so difficult to write—yes, giving compliments to Dan Snyder!  But let me explain a major reason why this writer wants to be, well, uncomplimentary of Dan.   Dan has not reduced ticket prices for season tickets holders since he has taken over the team, this writer believes. Whether or not that last statement is […]