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Redskins head coach candidates: checking the list twice.

The RedskinsGab Staff is pleased to welcome another contribution from guest writer Dash Kannan: I’ve been on record saying I believe Mike Shanahan returns to the Redskins for the 2014-2015 NFL season. But it seems like I might be one of five people in the DMV or across the country who believes that. Many believe […]

There’s Nothing Worse Than Losing To The Dallas Cowboys

In a way-too-familiar story, the defense of the Washington Redskins blew another fairly substantial lead in the fourth quarter, en route to their seventh straight loss. Except this time, it was to the hated Dallas Cowboys. In the hierarchy of Redskins fandom, there is the misery of defeat, then the misery of defeat when losing […]

A Meaningless Defeat from a Meaningless Effort.

Andrew Siciliano, host of NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone on DirecTV, referred to the Redskins vs. Falcons game this past Sunday as one of the most entertaining games we’ll ever see between two teams with a 3-10 record. While I get where he’s coming from and why he’d say that, allow me to take a […]

Mike Shanahan’s Sin? Acknowledging the truth about RG3.

The RedskinsGab Staff is pleased to welcome the contribution from guest writer Dash Kannan: Coming off the expected announcement that Kirk Cousins will be starting the final three games of the 2013-2014 season for the Washington Redskins (I’ll use the name, thank you very much), with the team floundering at 3-10 following the debacle against […]

Are the Redskins the worst team in the NFL right now? put out their weekly “Power Rankings” this week, and ranked the Redskins at 30th out of the 32 NFL teams, only ahead of Houston (dead last) and Jacksonville. But couldn’t you make a very realistic argument that the Redskins really are the worst team in the NFL right now? Can we definitively say that […]

Redskins vs. Vikings: Staff Predictions

The RedskinsGab staff makes their predictions for tonight’s nationally televised game between the Redskins vs. the Minnesota Vikings. Rajan Nanavati: Far be it someone who never played professional or collegiate sports to bash a pro athlete, but let’s just be honest here: Christian Ponder, the current starting quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, is a sub-par […]

A Case of the Nothing Special Teams

It tends to be an over-used cliche in football, but it couldn’t be more true tonight: the Washington Redskins did as much — if not more — to beat themselves, than anything that the Cowboys really did. The talking heads like to say that the hallmark of a bad team is that they find ways […]

A New Star Rising in the District

He’s a former first round pick. He’s been to the Pro Bowl. He’s led his current team — the one that drafted him — in sacks. He had a “pick 6” interception returned for a touchdown in first career start. And he plays for the Redskins. Sounds like a superstar player, right? The player I […]