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Loudmouths, P.C. Stylin’!

Caption: It is really hard to publish any image associated with Bill Cosby…but in my mind a little kid of the 70s, Fat Albert is still the King of LoudMouths. “Hey, Hey, Hey…”



The other day I wrote a vicious indictment of Steve Czabe and 980 am so it is nice to see him messaging “can we all get along” today on the radio.

I understand: Czabe is a loudmouth and that being a loudmouth is a very difficult task in today’s world.  With all the races and genders, you really have to be a loudmouth to everyone.

The tone I sense from Czabe is actually a little bit of rage and anger, sort of like a small slice of our President and his messaging.

But like in my blog, I just asked Czabe to rein in his message and start educating. I have no idea if people are reading this but really nice work today Czabe.  Being a man, is admitting guilt and learning from it. An example would have been for Trump to have a scrooge like conversation post Covid but I guess the ghost of covid past was not allowed through security.

I mean, Czabe is a loudmouth!  I know they also image him as a lover.  I also know that I have questions at time: with his humor.

But I loved his messaging today because I know: all this is was a bunch of men who owned slaves and they came together because of the outrage of a fascist King’s justice and revolted!  This is just an experiment and the experiment starts with freedom of speech.

Furthermore, just like Czabe, we all in these outlets are just trying to earn a living. Really nice to see from Czabe and I hope he is manning up to teaching about empathy.

I understand I do not need to listen to him if I think he is a hater. I have the right to turn him off yet there I was tonight listening to him.  And I honestly am not disguised with his message but sometimes am…but furthermore am disgusting how often we throw athletes under the bus.

I mean Aaron Hernandez turned out to be from the wrong side of the block.

Trent Williams? From the start, it seemed like he just wanted respect by being paid TOP dollar. Not 2nd best—but best lineman respect. I mean, he has a young family and probably millions in the bank. He also had 80 stitches in his forehead and some thoughts of terminal problems down the road….if that is not a show me the money moment—I do not know what is.  And why do we not want on stars getting paid? Otherwise, it is going to the owners and I do not think they run the counter try like Antonio!

Look at Antonio Brown—boy, the comments I received for writing the at the time Redskins should take a look at him.  “Thug” like usage by reader, the comments were so filthy racist.  The reports are bad.  But Antonio Brown has accomplished everything in his few seasons in the NFL and I was questioning if he simply wants to walk down a street without be so well loved.

I mean I heard Gilbert Arenas was kicked out of a carnival for making too many baskets.

Back to Haskins.  The stereotypes the town has put out on him is lazy and stupid.  I wonder if they are eating Orville Read backer in the film rooms Monday.  Like with any player, we have to question what kind of tape and player he wants to be?  Right now, it looks like Kyle Allen is trying to give of the best tape he can. It actually looks a lot like Tony Romo’s, who never won jack!

Haskins, he still has not shown us a whistling bomb of proper footwork on most throws.  He cannot be happy with his tape. But I am not sure if he even cares to be hear given the stereotyping of a young African American athlete.

Back to Czabe and 980 and this town, often times things do not exactly appear like they seem. Grey, blacks, whites, I know it is sports talk radio so we want opinion and Czabe freely speaks his opinion. I am just saying the town is long overdue for a voice like Ken Beatrice again who even said every show I think which drove people nuts, “I do not predict games because if I did I would be a millionaire.”  Now, the pendulum has shifted back to football, community service, empathy—and yes, you can still be aloud mouth.  That is right there in the 1st amendment: freedom of speech and freedom of press. SO, thanks Czabe for manning up tonight and keep it up as difficult as it might be to admit wrong!  I know if I was there in the station I would simply be calling him out and lets him justify.  That is like a beer with 2 Americans—Illegal Americans are fine with me, amnesty. ?

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