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Enough fascism!

Image: If Haskins got mono, he has some explaining to do?


Stephen Czabe et al. and the fact 980 am let’s him speak veiled nationalism, reeks!  Czabe et al. has been  taking our team and nation hostage by the irresponsible yellow journalism directed towards covid and WFT and Haskins amongst many other topics over the past decade.

Day in and day out cute funny ‘News of the Weird’ segments, veiling college frat boy humor, dangerous stereotyping of prima donna athletes and thugs and a world view that lacks empathy. Czabe—sound like someone, well, outsider Archie Bunker was so 70s and never as dangerous…

how about a drive home dedicated to football and community uplift and we can include The News of the Weird’ just not the Vegas and fantasy smack! But today’s show the tipping point.
Since a long time listener of 980 and caller, I know in particular all criticism during the Czabe hour is shoveled and briskly put off air like a 1st class pooper scooper.

This is valid and necessary criticism to veiled hate speech! Day in and day out there is an angry and rage to Czabe veiled by I am a lover—well you ran Trent and Bryce out, the line is drawn on Dwayne!

Yes Czabe, I am for you to start your pc re-education by watching films like ‘Witches of Eastwick’ and ‘9 to 5‘ to see how hard it is on our society if you are not a white Christian man.  Unfortunately, our workplaces needs voices like yours—silenced or at least improving and enlightening. Drop the negativity towards players and incidence…educate, educate, educate—be a gentle soul, millions are listening!

This is my view of your wack a fiddle named Steve ‘I’m about as funny as Trump; unless, you consider insulting and dangerous funny‘ Czabe: priceless.

The geniuses leaping from rotovirus to Rivera military men ‘what’s going on at the park?’ and Haskins is a lazy dumb athlete who has happens to be black—decoding Czabe speak 101.

Running another young man out of town over now a mystery virus. ..we have a brilliant record of that running athletes out of town from Weber to Jason Campbell to rg III to cousins.  Well technically people like Kirk—he was white, I mean smart!

Taking a sickness and then inserting everything wrong, leaps and assertions we have been hearing for at least a decade from 980–regarding Bruce and Ernie and Q and Obama!

I mean, was Q mentioned as the cause of Haskins poor play and illness? I’m sure there is a Q connection if we look hard enough. A connection to Elvis? A connection to Elvis and Aliens? A connection to Elvis, Aliens, and is Michael Jackson’s still alive?

The man on the moon was done by OJ in a studio! Definitely…and go Dallas Cowboys, the national team! 

…Stephen Czabe et al. smells like toe fungus with the diatribes against Faucci and covid 19 and that grandmas cannot  die as long as LeBron wearing protection.  Yes, protect yourself LeBron, Magic is a role model.

Hey Czabe your grandparents still alive? I have lost only 1 cousin to covid—what’s 1 when the Los Angeles partying over LeBron covid-championship—hot!

Thanks pres for opening the country and giving us wild all nighters once again, great—for morale but the hang over can really be bad. Like no sense of taste for 6 months or death of a grandma stink! 

The fact is I’m getting about $20 for my works these days while I wonder the junk of prime time dc sports radio is getting, to keep this economy running— wacked out airwaves messages that are black and white, dangerousirresponsible—yellow, thank for Czabe and 980–wake up, it is a world of greys! 

Finally, Czabe you said you do not know an illness after 5 days, questioning everything of Has-vid/ Rivera scandal 2020.

Well maybe you should wipe some asses for a living like me—yes I take pride in being a Certified Nursing Assistant for these grandpapa and grandmama population. As a CNA, you see much and know they are so many 5 day to 5 month illnesses when you are in the health community. Empathy and prayers is normally the rout whether Haskins illness or Trent Williams pain.
Yes 980 am did have sincere prayer for Trent so I thought there had been a corner turned. More empathy, more reporting on the under resourced, and then covid hit and the ship set sailed led by the messaging of black and white Czabe.
You can protect people, close sports and keep the economy going—it is called a plan. This is a war like time, right!

Roto viruses mostly is for infants which Czabe et al brainstorm of in reference to Has-vid—hmmm,  they are referring to Haskins as a black prima Donna baby or is that our president views towards the black athlete.

I have no idea if Czabe is voting Biden or Trump no idea but their views of the modern black athlete filled with rage and anger and black and white worldview—priceless!

hmmm, same airwaves genius not reporting how sick and fun LA apparently was the other night .

Well Marc you dreamer, the show must go on people say. Back at you—Czabe, the realist—it’s a pandemic, not a circus! Well, vote November 3rd.

I just think it sounds like Haskins out for 5 days…But walking and talking probably shouldn’t be kissing woman. This is my thought nothing reported upon, maybe you can get Faucci in for an interview about Haskins status on Sunday and how to buy him more time in the pocket. But my state of md health licensing points me to this: former Bullis prince got mono? Hey Czabe, got milk?

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