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Yakoke! A Name Change for the Washington Redskins in 2020 is the Right Answer

This writer wrote 2 lists yesterday: one list of sports media pro name change and one list of apparently neutral media who are not leading a charge on a daily basis for name change. Sorry if this offended! But the sports market collective in town needs to take note and start up a campaign for name change. This writer does not know a better way than a call to action to all the media in town.

For example, Mike Wise wrote such a powerful opinion calling for name change that he made the list of sports media pro name change. Wise is helping to lead the charge. So is the Washington Post editorial board. This writer compliment them immensely for standing for justice and standing for minority rights.

This writer must admit that he does not listen to every minute of every radio program on every station, watch every minute of every sports broadcast on every channel or read every article from every blog, website and publication on the Redskins over the past two decades but I do read, watch and listen to most every outlet most every day.

This writer has lived the ‘Indigenous’ (new name I will be using instead of Redskins) sports collective since moving back here from Guilford College in 1996.

So this writer very easily can have quite a few media who have pro name change stands on a fairly daily basis on this list as being neutral or not leading the charge. If this writer made this mistake, this writer apologizes.

This writer apologizes if that is the case because this writer is not creating this list to tarnish anyone reputation in town on this issue. There is a very good reason there is not a charge being led to change the name on many outlets and that is the silent majority might not care.

As this writer said in this previous article, this writer believes most members of the press agrees with this name as horrid. This list is a call to action that with every segment on the ‘Indigenous’ (Redskins) that the press calls for name change to a Native American gifted name.

This writer sticks to his gun that believes that most in the media does see the injustice in this name in this sports market.

Yet, this writer is writing this article to give context to the Washington Indigenous (Redskins) market and how we are not seeing or hearing or reading the same collective that we do on many things Indigenous (Redskins), yet. With each passing day the calls our growing but the calls are not constant and neared consensus.

For example, over the past few seasons, there had been a constant and almost consensus charge against former GM Bruce Allen and the dysfunction at Indigenous (Redskins) Park. This writer lived this on an almost daily basis. So, did most of us ‘Indigenous’ (Redskins) fans.

There is either a historic record of segments and articles and shows dedicated to this dysfunction et al. or there is not.

This writer needed to highlight this list because this sports market collective has not reached the same fevor pitch yet. This writer is hearing a fair amount of caller talking about the name as racist but it is not constant and consensus.

The Post, a national politician, a segment here or there, making calls for change but not like the outrage shown over Bruce. This is not right of our press to somehow not lead this charge, here is why!

How is a media led name change campaign different than past campaigns like the campaign to fire Bruce Allen or Vinny Cerrato or Norv Turner or end the dysfunction at Indigenous (Redskins) Park?

The fans backed the firing of Bruce Allen et al., period.

For example, Bruce Allen tenure saw an abysmal W-L record and constant stories of dysfunction. The fan based was outraged with Allen and the dysfunction.

There was overwhelming opinion that the Washington ‘Indigenous’ (Redskins) football team experience was suffering: from ticket prices, to number of visiting fans in the stands to price of beer!

The majority of fans were leading the charge to end Allen’s tenure and might still become very angry if our team continues to stink and the experience continues to be overpriced.

Remember the Washington Post did a poll right after the Nationals won the World Series that had the ‘Indigenous’ (Redskins) definitely behind the Nationals in popularity in parts of the DMV.

The difference with a name change campaign: just like BLM this might not be a majority of fans led charge. The name change is a classic justice/ minority rights issue. The silent majority might not care to see justice.

Just like the civil rights movement started with a small amount of the actual population in spots such as Birmingham and cases such as Brown vs Board of Education, there are not as many fans who have been prioritizing minority rights over just being a football fan on Sundays. Beer, babes, touchdowns and httr!

So, while for years, this writer had to listen to countless segments and read so many articles of the dysfunction and villainy of Bruce, this name change campaign will not gain the same silent majority fan backing, this writer thinks.

Just like MLK, Jr. Poor Peoples Campaign received such resistance in Chicago this issue is one where the Press has to use its platform to educate because the fans might not back it. Might not believe in harshly racist stereotypes. Might not agree with the harm. Might not agree with anything except freedom to say what we want, when we want and that being: go Indigenous (Redskins)!

The press needs to educate and it needs to be an onslaught starting ASAP. So, this list is actually a call to action for the press to dedicate a part of every segment dedicated to the Indigenous (Redskins) to educate on minority rights and justice and damaging stereotyping and this is what this writer is calling for from the Indigenous (Redskins) Press in town to do.

Sometimes, just because a campaign is not accepted by the silent majority, it does not make it right or just or right and just. As MLK stated, “the arch of justice bends…”

So, media, anyone on that list who is actively neutral on name change, start hammering the airwaves and paper presses and book stands and studios with a name change campaign and why it is a minority rights issue.

So, time for a Native language name be given to us from Native Americans and changed by Snyder. Thanksgiving is a holiday in the spirit of giving thanks that this writer still believes in! As my buddy Paula educated me: Yakoke, that means thanks in Choctaw!

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