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We Have Gone Too Far!

By Marc Lande

If you have read any of my recent articles from the Redskins name as racist to Colin being blackballed—it screams ‘liberal bleeding-heart blogger.’

I am extremely liberal and bleeding hearted. Yet, I also know the foundations of our country is that it is a democracy. It is upon all of us to fight for our democracy…And folks, we have gone too far. This is not gone too far since Floyd or Areby or Trump’s election this is we have gone too far for decades!

If this writer is watching a Redskins game at FedEx and I see a guy with a ‘Trump 2020’ shirt on (I have seen few being inside the beltway) my reaction for many years is to scream on the top of my lungs and boo that cat out of town.

Conversely, if my Redskins are in Detroit and this writer chooses to take a road trip and while taking a pit stop in a small town in Ohio wearing a Biden shirt, I do not expect to be cat called, ‘Biden?…you stupid hippie nut!’ But some version of this is our politics today, period. Today, 2 Americas, etc., etc. , etc.

Yet, our nation, both sides, is now so self-righteous. So, self-righteous. Their side as right and the other side as being wrong, the polarization has been growing for decades and decades and Trump is leading it currently.

I think it really can get traced back to Rush Limbaugh and Bill Clinton but we could argue when these parties became so self-righteous. Who knows?

This is not the point of the article finding the date or event we started living in 2 Americas.

For decades, I had heard that ‘big government liberals are buffoons’.

For decades, ‘laissez-a-faire Republicans have no soul, that their pocketbooks are their only worry.’

Heck, we all have had those family Thanksgiving dinners where Uncle Bob and cousin Brett are screaming at Uncle Stephen and cousin Marc all night over taxes and healthcare and Vietnam even. After a few heated years, we go into no talking mode.

Shut up and watch football together mode. But at Thanksgiving dinner, the whispers of knowing that cousin Bob and cousin Geoff support the enemy is there in between bites of stuffing!

This is ridiculous. How are politics have become in this nation!

First and foremost, it is about participation.

A democracy survives when its citizens are inform and participating and all are able to vote. These days, if a guy has a Trump shirt on, I give him a pat on the back and let him know right on, the ‘First’ is in the house (and then I let him know what a racist and sexist Trump is—a true vile man and our worst President).

But I keep reminding him most importantly I got your back for having political beliefs. Anyone comes telling you to take off that shirt—boo, un-American, un-Bill of Rights.

Did you see that protester for BLM in London carrying that protester against BLM on his back the other day. That is my side in a sense!

That is why when Oklahoma State running back Chubba Hubbard said he won’t be doing anything for OSU because his coach Mike Gundy wears an OAN shirt. I got to say, Hubbard this polarization has it all wrong.

That is a time to educate not simply polarize by hating another man for his views.

Hubbard, tell the nation what is wrong with OAN if you find injustices? And try to educate what an injustice is? That is what Colin was doing, and he got screamed down—booed away!

In the case of Hubbard, it was a suppose happy ending as Gundy knew it offended and committed to change. But is †his †he change we want? I want Gundy to wear his shirt and speak his mind. In return, I want to let OAN supporters to know we want them to have their freedom of speech, that we got their back but as long as they hold white supremacist views, we will consider them bad people. We stand against white supremacist but look to educate the ignorance. I am not sure if Gundy rejected OAN or just said I will not wear the shirt?

Even though Gundy choose not to wear the shirt, does he still accept white supremacy.

Too often, this polarization—100% the wrong way to go…for both Republicans! And Democrats!

So, do not direct the anger at a person participating in the political process—tell them we got your back for your opinion, then, educate!

If the guy has a hood on, tell them we are glad you are using your 1st amendment rights then let him know what a bad person he and all white supremacist are, period! How all the monuments are coming down! But do not tell him he can’t express his views. Our country is built on that 1st, good, bad or ugly!

The truth is I can make a very good argument for why we definitely are living in a system here in America that is and always has been a system that is the cause of institutionalized racism! Until the roots of every institution is changed, we will continue to live in such a system but I want to hear people express the other view without them fearing for their lives.

But by what means are we necessary to overcome institutionalized racism… MLK was a Christian guided by love and Jesus’ teachings. This author is a Jew who believe MLK ways were just.

So first, time to tear down all the statues governments. These are war memorials from a side that lost and would still have slaves and philosophy of superiors and inferiors as far as we can understand. So, they got to go!

Two, using nonviolent civil disobedience to show the nation how things must be changed like Colin’s kneel and much worse if need be!

Three, look your family members in the eyes and say, “I will listen and try to get us to a place, well, where American comes before Democrat or Republican.”

Enough of the polarizing politics…we need bipartisanship. Go Biden. Go “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!” Go “freedom of speech” and go “social, political and economic” fairness!

GO “one race!” Go the “human race!” And go “Redskins ( I mean time for the name to GO)!

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