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Colin Kaepernick, Conspiracies, and an Olive Branch?

Colin Kaepernick seemed like a quarterback who was black balled by the NFL but I do not know of any specific example we have heard since 2017.

Colin even won a lawsuit (for a much-reduced pay-out) back in 2019 with teammate Eric Reid against the NFL on back pay. Yet, there is still no evidence I have read in the media of an actual blackballing by all the NFL organizations.

A winning record as a QB, around 60% completion, 72-30 td-int mark, Colin’s career numbers are too good to point to anything else. In addition, a good performance in the Super Bowl against Ravens three season before, would point to him having been black balled starting the offseason of 2017 moving forward.

Yet, I do not hardly ever believe in conspiracies or collusion unless a possible phone call from one world leader to another. That all 32 owners and all 32 GMs decided to not sign him and not 1 of these humans have not spoken out and told the public about their collective discriminators stance towards a player that could lead a team to a Lombardi as a public sentiment that is hard to believe.

Not 1 gm has said something to the effect, “I cannot live with my silence knowing I am black balling this man for his stance on policing.” Or, 1 GM has said, “ I am sick of this team and league anyhow and they are handcuffing my ability to win…” Heck, the public sentiment is that there is 1 gm who would shut up no matter what, Bruce who? So, any calls to Bruce on the subject of collusion!

I think I know that these NFLers are discriminators if they are collective in silence over a man speaking out on possible injustices. Are we to believe that every team in the NFL and a host of people associated with every team acted like discriminators when it came to Colin, supposedly, yes. So, this writer asks is there another explanation of why Colin has never been given another shot and I believe there is that has nothing to do with his on-field performance.

I have noticed that in these major professional sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), often times, players are put out to pasture. Most often due to reduced performance but sometimes due to legal issues and such, these league sort of write books on a player as no longer able to produce or a cancer to a club.

It could be a scouting report that obsoletes a player such as he cannot hit a curveball or he takes too long to get rid of the ball. Or he can be casted-off as a ‘head case’, ‘troublemaker’ or ‘cancer.’ While this is not a conspiracy GM one does not answer the phone just as GM two does not answer the phone.

Players get looked at as ‘cancer to locker rooms’ and are just politely decline upon until their careers dry-up. Thus, I believe this is what has been happening to Colin Kaepernick—deemed a cancer!

While I do not believe that there was an actual conspiracy I do believe that a ‘book’: written on Colin.

But that leads me to the next question, was that book on his performance. I do not believe that Colin was as good as a player as the common sentiment holds. However, I do believe in breaking down numbers.

Starting in 2014, the season after Colin’s Super Bowl performance, he was never the same quarterback in terms of won-lost.

In 2014, the Niners went 8-8 (Colin’s second season as full time starter). The following season he went 2-6 and his last season he went 1-10. Obviously, each season he was getting worse in terms of playing on teams that got worse. Quarterbacks are judged on won-lost records and Colin’s his last 2 seasons was 3-16. Pretty abysmal.

Yet, in 2014, Colin put up the kind of numbers that almost always warrant another shot by NFL standards. 3369 passing yards with 19-10 td-int rate are worth of another shot. A player would not be put out to pasture with such numbers.

By comparison, the Redskins traded for Keenum who had 3890 passing yards, with 18-15 the season before with Denver. Similar stats given that Keenum threw many more passes.

I know people said that Colin was an RPO QB and that was fading out. However, this writer has read reviews that said things like Colin had every throw. The fact is, Colin who left college owning some NCAA records for passing, could sling the ball.

Interestingly, Colin stats did not drop off much in his last 2 seasons when his w-l record was abysmal. Actually, Colin’s 1-10 season he still had a respectable 90.4 QB rating and a 16-4 td-int.

Similarly, Keenum went 1-7 with the Redskins this past season but had a good 11-5 td-int.

Keenum was looked like a good guy—says the right thing, a company man—and he was able to sign a contract with the Cleveland Browns this offseason.

Keenum’s third team since Colin was out of the league and his fifth team total. Where have the Brown been anyhow?

The only number that seems like a tell of a performance ‘book’ written on Colin is his sack total. Did NFL GMs know he held the ball too long? In 2013, with the NFC championship Niners, Colin went 12-4 but was sacked 39 times. 2.4 sacked a game is higher than a team would like as getting under 2 a game is normally fair production. Then on worst teams each year, Colin was sacked 52, 28, and 36 times. That 52 number is a real tell as an 8-8 team knows that 52 sacks is way too many. So, maybe a book had been written on Colin that he held onto the ball too much, one would have to ask GMs like Bruce Allen for an answer.

However, teams with good OL that need a back-up with super bowl experience should have been drooling over a Colin that could have been a project in terms of Colin’s obvious weakness.. To get him to get rid of the ball instead of sacks is a worthy proposition for a team that saw an upside for their team’s position.

In 2018, Baltimore, Eagles, Houston all needed QB depth but no calls for Colin.

Furthermore, the Redskins played like 9 QBs in 2018. Remember Josh Johnson and Mark Sanchez! Heck, another QB to compare to Colin is Redskins 3rd stringer—Colt McCoy. Well enough said.

But what does Washington know about collusion, anyhow!

The last issue on a ‘book’, Colin was not advertising as a cheap price tag, too. He was demanding as much as $10 million in the 2017 off season. Did GMs say that Colin’s salary demands were too arrogant given his production and rock the boat antics and say see ya! Probably, maybe, Bruce can answer that one to? The fact is I believe there was a ‘book’ out on Colin which was terribly wrong and unjust.

Second, people and media are saying that Colin did not extend an olive branch to the NFL. That Colin should have been kinder and less out-spoken. Supposedly, Colin’s girlfriend posts lost him a backup QB position with the Ravens while in the 11th hour of getting signed.

Once again, Colin has no need to extend such a branch. Since when has these sports leagues become the shut up and play leagues.

The 1960s and 1970s saw many players expressing their constitutional freedom of speech through words, clothes, hair. The last few decades saw the rise of beards and tattoos yet it seems like outspoken on social issues has become frown upon, to say the least.

Colin knew that he had been blackballed or a book written on him or at least put out to pasture. This writer knows that if he was put out to pasture in a field, he would be incredibly angry and might chose to continue to rock the boat especially if he had a soul to social justice.

For those who say that Colin continued to rock the boat and that is why he is still unsigned, this writer says it was upon a team to extend the olive branch to Colin.

Too often, this writer hears from Americans just sit down and shut up—like were still fighting Vietnam. Love it or leave it!

This writer knows that love conquers all. Yet love requires empathy. Towards Colin, towards African Americans, towards all races…we all will know a doctrine of sit down and shut up is well very Communist China like! And do not rock the boat, is that from the KGB!—well, shutting up goes against our Bill of Rights.

The 1st amendment, the amendment that Colin used so beautifully to express his anger with policing is the same right which got him a reputation as a cancer. Now the NFL has to look at what a cancer is: standing up (by kneeling) and shouting (about injustice) or sitting down and shutting up (for values in contradictions with our Constitution).

One thing I know, standing up and shouting are when NFL fans are at their best. And much more fun if done with peace and sportsmanship!

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