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The Redskins Defense is Offensively Bad

Here’s a question for you: if someone told you before the season began that, with a rookie quarterback, a patchwork (putting it politely) offensive line, and another rookie as the starting running back, this offense was consistently going to score three touchdowns a game, wouldn’t you have been thrilled?

Wouldn’t you have taken a look at the schedule and allowed yourself to think the Saints are coming off a hideously messy offseason, the Rams are the Rams, and the Bengals have to travel to DC to play the us in the home opener, so the Redskins could concievably start this season with a 3-0 record?

After all, our supposedly “good” defense should be good enough to protect an offense that’s scoring at least three touchdowns a game, especially since they held teams to 21 or less points points in 8 of 16 games last year, and that was with Rex Grossman and/or John Beck turning the ball over at least two times a game..

Or so you’d think, anyway.

Through three weeks of the season, after today’s 31-28 to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Redskins defense has given up 14 touchdowns, surrendering at least four touchdowns in each game they’ve played this season.

Sure, they’ve also forced two turnovers that they put in the endzone themselves, and they’ve put solid pressure on opposing passers in spurts, but for the most part, this defense has served as nothing more than a heavy bag for opposing offenses to whail upon.

No part of the defense best represent thats than this joke of a secondary. It’s to the point where i’m pretty certain the little sisters of the poor could field an 11 person offense and put up 300 yards passing against the Redskins defense. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

Let’s temporarily put aside DeAngelo Hall, the unquestioned most overrated sack of garbage on this Redskins team. When he wasn’t lollygaggging on blitzes, DeJon Gomes spent the afternoon getting toasted by opposing receivers, like AJ Green on the opening play of the game. Josh Wilson was faked out of his Nike’s on a routine out route from Andrew Hawkins, to the point where he barely got a hand on him on the 59 yard touchdown catch and run.

The numbers dont lie. For three straight weeks, the Redskins opponents have fricassee’d this secondary, with relative ease. For three straight weeks, this defense has let an opposint receiver go for 120 yards or more. If you want to argue that Lance Moore (week 1) did it in mostly garbage time, that’s fine. But what about Danny Amendola and AJ Green, who looked like Jerry Rice and Randy Moss against us?

For most of last week, Redskins fans bitched about how Haslett should’ve gone to man coverage versus the Rams receivers, but maybe he was onto something by not putting these corners man-to-man with the Rams receivers, because shouldn’t go man-to-man with any receivers at this point.

Our corners should be absolutely ashamed of their play after their first three weeks, but when they lead by a dung-for-brains veteran in Hall, it’s debatable whether they know how lousy they’re playing, or if they care. His pathetic play is simply inexcusible, and it brings up a chicken and egg argument of whether to blame the coaches for having him go one on one with any #1 receiver, or is it Hall’s fault for having all the talent in the world, but continually being cooked au flambe by opposing receivers?

Regardless, this whole defense by Jim Haslett is predicated on getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks, locking our corners on man coverage while we “hope” the front seven gets to their QB and forces a hurried throw. Ryan Kerrigan and Rob Jackson did their part, and yet we still couldn’t force Andy Dalton to ever really be “uncomfortable.” He stood back, and just like Sam Bradford the week before, he picked us apart.

So here’s the question: what the hell are we going to do against Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams next week? Or, even worse, Roddy White and Julio Jones the week after? Or Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz two weeks after that? Or Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown the week after that?

It’s too easy and convenient to blame the secondary’s play on the injuries to Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker. Every team goes through team-altering injuries, year after year. That’s not an excuse of them to get torched on a weekly basis.

We recently found out this week that Haslett signed a contract extension that will keep him in Washington through at least the 2013 season. Now it’s time for him to actually earn the salary he’s been given, because if the defense continues to play like this, it’s going to be a long season for Redskins fans.

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3 Responses to “The Redskins Defense is Offensively Bad”

  1. Ghost of Sammy Baugh says:

    Three drafted o-linemen this season was supposed to bolster a questionable offense. While we obviously found something with MORRIS and GARCON, the three rookie linemen can’t even make the active roster. How the h*** are they suppoased to make a difference in the actual games.

    On defense, we knew the safties were questionable, and they certainly are. BERNSTEIN is gone on the IR, and CRAWFORD was toast on numerous occasions today. Where is # 21 when you need him.

    We have no # 1 picks in the next two drafts and that’s what’s needed in the defensive secondary. Plus, no cap flexibility for another year. The NFL is no more a glorified ARENA football league, and we must have another PIERRE GARCON, TRENT WILLIAMS, LaRON LANDREY and SEAN TAYLOR.

  2. Scott says:

    Nice to see the offensive points but the defense has to step up

  3. t dog says:

    this is what i saw a team that wasn’t pump up, still looked dazed after rams loss. they gave up a touchdown on bengals first play, they knew the defense is weak after rams and saint game this is know surprise, they wont add defense of players on free agency 2 better team, they could sign placco burgess 2 help offense with a big target, hell it ain’t like they have a play maker receiver, what do they have 2 lose, they should put rob jackson at right end, and k robinson and riley at linebackers with l. fletcher at mlb, josh wilson did ok but he and mr d angelo got burnt, the corner r weak and the secondary, so your defense of line is not getting a pass rush, so how can u stop the bleeding, see 2 years ago redskins should have sign this guy julius peppers but that would make 2 much since right. but they sign these bums and now it’s biting them in the ass! you have a rg3 he good but it’s hard to throw 2 your receivers’ when you r on your back and running for your life. the offense line is garbage and so is the defense. this is what i don’t understand about redskins they know the problem with the team but they don’t correct it. IT IS THE SAME SONG EVERY YEAR WITH THIS TEAM, we need 2 better the o-line they been sayin that for 10 years. it has not happen they got trent williams who is average but he don’t play like a franchise left tackle, and the rest of the o-line u can get them off the street.i guess they like losing it become contagious. redskins get it 2gether this song is 2 dam old every year. haslette is some garbage he should go back where he came from.

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