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Is It Really That Bad?

We are closing in on the 2011 NFL season and the quarterback of the Washington Redskins has yet to be named. In the well-publicized battle between John Beck and Rex Grossman, there is one thing that is common ground amongst both fans and the media…the winner probably will not have a strong season. Neither of them have had sensational careers by any means nor is this your fathers quarterback scenario of Sonny Jergensen and Billy Kilmer. All these facts are reported everyday by the Washington/National media and have led to some negative feelings toward the Washington Redskins. ESPN the magazine picked the Redskins to finish 3-13 and will cause some Redskins fans to put up the white flag before the season begins. Well, after looking into the past decade of Redskins quarterbacks, I have come away with an interesting outlook for the second most important figure in the District.

Let’s say the quarterback for the Skins puts up these numbers: 20 TD’s, 16 INT’s, 3712 yards, 58.2 % of his passes completed and a quarterback rating of 75 (Note: That is the old rating system). You may be asking yourself where I got these numbers and what they mean exactly. Glad you asked. Over the past decade, those numbers would indicate an average season for a Washington Redskins quarterback. 13 different quarterbacks have manned the position over the past decade: Brad Johnson, Jeff George, Tony Banks, Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffell, Patrick Ramsey, Todd Collins, Jason Campbell, Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman. With the exception of Todd Collins miracle run in 2007, all their numbers were maddeningly mediocre.

So why am I bringing up memories of mediocre quarterbacks? During this controversy, I have become increasingly frustrated with Redskins fans that do not believe in Beck and Grossman. I know they are not the franchise quarterbacks that everyone desires, but if they manage an above average season by Redskins standards than they should be a decent team. If they manage to control the clock with their running game and limit their turnovers, then I honestly think the quarterback could have a decent season.

We all hope Beck or Grossman can hold onto the football and post average Redskins numbers. Do I wish we had Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, sure, but it is not realistic. The Burgundy and Gold will have their franchise quarterback again someday, but for now they they have these two running the show. What matters the most for quarterbacks in the NFL is confidence, poise, the ability to read a defense, and perhaps most important, the ability to run and understand the offensive scheme you are in. Both players are full of confidence and have a clear understanding of the offensive scheme. These bode well for Redskins fans and their 2011 quarterbacks.  Think back to Todd Collins run into the playoffs. Collins had not appeared in an NFL game in years, but he understood the scheme that Al Saunders ran and played magical football for five games. More evidence to believe in them are McNabb’s struggles last year. It was reported time and time again that McNabb did not understand or fit their scheme well. He routinely did not know where the check down was and found himself benched after 13 games with more interceptions than touchdown passes. Beck and Grossman both have studied and learned under Kyle Shanahan and should prove themselves with their knowledge of the Shanahan scheme. Watching them in preseason you can tell that each is comfortable enough to remain calm in the pocket and progress through their reads. Now, as I have said in earlier posts, I do not think they are a playoff team. They do not have the depth required to last a full season. The loss of Jarvis Jenkins already puts the Skins behind the 8-ball on the defensive side and their offensive line lacks depth on the offensive side. Despite their depth, however, the quarterbacks should post decent numbers and may find themselves in the position to start again a year from now.

John Beck and Rex Grossman are not what many Redskins fans want, but they are in the NFL for a reason. The fact that some Redskins fans cannot seem to grasp any hope in these quarterbacks is frustrating. The Burgundy and Gold need stability at quarterback and perhaps one of these two can do just that. Each is highly motivated and the result could be positive. If whomever wins can get a few good bounces his way and post decent numbers, the Redskins will have a chance. Do not give up on them based on their previous results and the negative attention showered on them by the national media. Have faith in them because it cannot get much worse at the quarterback position. After all, I would take Beck over Heath Shuler any day of the week.

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9 Responses to “Is It Really That Bad?”

  1. JakeTheSnake says:

    your argument on their projected stats is horrible. You cant take the average of several players that are NOT Beck or Grossman. Although they both lack amazing regular season performances you cannot say they will put up those numbers. Both guys have been pretty solid when it comes to keeping the ball safe this preseason. Each guy has had 1INT.

    I am not saying either will be MVP or Probowl material but you are making an argument on claims and facts that have NOTHING to do with matter in discussion.


  2. Beck Fan says:

    I have been very interested in this story because I have known Beck since elementary school. Also I have to say it’s nice to read a story that doesn’t just say the same thing over and over and actually does some reporting.

    I think that if Beck gets a chance to start (and I do think that he will get be the starter opening day) that the Redskins nation will come to love Beck because he is a really hard working good guy who cares a lot about football and winning. He isn’t the kind of guy that takes losses lightly he seriously will be like Tim Tebow out there fighting until he doesnt have anything left and then he will try some more. The Redskins and Beck will surprise the NFL and all the fans who are hating on the Skins, Shanahan, and Beck will be saying they knew they were good all along.

    I think that the Skins will go 11-5 or 10-6 this year. Just look at their schedule. They can beat the Giants and Cardinals at home. Then go on the road Monday night against the Cowgirls and maybe win or loose. Then the Rams at home I say win. Then a perfect time for a bye week and they are at Phili that could be a win most maybe not. But then the got Carolina, Buffalo, 49ers, all wins so now they are 3-2 or 4-1. Then the Beckoning will happen in Beck return to Miami where John will make the Phins fan curse the day the Bug “Fat Ass” Tuna Parcells chose Chad Henne over Beck. (What a joke) Then Dallas at home so I think a win. So right there they are 8-2 lets say. Then begins the hardest part of the year at Seatle, home against the Jets, and at home against the Tom Brady’s I think they go 1-2 there, so now they are 9-4. Three Games left and if they just got 1-2 in those last 3 games then the Redskins end with a 10-6 record and have a good chance of making the playoffs. Beck wins the comeback players of the year and the Skins can focus the next year on getting more depth at O-line and in the Secondary. Ok it might not go down just like that but I think it will.

    • 007 says:

      I would heartily endorse all the comments you just posted, and will keep my fingers crossed that your position becomes reality.

  3. 007 says:

    I would disagree with your thesis regarding keeping the ball and building an effective offense in a primarily run-oriented ball-control game. The current rules clearly favor a pass-first, run-second offense. A concept I categorize as ‘ARENA-FOOTBALL II.’

    Having a strong running game does not hold the value it once did in this league. I think the SHANAHANS and ALLEN thirst for ANDREW LUCK, and hope to land him, although not necessarily with the first pick in the 2012 draft. How they would engineer such an acquisition, I am at a loss to explain, but i think they clearly want a first-rate passer.

    Neither BECK nor GROSSMAN have shown that ability to this point in their respective careers. If either comes through this season and proves out, then the hunt will be over for the time being, and LUCK would in all probability be out of their sights.

    I did predict to ATLANTA FALCONS fans on their newspaper blog that SNYDER wanted D. HALL badly, and was “lying in the weeds” awaiting his chance to grab him. You can look it up. And that was before he visited OAKLAND. I do not understand ALLEN as I did SNYDER, hence, I cannot predict with an degree of certitude what the REDSKINS management will do regarding the quarter-back position on this club.

  4. 007 says:

    Since we have several posters currently active here, would anyone care to venture a guess as to who stays, who goes to the practice-squad, and the nineteen unfortunates who are cast adrift?

  5. 007 says:

    Guess not huh?

  6. 007 says:

    to the practice squad.

    Keiland WILLIAMS cut.

  7. Jamar says:

    I like this article. If it is a different approach. He isn’t saying that those will be the statistics, rather that if they just play a liitle better then the likes of tony banks the skins will be better off. Good article. Nice to see someone who understands the skins and hopefully you are right. Keep the faith. HTTR

  8. RikkiD says:

    Someone needs to learn how to spell Sonny’s last name. It’s Jurgensen, not Jergensen.

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