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Santana Moss Invites You to His Strip Club Bash on Sunday

Ah yes, as if NFL players haven’t given themselves enough of a black eye with stupid twitter comments and reckless acts that have found them having to take mug shots – we now have the acts of one Redskins WR Santana Moss.

Seems that Moss will be hosting a party at the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Florida. The club identifies itself as “The Number One Urban Gentlemen Club in the World.”

The party is being called the “NFL Summer Groove Players Party.” and is scheduled for Sunday (why not have it on the Lord’s Day after all?).

In case you think this is one of those cases where the club is using Moss’ picture without his permission – he has also publicized the event on his Twitter account, meaning he is well aware of it.

While it’s a known fact that players from all the major sports frequent strip clubs (and sometimes marry those that work there), you have to wonder how the league feels about their players promoting events at these establishments, and even the Skins themselves feel about it.

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27 Responses to “Santana Moss Invites You to His Strip Club Bash on Sunday”

  1. Skins4Life says:

    I can’t believe this is even worth reporting. Get a life!!!!!!

  2. LaurelSkins says:

    The Lord’s Day is Saturday! If you properly research that you’ll find out for yourself.

  3. Redskinrey says:

    it looks fine to me whats so bad about a party

  4. Phil121 says:

    No, Laurel, “the Lord’s Day” is when He was resurrected and we celebrate His victory over death and the grave—all occurring on the first day of the week, Sunday. That expression only appears once in the Bible, at Rev. 1:10, and refers to Sunday for everyone except Seventh-day Adventists or Seventh-day Baptists. There is no way you can prove that expression refers to the Sabbath.

    • LaurelSkins says:

      Wow Phil, first of all that Rev. 1:10 was the disciple John expressing how he felt the spirit of the Lord while he was exiled on the island of Patmos. That doesn’t have to do with the Sabbath. You are right, In Matt’s article he doesn’t specifically say that he’s referring to “The Lord’s Day” being the Sabbath. But how do you say he is now referring to Easter Sunday(Jesus’ Resurrection). If anything he’s got to be referring to the Sabbath. If you read Genesis 2:1-3 You can see That God made Saturday(the 7th day) the Sabbath, and Constantine, in 321 A.D. Changed the Sabbath to Sunday.

      • Phil121 says:

        You’re right, John’s reference to “the Lord’s Day” doesn’t have to do with the Sabbath. That’s just my point. The Sabbath is Saturday and the Lord’s day is Sunday and not just Easter Sunday, but every Sunday, because we can celebrate His resurrection every Sunday, not just once a year, because He rose on the first day of the week. There has never been a change of the Sabbath, which will always be Saturday. The Jews observed Saturday because they were commanded to do so. No such command is given to Christians in the N.T. and they can observe Sunday in honor of Christ Who rose from the dead on a Sunday. Acts 20:7 says the disciples “came together to break bread” and Paul preached, “upon the first day of the week,” not the seventh day or the Sabbath.

        • LaurelSkins says:

          No Sir. God never changed the Sabbath day. It is only written in Gen 2 where God rested after creation and made the Seventh day Holy. He instructed us to rest and worship him on the Sabbath day. Its not up to us(Man) to change the Sabbath day. Yeah I know what you are talking about it Acts, we are to honor God everyday obviously, so the disciples getting together and breaking bread before Paul’s preaching makes sense. My point is that going to church on Sunday isn’t God’s chosen day of rest and worship.

          • Phil121 says:

            “He instructed us to rest and worship him on the Sabbath day.”

            Are you an orthodox Jew? Did he instruct YOU to rest and worship on the Sabbath? Where in the N.T. is the Christian instructed to rest and worship on the Sabbath?

            Its not up to us(Man) to change the Sabbath day.”

            Right. And I said the Sabbath has never changed. It is still Saturday.

            “Yeah I know what you are talking about it Acts, we are to honor God everyday obviously, so the disciples getting together and breaking bread before Paul’s preaching makes sense. My point is that going to church on Sunday isn’t God’s chosen day of rest and worship.”

            Then why did they meet to break bread and hear Paul preach on Sunday? Show me a verse where the Christians ever met on the Sabbath or observed the Sabbath as “God’s chosen day of rest and worship.” Can you do that? ONE verse in the N.T., just ONE! Or show me ONE verse written by Paul in his dozen or so letters where he instructs believers to observe the Sabbath as “God’s chosen day of rest and worship.” Just ONE. Can you do it?

          • SkinsFanInEaglesLand says:

            And this is why religion is stupid.

          • nate says:

            how do u both not know that the “lords day” isnt fucking wednesday and we just fucked up the whole calendar? whos to say that the begining of our week wasnt the middle of some other week? just shut the fuck up, it dont really matter

  5. I wish that I lived in Miami! I would definately attend! stop hating! Players can celebrate their birthdays in any fashion that suits them; MAYBE YOUR NEXT BIRTHDAY SHOULD BE IN A STRIP CLUB! He’s been a character guy for the Skins since he’s been here, so until something happens, leave the man alone!

  6. Mike Hodgson says:

    There is no real ditinction to what is the Lords day any more since the world is a 24/7 entity and Moss is doing nothing wrong so take a pill.

  7. alex lake says:

    As far as I understand, players are not allowed to practice or other, let him do whatever he wants, if the Redskins are ofended let them lift the lock-out. Until then Santana a private citizen is doing whatever he likes. Redskins go fly a kite.

  8. Sonny88 says:

    You know, I gotta think most of these players’ have a “moral terpitude” clause in their contract….which can be either very precise, or very vague. Don’t know if it’s ever been used, or not. But, you can bet the ownership always has the upper hand on any contract interpretation, and can do as they see fit.
    As for a cause for the uproar….nothing illegal about it. Just looks bad and in very poor taste. And, when it comes to endorsements, things like that matters to those paying out the dollars.
    But, it’s his life & his decision. Hope he put some thought into it.

  9. @ronnyboy_ says:

    I hope he invites u…..ur such a loser somebody should report reporters ur crossing the line how do u live with urself that man deserves to have fun he works hard & participates in charity events u jerk!

  10. @ronnyboy_ says:

    Further more he’s a private citizen & he’s experiencing a work stoppage have fun tanna man do as u pls

  11. rroland77 says:

    How did a story about a party at a strip club bring about this huge religious debate? And, to the author: What’s the prob with nude women? I’ve spent some of the happiest moments of my life with nude women.

    • Phil121 says:

      You said, “How did a story about a party at a strip club bring about this huge religious debate?” The author lamented that the strip club party was being held on Sunday, “the Lord’s day,” of all days. Laurel said the Lord’s Day is Saturday, not Sunday. She said if you properly research that, you’ll find out for yourself. That provoked my response that “the Lord’s Day” is Sunday, not Saturday.

      It’s not really a “huge religious debate,” just a discussion of differences of opinion. Hey, discussions happen, over millions of things that different people disagree on. It is no big deal, all you ignorant and uninformed nonspiritual people. You have your discussions over temporal, unimportant things, and Laurel and I can have our discussion over eternal, spiritual things. Ya follow?

      • Sammy says:

        you’re the kind of religious person i hate the most. why do you find it necessary to put down other peoples beliefs? just because people might not believe in a big invisible man in the sky doesnt make you more right then them, and hey, we can have our conversations about things like science that make more sense than that big invisible man in the sky. just yesterday i had a three hour long conversation about the other dimensiosn, self actualization, black and white holes, and crazy shit thats much more interesting than fighting over a day of the week. even this pathetic article is more interesting than what youre talking about. if you werent a dick about this, i would respect what youre saying, but its the people like you, that i and the growing number of people with differing religious opinions, dont respect.

        • Phil121 says:

          What can I say, Sammy? Some day I hope you really believe in that Big Invisible Man in the sky. Why? Because He loved you so much that He sent His Son from the glories of heaven to a sin-infested earth to bleed and die for all your sins. You’re like the crowd who yelled out, “Crucify Him!” and He still prayed for them (and you), “Father, forgive them; they know not what they do.” It doesn’t really matter to me whether you respect me, or that a “growing number of people with differing religious opinions” don’t respect me either. Today, you may find “self actualization” and “black and white holes” more interesting, but when you die and stand before that Big Invisible Man in the sky, those things won’t matter a bit. Only one thing will matter — what did you do with Christ? I hope you have a good answer.

    • Kim Jones says:

      That makes you quite normal, Amen. We can’t enjoy the company of the opposite sex, I guess not, so say many people her anyway. Depth of discussion was mentioned as well, black and white thinking is very limiting, right? How can you expand your horizons, with that type of logic? If they don’t want too cool, but we are allowed to have our own thoughts and feelings too! Are you with me rroland77?

  12. Buck5072 says:

    Found this story while looking for Redskins tickets of all things. Out of work and blowing money hand over fist crying that the owners are being too greedy. Both sides are too greedy and the fans pay. To hell with the tickets. Think I’ll spend my money on something beneficial. Hey Moss, maybe you can become a baby daddy after you make it rain.

    • Dabo1971 says:

      you’re an idiot with no life. Instead of buying tickets, you should spend that money on buying you a life

    • Kim Jones says:

      What in the world are you talking about? I don’t get your point, do you have one? These guys work hard and play hard, if you don’t like it, ignore it. If it’s not for you then leave it at that, people are different, why do we all have to conform to your ideology? I feel like I am in Religion class here, but we are not. Why are you judging a very respected guy, who plays for the Redskins? If you don’t like him off the field, don’t watch him on the field. Your Bible is available, keep reading maybe you will figure it all out, I hope you do. I will pray for you, each and every day! I only wish you would respect others as well, if you are disgusted then let it be! I don’t know what you think he is doing wrong, but I wonder if you can just let people live their own lives and we won’t judge you, the way all of you have judged Santana. I’ve met him many times and he is a standup guy, who is very charitable. Can you all say the same thing, just wondered? Oh, I am sorry, I did not mean to judge you.

  13. Bryan says:

    Who cares? I wish I was invited. Get a life.

    • Kim Jones says:

      Agree, I don’t get this article. People judge everybody and everything. If you don’t dig it don’t go right? I wish I was invite also, wth are these people talking about. It’s crazy, take away your freedom, stuff. Live & let live and all of you stop tossing them stones, you live in a glass house for sho, remember?

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