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Redskins 2008 Draft Preview


As the 2008 NFL draft draws near, it’s time to look at the roster and address some key issues.In my opinion the biggest issue the Redskins have this offseason is a lack of depth on the offensive line.The O-line has the talent to be an effective force in 2008. Washington guard Randy Thomas has failed to finish the season 2 of the last 3 years, and often injured Tackle Jon Jansen has played in only 32 games in his last 4 season. I look for Washington to address this need in the first round.

One possible draft selection is Auburn Tackle King Dunlap. I personally hope for the selection of Virgina Guard Branden Albert. Albert would be a great addition because of his ability to play both guard and tackle on either side of the line.

The Redskins also have a need to add a additional wide receiver. Santana Moss is a solid number one receiver, Antwaan Randell El is a versatile number two. Washington needs to add a possession reciever with some size to play that third receiver.Also adding some youth could prove effective. There is some talk Washington is looking at filling this need with the 21st pick drafting Florida wide receiver Andre Caldwell. I look for Caldwell to be off the board by this point. So look for Washington to fill this need with either the 2nd or 3rd round pick. Washington should look at selecting Indiana’s James Hardy in the 2nd round. Hardy is a 6 foot 7 inch genetic freak who had 190+ receptions for over 2700 yards and 36 touchdown in his 3 seasons at IU.

Washington should start to address there defensive needs later in the draft. Starting in round 3, look for Washington to add an outside linebacker. The Redskins could use some depth at linebacker and may need a starter. Starter Rocky McIntosh had a sever ACL and MCL tear last year. Injuries of that magnitude usually take a full year to recover from.Washington is holding out hope McIntosh will be ready by week one. After they fill the need at linebacker expect the Redskins to spend the rest of the draft filling out the secondary. They need to add some youth to the cornerback position and there is plenty of quality players at cornerback to be had in the later rounds. I would watch for the Skins to add 2 cornerbacks and a Free Safety on day 2 of the 2008 NFL draft

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9 Responses to “Redskins 2008 Draft Preview”

  1. charlesdog says:

    Great insite.can’t argue a thing.But what do you do if a very talented back is still on the board.Try to trade down,or go for it.You did mention Betts future,and my guess he will leave while he’s still young.Portis might need a break back there,and a bigger back would look good.We sure need help at OL,and CB,but I would hate to see a first round pick spent on either.No more cb at #1.

  2. Kenny says:

    while i believe offensive line help is needed, as well as wide reciever help….I believe a stronger issue is with our defensive line. Our line is only getting younger and slower. I was not impressed by our defensive line in the last 5 to 6 years. I think thats an area that effects all areas in a ball game. Turnovers have been a rarity for us lately and i think with a great line, the corners and secondary we have, can improve, and maybe get some interceptions with a decent pass rush. with all the good first round defensive talents, there is one second round talent i may settle with. Lawrence Jackson i think is a great pick only if he is around to be picked. Wide receivers are a commodity in every draft, its just a matter of scouting them right. In the end, i think its safe to say 1st round go defense, second round maybe look at a receiver, if there are no options, go defense again. Use all the other rounds as fillers, for depth….

  3. charlesdog says:

    Other than make a statement to everyone,which everyone has gotten the message,loosen up,and at least explore the likes of Spikes at LB,as he may bring a year to the skins like Fletcher did.I’m sure he’s not demanding much.DO SOMETHING>Looks like there set in waiting past this year to a player in the SB.

  4. Kenny says:

    See, I’m alright with them not doing anything in free agency this year…really the only position we could have gotten a quality younger player, at a quality price tag was guard, with all the free agent talent there…other than that, we would be getting older guys and higher price tags….I like spikes, he is a playmaker, but I’m not sure we need him, We need a guy who is gonna last first of all, we have done nothing but make mistakes with older players with a name. We can’t look at one year players, and I think no team can afford to look at a one year player, let alone a 2 year player…The patriots win superbowls and stay consistent by getting young guys, and keeping them on the team, they dont go out and get a guy who can only contribute for a year…If they thought Randy Moss would only help for a year I’m sure they wouldn’t have got him….Even though they signed him to a one year deal, they still had a future with the patriots lined up for him…..

  5. saratogan says:

    I think the four major areas that require help are: D-line, O-line, WR, CB.

    This is all predicated upon not knowing the final medical dispositions of the following players: Jansen, Thomas, Kendall, Griffin, McIntosh, & Rogers. Further, I do not know how the coaches have graded out the play of several promising youngsters: Montgomery, Heyer, Alexander, Doughty, & Mix.
    This information would provide crucial data in determining coaching preferences in a needs determination and prioritzation process.

    All that said, with a few new coaches at offense, the front office’s empahsis on offense in the aftermath of Gibb’s depature, and looking at the problems at the 0-line, the liklyhood of drafting a top o-lineman with the 21st pick is strong. The draft has some good depth at d-line and wr this year, so it is possible to pick up some sound prospects at those positions in round 2 and 3.

    As the draft actually progresses on draft day, however, one could expect to see a run at a particular position which changes the desired pick. In certain scenario’s I see a chance of the Redskins trading down in first round and picking up an extra choice in 2nd and 3rd rounds.

    Would you, for the sake of discussion, say that the 21st pick, based upon need, had to be an offensive tackle, but your two best remaining prospects were picked right ahead of you and the next available you had rated as a 2nd rounder and what was available with this pick was the first,second or third best rated CB in the whole draft, then go for that CB? Or, would you then go to the best available defensive end?

  6. Kenny says:

    for the sake of discussion, i really dont have an answer to that…the scouts and coaches do know alot more than we know, i think at the position of the 21st pick, and the different gaps we have, i think the best available athelete at the point would be the need guy….A guy like kenny phillips, a safety, hasn’t really been considered by analysts, but i think he could end up being the guy the skins pick….at the pick we have, it’ll be likely that the 18th 19th and 20th pick will tell us where we need to go….but I’ll tell you what, i do like a guy like brandon albert if her drops far enough back…i think he would fit nicely in our line, and he looks like a decent athelete….I also see guys who will go early in the second round that i like alot…so it’s hard to say right now whats gonna happen, it seems like the other picks will unfold the solution….

  7. saratogan says:

    Interesting interview of Daniel Snyder on Washington Times website. Snyder made a couple of statements that I thought were very informative. Get a chance, go read it.

  8. saratogan says:

    Yes, take the best available and if fits a position need, great. I like Kenny Phillips and Brandon Albert. Also, I think the trend on draft day will dictate a lot as to what the Redskins can or can not do.

    What is of concern for me is if the skins decide to trade draft choices to get Chad Johnson.


  9. IAN says:


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