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Washington Football Teams defense on the field at the end of the game—how apropos!

Given the way WFT capitalize on Philadelphia mistakes (and lack of experienced OL personnel) but in particular how Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz and head coach Doug Pedersen were turned into a B-Rated looking offense on this one day, it was only right the defense—on-the-field for the victorious last snap Sunday.

With no more Redskins in name or logo, WFT started a new ERA, a new decade of games, a new season, in a new environment (considering this was the 1st game at FedEx with no fans because of Covid concerns), and on this 1st new day, this win-Wow!

Overall, this–one of the most dominant defense performances seen by this blogger (who goes way back–to Jack Pardee’s team as a little kid). Dominant to start a WFT season,or, possibly any regular season game. For game 1, a nice way to start a new ERA and new decade.

Without checking stats, 8 sacks in a game must be close to a  WFT record for a season opener excuse me any game in their franchise with the nfl record at 12, done by a few teams.  Whatever the franschise record, this writer does not remember any game in the heyday of Gibbs with a team recording over 7 sacks. 

Apropos that Ryan Kerrigan with 2 sacks would become WFTs all time sack leader with 92. Heck this writer would be asking WFT players and coaches at tomorrow press conferences if these men  have ever been involved with a game with as many or more sacks? This blogger ventures many have not, on any level.

The 1st part of the game was all Philadelphia Eagles. On a 3rd and 22, Wentz hit rookie wr Jalen Reagnor in stride (who had beaten WFT DMV own and former Eagles vet cb Ronald Darby) for a 55 yard pickup to begin a day where Philadelphia could do nothing wrong or so it appeared.
With WFT offense stalling and the defense letting Philadelphia receivers run at will, it looked like Reagnor, Tight end Dallas Goedert and Wentz were carving the WFT defense. Were we watching a good team or highlights of the 1989 San Franscisco 49ers a la hall of fame qb Joe Montana and wr Jerry Rice. 
Yet 2 Wentz throws, an interception and an overthrow to end the half and WTF was back into a game that looked for all intensive purposes over even though just the 2nd quarter.

With a little over 2 minutes left in the 2nd and Philadelphia up by 17-0, many  were wondering if Wentz had enough time to construct one more touchdown or field goal against the floundering WFT.
This blogger had heard from every national prognosicator he had listen to on talk radio on the eve of the game them all urging their listeners to take Philadelphia and the points.
But when Fabian Moreau stepped in front of his opposing receiver, Wentz plans and the prognosicators afternoon was intercepted by Moreau.

Haskins who struggles were as glaring as Niagara is a Falls led the team down field with wonderful precision, hooking up with tight end Logan Thomas for a touchdown and a 17-7 score. Thomas made so many big plays against WFT as a Detroit Lion last season (including a late touchdown in that game at Fed Ex) this writer believes that in part why Thomas ended up here via  free agency. After one game, it appears WFT has a tight end, the major hole of Washington fans everywhere, wink!

Back to Wentz, a questionable throw at best from Wentz given NFL dBs make up speed–the int began the comeback with WFT scoring 27 unanswered. If anyone watching saw Moreau’s int as the start of this comeback please contact me, for the latest stock tips as this writer could use a good blue chipper.

After WFT 1st score, Wentz had about :40 seconds to engineer a drive to end the half. WR DeSean Jackson broke free downfield and Wentz attempted to deliver him a knockout punch of a throw. Boy, how Wentz must have wanted  that one back more than any other miss for the day as nothing drives quarterbacks more crazy then when they miss on a bomb for a probable 6. On that play, a wide open WR DeSean Jackson missed by many yards even though the receiver potentially had WFT defense burned.

For the rest of the day, Wentz throws and decision were off. A day Wentz started off on fire then was under fire from a WFT d-line on fire.  It seemed that early on WFT was being beaten badly by Philadelphia speed.  But was Wentz decision making, Pedersen play calling or WFT key adjustments the cause of what appeared to be a quicker and faster WFT coverage units. 

Whatever happened starting with over 2 minutes in the 2nd quarter, the coverage units came to life to give needed aid to the defense line which was dominant from the opening snap yet still found itself down, 17-0 and 17-7. Rarely seen out of WFT coaches most games since Gibbs 1, a comeback with in-game and halftime adjustments.

Stars go out to every member of the burgundy and gold especially players like 2nd year cb Jimmy Moreland (a key interception return) and Darby who both were beaten early on but turned around and had stellar performances.
That 1st part of the game from our coverage units it looked more like the same old, same old. This writer means was that former WFTs Josh Norman, Mason Foster and Haha Clinton Dix in coverage, no’! It turns out it was Moreland Moreau and Darby. At least for a day, that sounds like an upgrade! 

Nice to see Ryan Kerrigan break Dexter Manley franchise record for sacks. In particular, Kerrigan  and heralded rookie Chase Young teamed up all day on an undermanned Philadelphia o-line especially with a key Young strip sack and Kerrigan recovery. That play was the exclamation point on the WFT victory. 

Another key moment in this game came when WFT still down 17-7 deep in their own territory to start the 3rd quarter needed anyone to fall on a loose ball and Gerron Christian did just that with a most likely game saving play. With Philadelphia in apparent control, Christian had gotten beaten badly on the play and when Haskins was hit, the ball went up in the air. It laid on the ground for what seemed like an eternity but Christian pounced…in past seasons this is typically when WFT moves in slow motion. Instead, Christian flopped his around 300-pound frame onto the ground and recovered the fumble for WFT.

As WFT broadcaster Julie Donaldson commented (verbatim) Christian needed a swim move to hold onto the ball…A losing play most likely in the past decades WFT players finally were pouncing! 

By Christian not giving up after his whiff he allowed WFT live to fight another battle and another battle they did fight. On Philadelphia next possession Moreland came up with his vital int and return. 

WFT offense displayed that same kind of grit following Christian’s and Moreland’s and a host of others players who were flying around the ball. WFT on the legs of determined veteran rb Peyton Barber and the arm of Haskins (who settled in and got stronger and stronger) have ended Sunday in sole possession of 1st in the NFC.  Wow!  Do we start proclaiming Super Bowl, Washington press–980 and 630 have taught this fan base that at best, lower every expectation.  Well, 980 and 630, that script has been written of always lowering expectations and always lowering our teams until WFT has a playoff win under its belt. How boring and how scared!

If WFT wins 11 games on the season by an anvarage of 1 point in each game,that is not good enough for a Press Corp that wants domination like the 1992 Washington Football Team. Blow outs!   Sorry,  after week 1, this blogger is simple happy for a good team win week 1.  Let us move on to week 2.
Finally, thanks Philadelphia for having a defense lineman jump onside on a 4th and 4 gamble by head coach Ron Rivera to put a stake in heart of any Philadelphia improbable comeback. The 1st down virtually ensuring the victory for WFT. This kind of play seen too often for the last decades by WFT not against an opposing team.  Offsides and false starts at key moments are penalties typical of any Snyder owned franchise team.  

Penalties by WFT especially early on but throughout the game seemed to be the same rerun of WFT long suffering fans, a script fans have had to endure seasons after season. But, Landon Collins inexcusable 15 yard unnecessary roughness, Young’s at the time key offside and Apeke’s wreckless 15 yard helmet to helmet penalties were  all followed up with hard nosed and blue collar efforts the rest of the game. This blogger will take a poor play, penalty and a little poor time attitude if followed with the type of all pro efforts displayed by these players. For a day, it was all WFT after Wentz missed a throw he would like to have back!

One last thing, the Howard University choir performed the Black National Anthem virtually pre-game. This writer still has only heard a snippet of the song but this blogger wonders if it could be shorten and used as a replacement to Hail to the Redskins after every WFT or new team name score. Why not for a new ERA, new decade and new lead!


Now is the time as always at 0-0 record to be thinking championship.  Bust the pundits, WFT!  Make them eat crow!   People say you grow up fast in this league.  For many on WFT, that starts Sunday.

Email to Dad on logo and helmet change!

From this blogger, here is a letter to my dad….dad is long time WFT season ticket holder. We are for a woman helmet.
If you are reading this with the media or a fan or a human, which one?  Talk it up!
If you agree with a woman on the helmet
-given domestic violence in NFL (especially in news this past decade!)
-and ceiling breaking
-and America being in the 21st century!
-and no professional men sports team with a woman on its helmet (I don’t think Minnesota Viking but closes one)
TALK IT UP! Let us start a campaign!
We have a while before the name change, lets get a woman on the helmet with our men fighting for that helmet!
Lets get this right for the town and country!
My email to dad:
Hi dad,
Can you get this for me?   (I ask my dad for an article on the name change, not included: It is from Economist, July 18th?)
I think people were mentioning on social media the names that are the frontrunner within hours after name change…probably within 2 hours, I believe.  I think it had something to do with the trademarks WFT was looking into but it took me all summer to get a cool idea, that is how writers work!
It took me all summer to come up with a huge cool idea: Washington Valkyries, Washington Sue B’s,  Washington Harriets,WASHINGTON WOMAN, etc…..
Above, here is a possible helmet design (even if they make it very G-Rated) from an artist…and of course, burgundy and gold!
1 of the Red Wolves design out there (people like the old ‘R’ which was associated with racist past)
Which one do you like? 1 or 2.
Dad,  tell your friend, Is it time for a woman!

How To Look At Sports, ESPN!

This writer says stop any new harsh judgement until week 5 or 6 because it is a new coaching staff.

Fans try to focus on:

  1. The coaching,
  2. Actual plays (like that show is it, NFL Playbook)
  3. Key moments that won and lost games                                                                                       Please, town, stay away from the players breakdowns or analysts.  They are not a bunch of Roman Gladiators!
  4. Finally, check which unit is victorious at the end of the game.  That is always the winning side.

So, here we go WFT!  Most importantly, let us have HUMOR

  1. from the Howard Choir….
  2. to how many times we say Redskins
  3. to the announcers
  4. to if the announcers have fun with it
  5. to if they announcer teach awareness on the old racist name (laugh at our ethnocentrism, people!)
  6. to how many times we howl!

Whatever, good or bad, laugh–it is for the kids anyhow!

This writer is pulling for 16-0 and the Super Bowl and a woman named helmet with a woman pic on it, right Dan!–you must have some video that we can use for a helmet, G-Rated!

All This Betting Reeks!

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post: a much better writer in terms of language than this kind of Sly Stallone caveman language like blogger. Sorry, speech classes in elementary during english. No Pulitzer for writing for this guy, by the way, no Pulitzer for Peace in this town either!

Well, anyhow Bos’ claim that these are the worst players ever in WFT or something like that, “stink!”

Is this a joke because this writer respects men like Boswell who have a livelihood to protect…and with sports these days  media are paid being controversial.  Otherwise it appears the Post has come full circle in writing in the late 1990s that WFT should have been walking over teams like Arizona and New York to now WFT is the doormat. Which one Post?

You see these are all professionals who can beat one on any given night. WFT and the Washington Wizards and the Capitals have taught us that: too never underestimate our opponents…hmmm, 2019 come to mind, I think so Houston!

If this is not a joke this writer will let this whole town know: what stinks more than this stupid nonsensical column of the post (I mean WFT was 3-5 with Haskins or something like that) is the prediction business. Our WFT ‘to be 1-15 Trevor Lawerence where are you?…team this season’ , the only thing that stinks more than these pundits are the fact that pundits now hold beating Las Vegas betting lines with the same ease of teaching a kid to swim. 

Put the games into computers models, calling out sure bets, this writer wonders has WFT been watching film of the Eagles since the day the schedule came out, or, other videos at that!

Heck, all you need to do if you are a coach is : you type in Philadelphia Eagles vs any opponent last year with YouTube and start watching as eating your hot Krispy Kreme and cocoa. 

It is a new decade so may Roger Goodell and the NFL make these pundits eat crow for this decade…Until a day as such, pundits such as  Boswell to the Madden NFL video game crowd, can continue to root for their New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers and diss on professionals almost everywhere.

Innovation! Misdirection! Part 1!

Here is a praying for an upset Sunday from WFT.  It is a new decade and this writer is hoping for new systems!  It seems this whole century has been west coast trees and version of 2 deep zones.

Has football reached a true limit, yes–with Tom Brady’s and J.J. Watt’s, this type of football has reached a limit without undoing 2 deep zones or supplied the fans with misdirection at any place on the field at virtually any moment.  A team armed with rugby moves can star down the field instead of gladiators like players led by GOATs such as Brady or Favre!

Kyler Murray and Dak Prescott are souped up versions of Russell Wilson.  Dwayne Haskins and Tua probably passer like Manning and Brees at best. We are bored and the rating show.  It is the same stuff mostly.

Almost a computer game each year with a set of new energizer Bunnies each season! The latest flavors…How often do hard nosed team play trump individual talent in today’s NFL. Days when we had innovations like the unleashing the counter trey–making personnel unstoppable for a while–virtually being replaced by best singular athletic talent running similar Xs and Os whether McCarthy or Payton or Reid!

WTF–let us innovate, knock down that door again, and bring hope back to an organization and a league!

The Football Is Our Friend

We have brought up a generation of fans to be scared of fumbles and bad bounces and the football.  Yes, the football itself!

The pigskin always needs to be possessed and controlled, thanks in part of philosophies of men like the late Coach Walsh!  Minimize risk. Parcell’s and the NFC East ball control offense now with 70 % accuracy.

Bouncing is bad because of its shape—the football also is a beautiful tool which can go so many directions. If we utilize the football correctly it is a tool of misdirection.  Instead, our generations of NFL fans are taught to believe the football given its shape and size is way too unpredictable.  It should be tamed.

Rugby Tosses Always Go Backwards In Theory

In Rugby, tosses are always meant to go backwards, the same holds true with a NFL rulebook in a sense!  Except we also have the pass–which is the best tool of any sport!

Everyone reading this please review the best of rugby highlights to see the misdirection that the sport has inherent in the tossing of that rugby ball!

The rugby ball–the angles created with tosses, the movements, the NFL allows for almost any kind of rugby toss at any place down the field at any time.  Enough said, in a sense. Got it!

No Defense Is Prepared For Offense To Utilize The Entirety NFL Rulebook

There is a way to beat the 2 deep zone, way to beat any and all defensive as currently being run in the NFL. This author thinks he can formulate a system of Xs and Os from playing 6 seasons of college rugby at tiny Guilford College in North Carolina, meet the system of this decade for the NFL: Thor-B!

Put Me In Coach

Rivera, Snyder, this writer is writing this in the hopes of getting employed by WFT to turn this dream into a reality.  If you build it, it would come!

This writer would like to travel all over the world to scout athletes to run and more so coach WFT players in this system: horse (2-deep zone) meet locomotive (Thor-B)!

Are NFL Coaches Even Familiar With Their Rulebook, this writer writes, ‘Innovate!’

There is NO NFL team that is utilizing the NFL rulebook to get to the true meaning of how to use all their options available on every play on offense.  I have an innovation I call: Thor-B.

Who hear would not mind if a team threw a pass downfield then attempted to run 4 hook and ladders or pitches off the original catch…and then would lose the ball and turnover the pigskin on a fumble by a poor toss. Meet Thor-B at its worse.

On each play, the risk might not equal the reward.   But it just might odds out or even out!  Certainly, worth a looksie with more rugby plays and players entering every season.

Today, the NFL is a repeat episode of Herculean efforts each season: 2 years on a back field of the best American athletes in the world and Belichek’s Pats will go down 40-10, I can place that bet!

Rugby Players Love The Forward Pass, Football Players Love The Lateral

Rugby players worldwide know that the best tool is the forward pass but does football know that rugby is a tool on every play to aid the pass, I say yes and our American players can get this form of football in no time at all.

The NFL is the most elite league in the world, more elite than soccer, rugby, basketball, baseball, anything. Our athletes rock but we can teach them a much more fun game.  Meet Thor-B.

Innovation! Misdirection! Part 2.



Misdirection At 360 Degrees

The great late Miami legendary head coach Don Shula (this writer believes) invented the hook and ladder. Was this a signal of how much misdirection an NFL play could utilize, this writer guesses so but believe there is so much more misdirection then just the hook and ladder.

Why not on as many plays as possible, toss and turn and kick and drop kick!  Rugby players hardly turn over the ball by having the ball tossed forward and when they do, ho-hum!

A Kicking QB: The Blooper Punt

It was 45-10 Chicago Bears over the Washington Football Team (WFT) at Soldier field on September 30th, 1985.  Four months later, the Bears would  beat the New England Patriots by the same score to win their first and only Super Bowl.

That season—very exciting–the Super Bowl shuffle, Sweetness, Chicago replaced WFT and the 49ers as the nation’s sweetheart and team to beat in the NFC.

But the true excitement for football fans like this writer was with Buddy Ryan’s incredibly innovated 46 defense.

The same defense that current WFT head coach Ron Rivera was a member of back in the 80s.

A highlight or rather low light of Joe Theismann playing career came on that September day in 1985 when facing Ditka’s Bears.  An immortalized Gibbs quote to Joe Theismann on the sidelines, “Have you ever punted?” as Theismann’s punt traveled a yard for one of the most infamous punts ever in WFT history, at least.

Off the side of J.T.’s foot when he filled in for injured punter Jeff Hayes, the moment a true WFT blooper for any age to laugh at.

How Boring Is Today’s Game

Nowadays, even the bloopers in the NFL are starting to seem like repeats and have gotten boring.  Who is yawning, this writer!

We have had the Mark Sanchez’s  butt fumble and Jim Marshall’s running the wrong way and the Thanksgiving day beauty of Leon Lett running the wrong way. Was it a Donovan McNabb as a Redskins quarterback who once did a quick kick, this writer remembers that one.

Ball Control, Small Control

Ball control-do not turnover the ball-march down the field in 10 plays about, or, a bomb—yawn, yawn, yawn.

See many a year ago, Gibbs innovated with the two tight end set and the counter trey. San Francisco 49ers great Bill Walsh did the same with the West Coast offense—short passing attack.

Where Has The Innovation Gone

For years, the game was out of control fun with coaches taking seasons to catch up to innovations.  This century, how many innovations have there been—RPOs with QBs getting hurt, not many. Now, everyone is an expert on 2-deep and Cinderella and her fairy godmother.

 A Glimpse of the Future in Seattle, By Accident:

It all starts on special teams.

At that game in Seattle, the WFT down most of the game and lifeless took the lead, 14-13.  The Seahawks home crowd had its life sucked out of it.  This writer at that game hollered when on that kickoff Antonio Brown recovered the pigskin…WFT lost, 35-14.  That kick, a form of Thor-B!

Meet Thor-B

Meet Thor-B, short for Thorpe-ball named after Jim Thorpe (Sac and Fox descendant) the discriminated against by the NFL all-world running back, kicker, punter greatest of them all!

Always having the run-pass-kick option on every offensive play is allowed in the NFL.  Let’s use it, the rulebook that is!

What Direction The WFT Should Take

Considering this writer has never made more than $25 an hour, hire me!

Using the rulebook, more importantly as a fan.

The Thor-B Innovation

This is my vision.  Run-Pass-Kick option on every play, the NFL rulebook allows for it!

The qb, rb, wr, te, t-eligible, and center would all be trained at run, kick and pass. 2 years of training after practice, sort of like the horse versus the locomotive!

This vision expanded: Three Jim Thorpe types in the backfield playing qb-hb-fb.   The more options an offense can have, the more things a defense has to game plan against the better that offense is.

Back to some of the players this writer mentioned above, how about Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott and Dwayne Haskins in the backfield and qb position all at once, meet Thor-B.

Figuring out ways to extend plays with multiple handoffs, laterals, kicks, rucks (a Rugby way of advancing the football before going to the ground), and the center position is reborn.

The Cal Bears kick return unit all were rugby players on the field the day of  ‘The Play.’  Just watch that video to see how a group could be marching down the field with laterals.  But that is too rugby style—Thor-B involves the offense.  Yes, as mentioned before, it all starts with special teams!

The Future of Thor-B

Eventually, the NFL best plays are re-written: all the plays on offense—rushing and passing–where 6-8 players are giving Herculean efforts as opposed to 1 or 2.  The Immaculate Reception cannot be beaten but Thor-B would give it a run for its money!

Gosh, every rugby player dreams of the forward pass because they know it cannot be beat.

The bomb meets the option: meet Thor-B.  Yes, the Drop Kick lives again.

Much more difficult to drop kick with an NFL sized football as compared to the bigger and lighter rugby ball, does British football player Harry Kane want to drop kick in the NFL?




What To Watch For? A New Decade of WFT Football!

What to watch for? 

So, here is what a what to look for Game 1 from this writer’s perspective.  Fans much of this has been happening for years but last season in particular…well, except for the first three look for’s:

  • A win.
  • Build upon last season’s success. Last season, for a while the young team was playing the same script of being in the game but coming up short; finally, they pulled out a nail biter. Last season, they proved they can win, now, will they?
  • The Coaching Staff keeping their timeouts and managing the clock correctly. No need to worry, down 3, give me the ball with :40 seconds with 3 timeouts, wink!
  • Cover every player in routes, every play. Way too many plays where there was no WFT defensive players within yards of an opposing player receiving a pass.  Out of the backfield, down field, for a touchdown against, way too many receivers left wide open.  The Collins debacle.  The Apeke key 3rd down breakdown.                                                              Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz for the latter part of the decade has been uncovered against us…Is he really that good? I doubt it.  Little in-routes, down and outs, is Ertz really the next Mike Ditka or Mark Bravo, WFT sure has made him into that in recent seasons.  Stick a man on him, Gruden!–the common theme during the Gruden regime rivalry with the Eagles.  WFT has not made many adjustments against Ertz and the Eagles very often in recent seasons, getting beat on all sorts of plays.                            Too often, teams deception plays work against us whenever a team has to dig into their well for a play against WFT…Come on!                                                                                        Will we cover every player on the line and in the backfield every play, this writer prays for such. This is the 1st thing that this writer will be looking for in terms of change to proven winners and professionals Del Rio and Rivera.                                                                       When there is a wide open receiver, hopefully it is a breakdown and a rarity and our coaches are boiling over–on the sidelines, in the locker room, with the media.                    For this new decade, let the wide open receiver become an exception, not the norm.  To long for too many seasons, it has become the norm here in DC.
  • Get a pass rush from just our front 4. Over the years even good defenses like Greg Williams (pre-scandal)–even though blitzing worked at times, WFT has not be able to generate consistent pressure from our front 3 or 4.                                                                                           This writer just heard some media member on air say that ‘not unrealistic to expect 25-30 sacks from Kerrigan, Young and Sweatz.’ This writers adding in of the LBs and DTs and secondary–unheard of since Snyder’s ownership.                                                                       To win, often a team needs to apply constant pressure with just 3 or 4 rushing. The Jets of all team put on a clinic doing this to us last season in Haskin’s 1st home start.  Hope Del Rio et al. have been watching film of that game and learning how to get 3 and 4 man fronts together—from film of the Steelers, Saints, Ravens–all the best d-lines in the NFL, get it done, Del Rio!  It is a copycat league.                                                                                   Unfortunately, this writer has not seen it, (a pass rush), constantly out of a WFT 3 and 4 man front for a game or season since Gibbs I.  At least not last decade!                              This writer says if we average 4 sacks a game, we are close to the ’85 Bears.  If done mainly with the front 4, Steel Curtain!
  • No gaping holes for the run defense play after play. So many games last season, we would be in striking distance in the 4th quarter when another team would get the    fire-drill running game going and bury us. Buffalo, Minnesota, San Francisco.  Finally, WFT pulled out a nail biter as mentioned above. Will our defense be able to make a stop when needed or will it be the same script as the earlier part of last season. WFT seemed to flip the script for a stretch last season starting with Detroit.  Here is hoping for continuity from their players…and a new script of wins–it is a new decade!
  • Continue the goal line defense production.  Our red zone and goal line defense were superb.  Throw out the national and hometown pundits prediction if we figured out how to repeat this success and how to add on the layer of this type of defensive production all over the field. Heck, covering receivers is where it starts as mentioned above (for the decade). This writer would even take bend but don’t break a la Richie Pettibone if not 1985 Bears-ish.
  • Sticking with the running game. Just because we do not gain any yards on 1st does not mean we cannot run on 2nd.  Trust in our OL opening holes.  Trust in our defense.
  • Ensure the Left Tackle spot remains secure. We did not had a gaping hole last decade from season to season at the blind side from the most part because of Trent. New decade, new hope!
  • Find open receivers. Tom Brady when actually watching him play misses on quite a few of his passes…but most often he come backs and finds and hits open receivers. Often, on the next down!  Haskins appeared good at both of these attributes last year. Cousins was very good at this when with WFT even if Cousins did not have all the throws.  If we can just hit open receivers we could get explosive.
  • Receivers rarely dropping the balls.  There were way too many drops and a former NFL analysts on air said ‘that young receivers can improve upon this’ especially with the TEs and WRs corps.  Best way of helping a QB is making a catch.
  • Less Air mails. Haskins was late and high on some throws.  According to Joe Theismann on air these are correctable mistakes especially for a youngster not yet acclimated to the speed of the game.  As with Brady’s example above , all QB air mail passes including the GOAT. Haskins looked good overall with limited throwing downfield last season.
  • No more QB runs.  Haskins was running, Haskins was also getting hurt.  If we learned from RGIII, no need for RPOs, etc.  Eli won 2 Super Bowls by backpedaling away from defenders and taking sacks in part.  This number 7 is not that number 7, this writer believes!
  • The Deep BallThis is still the biggest question for the strong-armed Haskins, does he have any accuracy going long, this writer has not seen Haskins unleash a completed bomb since with WFT.  Will Haskins be able to hit a player dead in the numbers over the shoulder in stride 50-yards downfield.  He showed something like that in his offseason workouts with Antonio Brown, much different in the heat of a game.
  • The Halftime Adjustments. Since 1997, have we had 1! Seriously.                                       I can think of 1 halftime adjustment involving ownership!   WFT, Today!