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by Marc Lande For old timers, WFT is always the underdog and that is where our fanbase is Dan! The Washington Trail in honor of Harriet Tubman, that would be a great name! What to Watch For Week 11: Washington Football Team is favored by -1 against the Cincinnati Bengals, according to the CBS Sports betting lines as of Saturday evening. Will WFT beat the spread? Traditionally, WFT is terrible as favorites but this season WFT has a draw in the 1 game they were favored. This season, WFT is 4-4-1 against the Vegas spread. November 8th, 2020, Week 9: The rebuilding WFT has only been a Vegas favorite for a game this season against NYG week 9 and the game was a draw. Interestingly, NYG is now on a roll since the draw. The trend: WFT’s last 4 games, no losses in terms of the Vegas betting line. 3 Vegas upsets and the draw. Conclusion: An interesting way to teach a child about sports, just pick all the PRO games with the point spreads. Instead of all this fantasy stuff and player ratings/ rankings, a much better father/ son activity is teaching predictability. Heck, when the health of the PROFESSIONAL SPORTS and the NFL in particular is optimum, a father can easily teach a kid a pen-ultimatum survival skill: you cannot beat the house Week 10: W, +3.5, WFT. Det 30, WFT 27. Washington beats the spread, at + 3.5. Week 9: Draw. -3, NYG 23, WFT 20. Week 8: Bye. Election that Tuesday. Week 7: W +3, WFT. WFT 25, DAL 3. Washington beats spread as underdogs. Week 6: W, WFT. +3. NYG 20, Was 19. Once again, the underdogs do it! Week 5: L, +8.5, Rams. LAR 30, WFT 10. LAR beat eh spreads. Week 4: L, +13. BAL. BAL 31, WFT 17. WFT barely loses the spread. If Haskins could have got ‘em in! Week 3: L, +7. CLE. CLE 34, WFT 20. CLE beats the spread. Week 2: L, +7. ARI. ARI 30, WFT 15. Ari beats the spread. Week 1: W, +5.5. WFT. WFT 27, PHI 17. A big upset to start the new era. Way to go, underdogs!

Could the Washington “Football Team” Keep the Name “Football Team”?!

The Washington Football Team hired Jason Wright as team president in August.

Since arriving he’s had to deal with several stories detailing harassment allegations by former employees, a name change and the rebuilding of a culture. Wright spoke to John Keim of in an interview on a number of subjects.

Keim asked if Could Football Team be the permanent name? Wright said, “Maybe. The name can be, in a word, awkward. It’s definitely in the running,” Wright said.

“I don’t think anything is off the table. … With this one, people are excited about the idea of a club has an identity rooted solely in the area it represents.

“It’s Football Team or it’s Football Club. We need to get underneath the why, so no matter what direction we go, we can pull on the heartstrings of folks.”

Why Give Up?

Whatzzzz up dc? All the geeking takes, draft stock numbers, production, cattle numbers, etc. His arm looks brilliant. Dwayne Haskins in 4! Wink, wink.

Photo caption: Lea Michele had been an understudy for years in Broadway before finally reaching stardom opposite Ashton Kutcher.

Why give up on Haskins until his rookie contract ends?

Coach, Is He Angry?

Daryl Worley should have something to prove now.  He also probably needs to be shown kindness, patience, time and FREEDOM…I mean, he was a Dallas Cowboy!

THere is nothing like playing angry…did you ever see the scenes from Fast Times At RidgeMont High…watch.  Worley down the  road playing for WFT against Dallas, maybe? They say stars like WFT great Gary Clark and super mega greatest of the great, MJ–played better once they were angered.

The Dallas Cowboys just cut Daryl Worley.  I really hope WFT have already contacted his agent and asked: are you hunger?  And. where is the playbook!  What? What?

Even though, a sloth like athlete by NFL standards, Worley has the potential of being an excellent replacement for WFT’s Landon Collins.

My question: does Worley want to stick it to the Boys? I know, experiments like bringing in Deion, who just wanted the money and stick it back to us…maybe even Calvin Hill was more a Cowboy!   the list of former Cowboys who have done well here in WFT is too short.  But remeber a players like Brandon Noble was ultra producitve for us. Unfortunately, he was playing on hardly a leg.

WFT here is a real chance to take an ex-bad guy and have him joining the Jedis! Go WFT, Today!


Here’s the scouting report from DC’s website on Worley, Bucky Brooks (excerpt):

“Measuring 6-foot-1, 215 pounds, Worley has prototypical dimensions for any position in the secondary, particularly safety or cornerback. He is not a blazer, as evidenced by his 4.64-second forty-yard dash time at the 2016 NFL Combine but he displays good short-area quickness and agility.

In man coverage, Worley is an aggressive defender with a physical playing style. He is at his best playing nose-to-nose with wide receivers utilizing press and press-bail techniques. He possesses the length and hand-to-hand combat skills to jam and control defenders early in routes while maintaining “top-down” positioning down the field. When Worley handles his business at the line of scrimmage, he consistently wins the down due to his physicality and aggressiveness. However, he has a slim margin for error due to his lack of top-end speed and stop-start acceleration.

As a zone defender, Worley exhibits good instincts and awareness diagnosing routes. He sorts out concepts quickly and makes aggressive breaks to the ball on throws in his area. Although his aggressive style and limited explosiveness make him vulnerable to double moves, Worley’s quick reactions, vision and high football IQ make him a reliable zone defender out-wide or in the middle of the field (safety).

Against the run, Worley earns high marks for his aggressiveness, physicality, and tackling skills. He attacks runners on the perimeter with violent cut-down tackles but also shows dependable wrap up skills. Worley’s consistent tackling and overall physicality jump off the tape.

Overall, Worley is an experienced defender with versatility, IQ and physical tools to be an effective CB2 or third safety. He has some athletic limitations but the veteran’s intangibles and instincts enable him to succeed in the back end.


  • Versatile defender capable of playing anywhere in the secondary (cornerback, nickel and safety)
  • Consistent tackler
  • High IQ and excellent communication skills
  • Prototypical size as a press-man corner


  • Lacks speed, burst, and athleticism to live on the island as a corner
  • Limited playmaking ability”

 From: “Bucky Brooks: Scouting Report on Daryl Worley”

1st Time Ever…

1st Time Ever Washington’s NFL American Football  organization beating the Dallas Cowboys while not being named the Redskins. Way to go, WFT!

We have found our franchise QB, it appears and a blueprint to winning. Sorry at 2-14, only Fields, not Lawerence. But I am thinking NFC East and a playoff game at FedEx field.

Stay tuned: next week’s preview about WFT performance Sunday’s before the most important Tuesday’s.

Turns our this year, it is a bye. Please vote. One country, not 2 America’s.

Football weather…

Let’s get muddy. Let’s get a win. Go WFT, Today!

No Chief Zeke! It can’t be Dallas week.


Like to win the Super Bowl this year. But we have no team identity so I still feel very guilty in crunch time thinking: here we go Skins. We are now currently in the black hole of team identity, especially when it comes to playing against our rivals or former rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

‘The football team is playing‘… humor that is already played out—too Chech and Chong, let’s smoke a bong and call our dog Rover—dog. ‘Hey Dog’, ‘Come here Dog’ humor—so 1990s.

The Redskins-Cowboys rival  gave us a chance to educate on manifest destiny, the genocide, being an immigrant country.

Chief Zeke and the Cowboy—it appealed to the 2 years old and up crowd. Let’s look for the same kind of identity instead of a Where’s Waldo of numbered helmets.

The best thing about the old helmet (which were asked to be retired and were, can I say Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks, GS Warriors, Indians, where  are you on imagery and name change): the Native American logo, a depiction of a true American that looked nothing like blue-eyed Wayne in a white cowboy hat—priceless!

Let’s look for a win Sunday.
But let’s look for the team identity keeping with the tradition— for the people, immigrants, Statue of Liberty, education and awareness.
Something that is somehow: anti-manifest destiny. How about the Washington Harriets in honor of Harriet Tubman.

Sunday, WFT as our sole identity: pretty much pot, win or loss.
So, go WFT Today!
A sad day but justice always makes me smile!

Beat ‘dem Cowboys, do we say that anymore?

Red Wolves? Does that make human teams our rival—Cowboys, Packers, Niners, Bucs, Raiders, Chiefs-I think so.

Dc—our teams symbol nickname if Red Wolves, our main predator, humans.
Very representative government like…about as Republican post 9-11 as you can get. Just sayin’.

Spain to WFT, I say ‘Yes.’


WFT should pick up G-T Quinton Spain, ASAP!  Spain while 29 years old, potentially adds depth to an OLine that is always looking for it.  Known as a very good pass protector maybe they can improve his run blocking: that is what coaching and systems are for, right!


Looking at the fansided 2015 draft report (2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: West Virginia OL Quinton Spain by Patrick Karraker6 years ago) you can tell Spain has exceeded expectations.

As follows (excerpts of the report):

“After a guard-heavy draft that saw impact players like Jonathan CooperChance Warmack, and Kyle Long go early in 2013, the NFL Draft was much more unfavorable for the guard position in 2014, as UCLA’s Xavier Su’a-Filo was the first guard selected at pick 33 (of course, that’s not counting Greg Robinson, who played tackle throughout his college career but will shift inside to left guard as a rookie). This year, however, guards could again be at a premium. One of the most talented draft-eligible guards who could make a solid argument as the best lineman in the draft class is West Virginia’s Quinton Spain.

There’s no reason that those who have drooled over the potential of Warmack and Robinson in the past couple years shouldn’t be equally enamored with Spain. Just like those two, Spain is an insanely big road grader whose college game tapes look like a never-ending highlight film. He’s consistently physical, and he plays to the whistle all the time, finding another defender to try to run over if he quickly carries out his initial assignment. As if that’s not enough reason to like Spain, he also possesses versatility: he started 18 games at tackle for the Mountaineers before moving to guard full-time early last year.

The only thing that looms as a question for Spain seems to be his level of conditioning. He wasn’t on the field in some key situations late in games last year, and when he was, he seemed to be less effective. If he wants to be consistent as a pro, Spain might have to cut a little bit of weight or work hard improve his endurance. Regardless, Spain’s physicality should enable him to be a first-rounder in this year’s draft.


Positives: has played both tackle and guard at the college level; huge frame; uses his leverage well, really knows how to drive people, frequently runs opponents into the ground; highly physical; gets solid arm extension; dominant when doubling down on angle blocks; goes hard to the whistle, looks for additional blocks once he covers his first assignment.

NEGATIVES: movement isn’t fluid, kind of waddles at times; possible conditioning issues, seems to wear down later in games; doesn’t always bend his knees enough, particularly on pass blocks; struggles to carry out cut blocks.