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How’s This for a Name Change…of the Site?

This writer is calling on (the site where I am a contributor on) to change their name. Follow suit, how about, that sounds better.

If we fans ever get back to a stadium like environment, I am hoping to help lead a “WFT” cheer.

You know for years we have been terrible when cheering in unison. The only cheer that has survived somewhat from the Gibbs glory days is “D-fense.”

Let’s go ‘insert racist team name’ never materialized. Go “insert racist team name” go. Nada.

Besides our Fan base has gotten so bad—not bad as in good.  I can even hear our fans occasionally cheering while we are in the offensive huddle, a no-no, quiet, offense at work.

It is silence while the o is at work—people.  Or at least in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage.

Now even more pathetic is all season while on offense we have about half the crowd at Fed Ex cheering against us. Some say there is a Native American curse placed upon this franchise. I wonder if Native Americans are that ethnocentric to even care about competitive sports and curses, I doubt it.

This writer curses the genocide of Native Americans, period. That darn Washington team, yeah right to a curse…and Head Hog George Starke is really from New Jersey!

So let’s getting going with “W-F-T” and “W-F-T.”  May the QB controversy begin again.  Author notes: this writer is a Dwayne Haskins fan but if Alex Smith can do anything again with one good leg, this writer is pulling for Smith to start.




Let’s See if the Logo Inspires Winning for the New Washington Football Team

If the number on the players helmet is a honor to our fallen soldiers I can dig us wearing this style…otherwise I hope the logo is changed to a human image.

As for the name, it is great. No, Redskins—priceless.

Of course the bet Dan Snyder is banking on is winning will be a cure all. I do not think that numbered helmets will work to help performance effectively as an awesome uniform like our old ones before the name change. Well before Joe Gibbs I left.

Part of the success I think of teams that were good here and look ferocious on the field was their logo on their helmets.

A human image of a solider if done right could help performance. I hope they throw potential designs to a sports science lab to figure out which logo works best—fools the eye—gives us that step—the old jersey did.

As for the name, nothing worth noting except this writer has been using the same Washington football team in blogs recently. This writer adopted the name from former Washington football team player Darien McCants.

So, DM—take credit for the new team name.

Additionally, this writer is ecstatic that Redskins is no more.

A New Logo is the Key to a Successful Nickname for the New Washington Franchise

When it comes to names, there’s plenty for the new NFL franchise that is known (right now anyway) as the “Washington Football Team” to choose from.

Yes, the “Washington Football Team,” the slogan that the team is going to go by for now, as reported on Thursday by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

There will be a new nickname at some point, and if you look at some of the names that are being bantered about the last couple of weeks when the Skins announced they were finally going to retire the name, you’re better off spending your hard earned cash at than trying to figure out what that new nickname is going to be.

At one point it sounded like it was all going to be the “Warriors,” but it’s cooled off the last two weeks, and now there are plenty of options that fans seem to have all kinds of opinions on.

Let us take a look at the latest odds that are being talked about as to what eventually the former “Redskins” are going to eventually become.

Here’s the complete list of names that people are talking about. The odds on these names are next to the names themselves.

Washington Redtails +300
Washington Presidents +300
Washington Generals +400
Washington Lincolns +600
Washington Veterans +800
Washington Americans +1000
Washington Memorials +1000
Washington Monuments +1000
Washington Kings +1200
Washington Roosevelts +1200
Washington Redhawks +1500

As you can see, Warriors isn’t even on the list anymore. This comes as somewhat of a shock, as for awhile fans seemed to be getting excited about the “Washington Warriors,” but now it is not even as option that people can place a bet on.

The nickname “Redtails” is the current front-runner along with the nickname “Presidents,” which is an obvious nickname based on the location of the team.

When you look up the team “Redtail,” all that pops up is the fact that it’s a “bird with red coloring on its tail.”

Yes, it’s just that simple. It’s a catchy name, but at the same time without a cool logo the term “Redtail” is likely a complete failure.

Let’s move on to “Presidents.” Again, a cool nickname that could go a long way, but again what are you going to do with the logo.

I think of the old Patriots logo when I think of “Presidents,” but again I can’t see the team agreeing to that name unless they have a very cool logo to go with it.

There’s all kinds of options when it comes to the new Washington Football team nickname, but unless a cool logo goes with it, any name is going to be a complete and utter failure.

An Exercise in Freedom of Speech…

This writer originally wrote a draft of this on the eve of the 4th. This writer had a relaxed evening to start gathering my Redskins gear awaiting a soon to be future day to do something with it. Tonight, this writer wrote a second—more complete draft.

Supremacist have fought wars over white supremacy wearing confederate emblems and Nazi symbols to name a few. A Redskin fan did not engage in a system of laws against another people, I believe.

Once again there has to be a huge distinction from a fan who wants to be moving forward wearing a skins jersey and the completely cool reason; yes, the completely cool way we changed this racist name.

Us, kids of the 80s, imitating JT finger in the air saying, “We’re going to Disney world.”

But let’s say you choose to wave a flag, how should we respect you? This is for every Washington football fan to gain unity on…we are a family, a village (guess you know who I voted for).

Well, with Snyder, there was an ask, mostly a corporate ask to change the name and it has been done.

Money talks, BS walks.

The players who kneeled were booed off center stage. It now appears people agree nothing beats freedom of speech for our vets when done non-violently.

So someone like myself who argues that changing this name was needed and necessary almost similar to minority rights campaigns such as the Montgomery bus boycott, is ecstatic. BUT, this writer writes please pc nuts do not turn this into a neo-fascist moment and movement.

The Montgomery Bus Boycotts were about sets of laws that needed to be changed: segregation.

I will argue that any court in this land that forces a team to change its name for affiliation to Native Americans would be wrong in doing so. The Washington Redskins football team wrote no laws as far as this writer knows.

However, to argue at least a few native Americans see the name Redskins as an evil awful racist white supremacist slur then you understand why this changing is so vital.

You see, I believe firmly in freedom of speech for every American via the Supreme Court and constitution.

At the same time, historically just as a white man might have used the n word when lynching an African American, a white man or American might have used the term Injun or Redskin when brutally lynching or scalping a Native American.

The segregationist fought for years in denial to the belief that separate was equal.

Finally, the Washington football franchise got it right. They recognized the pie in the face. The smear. The history and genocide! The ethnocentrism and the supremacy!

So since Monday and until we get a new name, it is a celebration…for minority rights, justice (an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere—MLK, Jr.). We need to celebrate milestone and Championship.

The Championships look far down the road. The milestone began with the statement regarding the retirement of the Washington Redskins brand!

So I proclaim hail to the redskins—no more! Braves on the warpath—never again with the Washington football organization after a touchdown, or, score!

But if you are at the game drinking your beers, hooting, hollering and howling at the moon, and you want to chant let’s go skins and wear your Riggo jerseys this writer says, “Fine, us Washington football fans are not pricks.

Freedom of individuals speech–always to fight for even when that speech is bad. in my mind, anything Redskins is bad!”

God bless the 1st. Freedom of speech rocks. A racist today, a lover tomorrow.

So kneel, fly your flag…do whatever it takes to respect the words of Thomas Jefferson, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Life comes first, and as far as I understand, that is once breathing air! But that is for another discussion.

Wearing a Redskins Jersey does not violate those words.

Besides we have no idea why someone wears a jersey, no idea!

Some might consider themselves native and just accepted that 9 out of 10 Native America says it is fine…some might have invest $1000 on 5 jerseys for the past 5 holidays. Not everyone of us is as rich as Jeffrey Bezos.

Let’s Take a Look at Who Could Be the Next Play by Play for the Washington Football Team

Since this is a blog I can discuss much more than if this was an established media outlet. Well, I had an unconfirmed source say that the Washington football team was looking at a few different candidates for the play-by-play announcing team and no folks, this writer was not mentioned by my unconfirmed source.

This writer does not like fake news; these are unconfirmed names that have been flying around this town.

Here is my take on them.

Chick Hernandez — I always enjoy Chick. Chick seems professional and fun.

Gus Johnson – I have never heard him announce but he has experience in New York’s major market. This writer does listen to the Yes Network. There games are very entertaining. In a previous article, this writer wrote something to the effect that whoever we hire have the gift of gab so I have to take an N/A on Gus.

Kevin Sheehan – Nice style, always been nothing but nice when I call into his show. This writer believes he has been in this media market for quite a while, while still being young. Another interesting choice.

Dan Hellie – Once again similar to Kevin Sheehan, this writer recently heard him on the radio and he sounded quite honest and knowledgeable.

George Johnson — Like Gus Johnson, this writer does not remember hearing. Him televising games. Having listen to his show once it had a very Tony McGee Show feel to it which is by far my favorite show on the Washington football team.

Steve Buckhantz — Having been a Wizards/ Bullets fan for seasons, Buckhantz is idolized. This writer likes immensely his style and like Buckhanz has sit through more blowout then I think end broadcaster outside of the Red Sox or Chicago Cubs. Buckhanz has the gift of gab and is fun.

How would this writer decide? Well, of course this writer wants that call from Washington football broadcasting saying we are pulling a stunt and you, Marc Lande, is our announcer.

But outside of that and the moon being of cheese, this writer feels that a team should be reviewing as many radio broadcast teams as possible to find a really entertaining voice. Remember Michael came from Westwood One this writer believes or at least another organization.

A Letter From Fans – It’s Time for Daniel Snyder to Be Shown the Door

Time for Daniel Marc Snyder to go. You are hijacking our team. 3 strikes:

1. Vinny Cerrato era
2. Bruce Allen era
3. Michael’s resignation

You have not stand by your words of culture change. The stadium is over run with Cowboys. There are foolish electric car outlet and no viable traditions.

Hailing an Uber after you shut down the metro on a snf game because you do not want to pay an additional $100,00 is sickening how dangerous the traffic out of Fed Ex.

he old bussing in was a public danger. You do not respect a family of 4s experience with crappy food, too many drunks and too much piped in electronic noise.

You even have an ode to Germany brewing called ‘The Brew Haus’ on the second floor. Where are your roots, Daniel Marc Snyder? Do what’s best for us. You will never have unity for a team and country that needs it more than ever. Resign.


Most of Washington football fans

Fans Still Want Native Attachments to the Name; What an Insult!

By Marc Lande

This writer does not want to lecture. Especially on things this writer hardly knows of : like pow wows and reservations and tee pees and oral traditions and fry bread. Well, onr fry bread at a POW wow. That was good timing.

This writer wanted Windtalkers or Codebreakers about a week ago. This writer was talking about Native Americans gifting us the name and logo. Washington Trees?

Yet in feedback and comments this writer was educated that Native Americans want no imagery and mascots. Just like this writer wrote in 1992 it should have been changed for being offensive, this writer who has half a brain realize that Native American are ownerships of their culture.

This writer really has it now better:
Oral traditions.
3D imagery.
Silver and turquoise.
Food and dance and music
Papyrus Pharaoh!

2d imagery, no, I guess.

But a Redskins historian like the ‘shocked’ crying his tears out Mike Richman during what should be a MLK like celebration for justice these days…after an hour of history deleted non sense when asked about the next team name, Richman said, “Codebreakers.”

Really? What an insult knowing that Snyder and Rivera already ‘got it’ from messaging of Native Americans.
Bringing up the age old question does Snyder get it or does he get it. Sort of like does a Washington football player practice or does he practice and is a blue collar worker blue!

So many want this name ‘Codebreakers’ Daniel from what feedback this writer is receiving.

Amongst the tears and cries over spilled milk this is where the true healing would be for a MAJORITY of the ‘shocked’ fan base.

Codebreakers honoring Native American and vets and WWII and warriors and America….Wrapped up with a design similar to the current one with radio phone and feathers and sweat! Keeping burgundy and gold and a better experience for everyone Washington.

Gosh when will the ethnocentrism end. This writer has some GOOD LAND IN FLORIDA for a Native American tribe!
Figure it out oneself.

My name is Marc and maybe I should be in Marc-eting (marketing). I consider myself out of the box at times. Just like Gore invented the internet I tend to be like Steve Martin in “The Jerk.”

If Snyder possibly wants Codebreakers or Windtalkers, this is the best way to get to yes in some variation of this strategy. To keep the jerseys on.

Going to a Quaker college, this writer knows consensus-building strategies.

First, Snyder and Riveria contact the right contact: the Native American Tribal Council? The National Museum of the Indian? Whoever are representing Native America?

I said I am not spelling out “ethnocentrism.”

Let the Indians vote…or I don’t know, Jack. Is it a coin flip? A buffalo coin flip? Or, a hanging chad? Slots anyone? If they come to a concensus or decision and it is yes, move from there towards the NATC or whatever’s gifting the names and the logos. Plural by this writer marketer for a reason.

Ask the Native Americans for this favor but ask for a little more…the name and an image design of Codetalkers and Windbreakers in their languages by their artists. All the tribes languages and all the tribes designs. Make it good and easy by included everything at the unveiling.

Without spelling out ethnocentrism, American Englisher is easy compare to the oral t.

I suggested Yewa with an accent over the e which this writer thought was people in Catawaba Indian tribe. This writer does not know this words oral tradition. This writer knows next to jack.

So the day of the unveil because of covid do it via zoom or FaceTime. Does that commercial allow for 500. People we do not need faxes with 5g.

Can you get all 500 tribes prezs on a zoom. Just get them there or recorded or something where we watch for minutes to hours, taking our time and go through each name in each tribe for Codebreakers or Windtalkers or whatever we have been gifted to us…each oral tradition and design and then end with the Navajo’s.

That’s our name and logo. Or whatever tribal oral tradition and logo is passed to Washington football. A hopefully good and easy.

Then have Snyder say, “Happy Thanksgiving!” Leave. Happy!

Hey Richman, I got your back and Washington football fans backs with wearing and expression of the old days and old jerseys. Taking them off might not hurt but freedom of speech especially of any clothing. This is totally a free country!

But from a Washington football cultural anthropologists to a Washington football historian, please in 1932, whites knew what the term injun meant and how it was being used. Same way with the term Redskin. Do not ever say GP Marshall was stupid in so many words again. From the looks of people’s expression, that is not perspective.

A Plea From a Die-Hard Washington Football Fan; Put Me in Coach

By Marac Lande

Can you sign me up! Washington Redskins newest member of the Washington Redskins broadcasting team, play-by-play color man Marc Lande.

If you know one thing about me I have been there for most of the big moments for Washington football from the 80s onward and I don’t even have an agent.

I also have the gift of gab. As a speaker for NAMI md I have gotten whole rooms to laugh, I think? At least most of the room? I don’t need cue cards.

I have taught and substituted in dc, enough said for my day job with covid-19 could be free on weekdays. Besides Washington has no prime time this year, yet!!!

As a writer I have terrible grammar but good ideas. I know history in the making from a Brummell start to a rgIII run…

Now play-by-play, I will make huge mistakes as I tend to mix up yardage and name pronouncing, downs and scores but I am ready to go. Ah, Cooley was also screaming out the yard for Larry!

I spent my school career in speech classrooms sort of like Winston Churchill, the orator of the 20th century!!!

While sometimes I forget to sound out names, a bad habit, call it being way too American, I got the gift of gab of a champ. And I work work so hard on getting the names right.

And I would start with a I have no idea how to say his name and ask instead of the garbage I hear from fox and cbs and everywhere just about.

How much fun bringing in that color to the booth, I am a minority too, another Jew in the press box but Tony Kornheiser is well so old and slept his evening on Mnf!

The most un—memorable MNF career in the history of MNF Korn taught us to take a collective snore at sports. I can teach snore,I can teach not giving up and I can teach we have not seen this before folks.

The thrill of victory and agony of defeat, yes, agony of defeat—something that seems to be loss with a lot of broadcasters these days.

Whether Red Wolves,a boring 60 minutes or rather boring 3 hours and 40 minutes of the same blood curling instinct call of the wild howling I will say after an era of good football, how slavishly boring a generation howling after each 1st down like in Seattle or Philly. How about sitting dog instead.

Or Red Tails, as Catch-22’s awe inspiring brilliant character Yossarian’s motto , “always take evasive action.” Even though Yossarian was white, Red Tails must have known the same. How much fun, me calling out, “now is the time for the Red Tails to adjust. From the looks of that play, AP needed to take evasive action.”

Or how about the Warriors, fun also with my side comment still wanting Peaceful Warriors added in for Washington. And references to former Warriors like Wilt and his 100 point Herculan effort (thanks Nbc4 for that Jim Vance posthumously clip from that Philly boy for the reference. RIP Jim, a true Washington football fan).

So, go Washington football and Dan hire me!

Where’s Vernon Davis today? Congress Heights, Southeast Elementary, Berry Farms. A metro area kid I will be mentioning community service, schools and kids a lot. Off the field needs some air time between plays!

We can bring in royalty like Henry ‘Discombobulating’ Jones, a personal buddy…I met former world champ fighter Mark ‘Too Sharp’ Johnson and his helping hands foundation. Let’s make this a metro area broadcast.

We can talk offense, defense, special teams. Heck our punter looked like Reeves in “Superman” this season. Can he kick it 80 in the air, probably not but that is the type of questioning I would be getting some sort of answers to…who is the fastest? Hardest to cover downfield on kicks and who is our backup long snapper!

Nixon, Al Gore , Tipper, dems, reps, it is time for a dem doing play by play—sorry, Michael’s that is a MCOS aspersions because of the lack of bleeding heart on Sunday’s….

Please Dan, hire this writer. Hire this dude. Hire this kid, Well I am 46. Kind of like Farley in ‘Tommy Boy.’ Where’s the deer? Kind of like Stern, should not go there! But I keep it clean unlike Howard. The gift of gab with a nasal voice.

So, sign me up Dan. It would be fun, entertaining and definitely not ap style— what is professional anyhow but kindness for all humans—yes, you will not hear Dallas s—- or booing but you will get We want Dallas and anybody but D.

You want a trained journalist go to Syracuse…Give the polish a kick to the can. Get some Washington football heart and soul from a MCPS student leader, bipartisanship, calling out Steinbrenner type deflections of Snyder, calling out play that is too good to be that bad.

Calling out why more rugby tosses and kicks are not used, Yes, four years of college rugby and three at the same school as Jennifer King. Our basketball team played in a YMCA, not quite UCLA or USC or wherever Doc played.

Let’s go—my heart still wants to say let’s go Skins—even though I will use the opportunity to always be bipartisan and tolerant but also educate that it was an ask to change and a vicious racial slur… but today in my hearts of hearts I can say, go DC Football! But most importantly hire me because I know to the fans it’s all about humor.

I know ultimately when as a town we are laughing at our differences, in good humor with Washington football, that is a win.

Max and the Babe, Danny and the glove, Bruce! Jay and Bill!…hmmm, where is the Babe these days? Islands?

Understudying Aikman? Radio! I will be talking to the GOAT! Let this bud in the booth with his love of metropolitan and his Yankee hat being worn. That is 40-something DC baseball!