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Yes Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins Struggled in 2019, But Let’s Give the Kid a Chance

By Marc Lande

Folks, we found something to be very very excited about earlier this week if you are a Redskin fans. A gift to the public if one was watching like a keen-eyed coach?

Coincidentally during the previous week NFL rankings (done by the stat geek bureau of the NFL) were disclosed having Dwayne Haskins near the bottom of the league in deep passing and Dak Prescott near the top. So sure, was this gift ever time relevant!

But what gift is this writer writing about? This writer will get to it eventually (a picture is worth a 1000 words). I will get to the gift in a few paragraphs. But, first, we need some very un-AP style build up!

(Blogger note: how many readers are so bored with the same type of AP style writing and the same ESPN coverage of game highlights, this writer makes one. For creative, keep it here! I think too many writers on the NFL are aspiring to cushy AP jobs, anyhow.)

So, here is the build-up: The NFL is a copy-cat league more so than ever and it has been that way for a very long time.

Most teams are playing some version of a west coast offense and a 2-deep zone. Yes, we see some run pass options but all the Xs and Os are basically just being recycled by any organization as a winning ingredient is almost always the team that keeps the other teams on their heels.

Rivera recently mentioned surprising teams. Hopefully, Redskins Park still has the Al Saunders 2000-page playbook on hand because after watching this gift, we might have to unveil this or something similar, Scott Turner!

It does seems like Bellichek and Brady have just been doing the surprises better than any other organization especially if you believe they were a dynasty since 2003.

I do and I am so bored with the same Xs and Os with a wrinkle here and there coming from the NFL. But until the NFL finds a way to innovate, it really becomes who does the bomb, the rush, etc., best!

Many pundits ran Case Keenum out of town before snap one and the town never really gave him a chance. This writer saw a pro quarterback in Keenum and one that could have been a winner with better coaching.

Similarly, towards the end of the year, this writer wanted to see a playing audition for Colt McCoy because this writer had watched Haskins and Keenum and now wanted to see McCoy—heck, some in town (like this writer) still remember Colt McCoy’s all-guts Cowboys performance.

But none of these quarterbacks last season, one would be thinking a high-powered playbook reminisced of Saunders or an offensive genius who had a Ferrari in the garage?


I mean, Haskins ranked in the bottom for deep passing.

Haskins stats were poor. Haskins—heck, fans in town wanted Burrow or Tua or Trevor—a franchise qb. Yet, just as Gruden had a problem with Cousins for not having all the throws, we are being led to believe that Haskins lacks.

That Haskins throws are too high. His footwork and arm angles too unfocused and unconventional. Haskins is undisciplined and shot-ty.

But the gift a few of us saw was that of Haskins who was completing passes downfield like Hercules earlier this week. Only a blind man would not take note! There are a few quarterbacks who seem to have all the throws.

Traditionally that honor was bestowed upon Peyton Manning. More recently Drew Brees seems to be able to deliver the ball just about anywhere on target and in stride. I never thought Brady had all the throws—arguable; but, this writer would not bestow Brady the GOAT of pure passers.

This writer thought Ben Roethlisberger was the best passer especially in placing balls downfield perfectly—having all the throws—this past decade.

Pat Mahomes looks pretty incredible too. Haskins, though—not even in the discussion based upon what we watched in 2019?

Even with his best passes like the 75-yard IN Route to McLaurin, Haskins throw looked just a step behind. Not quite there. This writer thought Haskins looked very good but not perfect in 2019 and mostly good on intermediate routes (20-30 yards downfield).

In a copycat league, if a team has a QB who can hit a player in stride 50 yards downfield one team have a huge advantage over the teams with pros such as Keenum and McCoy and arguably even Cousins. OC’s droll over pure passers. Moon, Manning, Rypien, Marino, Sonny!

Well, folks, did you see Haskins throws in his workout to pro receivers earlier this week. Yes, there were no pads and helmets and pass rushers, etc. but this was like real good stuff.

Yes, Haskins was throwing some of those passes to current most popular villain of popular sports networks and a ton of legal problems Antonio Brown.

(Blogger note: Nay-sayers of Haskins and the Redskins will be saying a picture is worth a 1000 words and look who Haskins is hanging with these days.

To these nay-sayers of anything Redskins and anything Haskins and anything Brown, this writers writes 2nd chances and innocent until proven guilty and we are our brothers’ keeper. Grow up people and take a Buddhist perspective on issues of oppressed and oppressor).

The fact is, Haskins–making throws right in stride, placing the ball perfectly into receiver’s hands 40-, 45- yards downfield—has us keen-eyed wondering where Saunders’s dusty playbook is stashed. I mean move over copy-cats. I do not believe Prescott has an arm like that.

I do not believe Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield or Daniel Jones can make those throws. We, the Redskins, got a gift earlier this week. The Redskins finally got a reason for why Haskins once was considered as high as #2 in the 2018 draft.

For fans, they got confirmation for why Turner and Rivera are encouraged by Haskins and why Redskins Park is not bringing in a Cam Newton or Jameis Winston.

The fans got a REASON to believe that Haskins is a pure passer. From those highlights, the fans got a glimpse of Haskins and an arm that very very few current NFL and college QBs can copy-cat.

Most importantly, 2020 if played, just got a heartbeat. That is a gift!

Redskins Great Dexter Manley – Showing All Heart in Overcoming Covid-19

By Marc Lande

At the end of the day, do we respect the path of a man that is filled with no potholes from start to finish? Or, the one who preserves through many potholes and roadblocks? Probably we can respect both paths.

The great Reggae musicians Jimmy Cliffs sings about, ‘Many Rivers To Cross.’ This song is about how man and woman can preserve to overcome obstacles.

One man who epitomes this song maybe more so than anyone I know in the Redskins community is Redskins retired great and Houston native Dexter Manley, who was recently hospitalized with covid-19.

I met and interviewed Dexter while working with a local publication in April of 2017 and his interview left the biggest impression of any person I have ever interviewed. Now, Dexter knows how to tell a story and he gave me a story for the ages when we first sat down.

I asked him when he fell in love with football. I have no idea if I can confirm the accuracy of this story, it jumped around his childhood but my memory was something to the effect of:…when he was a kid in Houston, he hiked miles in the snow (barefoot) to get to Rice Stadium for Super Bowl VIII and he and his buddies somehow snuck into the game….

Now, according to Houston weather records, it snowed three times in 1973 in Houston and in 1974 it was a cold 50-degree the day of the Super Bowl. I have no doubt that Dexter was sneaking in the Houston stadium back in the day, walking in snowstorms and watching the Super Bowls from under the stands.

That is Dexter–all heart!

Without really getting to know Dexter as a person, I would say he is one of the nice man in this world. A truer sign of an organization is not so much how they do on the field but how they treat their alumni and the Redskins community did show courage and bravado in how it has rallied towards Dexter in the past.

As a player, Dexter had the best seasons of any Redskins sack master. IN 1982-1983, Dexter was our Cameron Jordan.

As kids, images of Riggins and Dexter on the sidelines sucking oxygen, both with mohawks had us asking our parents for the haircuts. That was an early Gibbs Skins.

How about Dexter’s 1983 NFC Championship game performance where he knocked out Danny White and then deflected Gary Hogeboom’s pass which was pick-six by fellow defensive line mate Daryl Grant.

Dexter was always making news. Disclosing he had hardly learned to read at a college level yet was still able to be passing classes at Oklahoma State University because of his football stardom sent shockwaves through the nation.

Yes, even before the suspensions and lost years, Dexter was living that Jimmy Cliff song.

In the process of disclosing his reading problems and through many other athletes’ examples, hopefully NCAA scholar-athlete standards are actually high here in the 21st century.

Dexter was one of the first whistleblowers to the vile practices of the NCAA. Then, even as a lesser player, when Ditka gave his famous “grapefruit IQ” quote; not only did HC Gibbs come to Dexter side but the whole Redskins team came to his side.

That day, based in part on bulletin board fodder, the Redskins scored a major road upset of the so-called mightier Bears.

Later on, the same sort of rallying was shown by the Redskins community when it came to Dexter. Years after, Dexter’s fall from football, failed attempts at the CFL, there were unconfirmed reports that Dexter was hanging on by a thread.

I remember hearing unconfirmed reports that Dexter was penniless and in jail in Houston. Whatever Dexter’s life post-football, the Redskins community rallied around Dexter. For this evening in 2017, I can say yes to it reaping benefits on me.

Dexter talked to me about substances abuse and anger management. It was in this interview that I knew and saw a leader for people dealing with struggles. I remember when I shook Dexter’s right hand, I had never shook a bigger hand in my life.

Obviously, Dexter was an awesome athlete who has had to overcome many an obstacle. But more so than that, he has been an awesome representative of the Redskins alumni the pass few years.

Just like we should have prayers for all Redskins and Cowboy and NFL alumni and all Americans and anyone man or woman affected with Covid…tonight, let us please have a prayer for Dexter.

Redskins 2020 Schedule Released; No Prime Time Games in 2020

The 2020 Redskins schedule was released on Thursday night, and the team will open the season at home against the rival Eagles.

The team was shutout of prime time games for 2020, with their only nationally televised game being Thanksgiving Day against.

Here’s the entire slate:

Sept. 13 — Philadelphia Eagles, Fox, 1 p.m.
Sept. 20 — at Arizona Cardinals, Fox, 4:05 p.m.
Sept. 27 — at Cleveland Browns, Fox, 1 p.m.
Oct. 4 — Baltimore Ravens, CBS, 1 p.m.
Oct. 11 — Los Angeles Rams, Fox, 1 p.m.*
Oct. 18 — at New York Giants, Fox, 1 p.m.*
Oct. 25 — Dallas Cowboys, Fox, 1 p.m.*
Nov. 1 — Bye
Nov. 8 — New York Giants, Fox, 1 p.m.*
Nov. 15 — at Detroit Lions, Fox, 1 p.m.*
Nov. 22 — Cincinnati Bengals, CBS, 1 p.m.*
Nov. 26 — at Dallas Cowboys, Fox, 4:30 p.m.
Dec. 6 — at Pittsburgh Steelers, Fox, 1 p.m.*
Dec. 13 — at San Francisco 49ers, Fox, 4:25 p.m.*
Dec. 20 — Seattle Seahawks, Fox, 1 p.m.*
Dec. 27 — Carolina Panthers, CBS, 1 p.m.*
Jan. 3 — at Philadelphia Eagles, Fox, 1 p.m.*

Randy Moss’ Son TE Thaddeus Moss Inks with the Redskins

Tight end Thaddeus Moss, the son of Pro Football Hall of Fame WR Randy Moss, went unselected in the 2020 NFL Draft. It didn’t take him long to latch onto a team in the aftermath of the three-day event, Chase Goodbread of reports.

The former LSU standout signed with the Redskins as an undrafted free agent Saturday evening, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported.

Moss (6-2, 250 pounds) possesses excellent hands and is a strong blocker, but doesn’t present the downfield athleticism NFL clubs look for higher in the draft at the position. NFL Network draft analyst Lance Zierlein correctly projected him in a seventh-round/priority free agent range.

His draft stock might have also been compromised by his physical at the combine, which revealed a Jones fracture in his right root that required surgery. Pelissero added Moss was then unable to visit teams for follow-up exams given stay-at-home restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moss was a college starter for just one season. He began his career at North Carolina State, where he played sparingly in 2016. After sitting out 2017 under NCAA transfer rules and missing 2018 with a foot injury, he proved to be a reliable target for LSU and No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow in a national championship season.

Moss caught 47 passes for 570 yards and four touchdowns, delivering production in most of the Tigers’ biggest games. He caught two TD passes in the national championship game against Clemson, another in LSU’s College Football Playoff semifinal win over Oklahoma, and reeled in six receptions against rival Alabama.

Redskins Stay Safe, Take OSU DE Chase Young with 2nd Pick in 2020 Draft

In the end the Redskins made the pick that most mock drafts had them making over the course of the last few months, snagging defensive end Chase Young from Ohio State.

Young will be inserted in the lineup day one provided nothing goes wrong in camp for what many said was the best player in the draft.

Here is CBS Sports’ reaction to the pick:

Based on How It Stands Right Now, the Redskins are Favored in Just Two Games in 2020

The 2019 Redskins season didn’t clearly go as planned, as the team won just three games, and had a coaching change mid season.

Looking ahead to 2020, the NFL schedule won’t be out till May, but we know the teams that the Skins will play and where it will be.

With that, website BetOnline (, Twitter: @betonline_ag) has put out odds for all 32 teams in the league.

Here’s the rundown on what the site expects for Skins in 2020.

Washington Redskins +6½ @ Arizona Cardinals

Washington Redskins +9 @ Cleveland Browns

Washington Redskins +11 @ Dallas Cowboys

Washington Redskins +5½ @ Detroit Lions

Washington Redskins +5 @ New York Giants

Washington Redskins +10½ @ Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins +10 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington Redskins +14 @ San Francisco 49ers

Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Redskins +10

Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins -1½

Cincinnati Bengals @ Washington Redskins -1½

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins +6

Los Angeles Rams @ Washington Redskins +5

New York Giants @ Washington Redskins pk

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins +6

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Redskins +6

Redskins Guard Brandon Scherff Inks His Franchise Tender

The Redskins announced today guard Brandon Scherff has signed his franchise tender.

Last season, Scherff played and started in 11 games while only giving up one and a half sacks and was named to the Pro Bowl.

Scherff is entering his sixth NFL season after originally being selected by the Redskins in the first round (5th overall) of the 2015 NFL Draft. For his career, Scherff has appeared in 65 regular season games with 65 starts.

Scherff has earned Pro Bowl selections three times in his career in 2016, 2017 and 2019. In 2015, he was named a PFWA All-Rookie performer.

Former Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall Thinks Dwayne Haskins Will Have Issues Winning QB Job

At his introductory news conference in January, new Redskins Coach Ron Rivera was careful not to anoint Dwayne Haskins, the team’s top draft pick a year ago, as the starting quarterback.

Rivera said Haskins would have to “step up and become a leader,” and after Washington traded for former Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen last month, he indicated there would be a healthy competition for the job in training camp, if and when it begins.

Former Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, for one, doesn’t believe the acquisition of Allen, who is familiar with new Redskins offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s system from their two years together in Carolina, bodes well for Haskins’s future in Washington, Scott Allen of the Washington Post reports.

“I don’t think Dwayne Haskins is going to respond,” Hall said Thursday during an appearance on NFL Network’s “Total Access.” ”… Ron Rivera is an old-school mentality type of coach. He wants competition. These young guys want things given to them.”

Haskins has given every indication publicly that he would welcome a competition for the starting job, but Hall expressed concern that the 15th pick in last year’s draft will be constantly looking over his shoulder.

“With Kyle Allen breathing down your throat, you are not going to be able to make many mistakes,” Hall said. “I love the kid, but I don’t know how [Haskins] wins the starting job. I really don’t.”